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Another Carbon Nation Update

2019.12.06 03:08 carbonnation_cult Another Carbon Nation Update

I’m not trying to turn this into a Carbon Nation subreddit, but I wanted to add a little more than just the update on them being deported, including some funny stuff at the end of this post.
Here are some articles from the last few hours:
Expulsan a cabecillas del culto “Carbon Nation” I wish the picture of him in cuffs was from the front.
Miembros de la secta 'Carbon Nation' son expulsados del país, su líder se autoproclamaba Dios
Tres miembros de la secta "Carbonation" son expulsados de Panamá
If any of you see any news reports on TV that includes video, please post!
Eligio is asking for donations to get them home. You’d think “god” could walk on water back to the US. Sounds like he also has charges in the US, too, so he might get taken into custody when he gets back.
Right now, all we know is that the US Embassy isn’t letting Tori (Joy) leave with her baby because the father Dailyn (Nubian) never signed the paperwork. She is having problems because she keeps calling people that only speak Spanish. That whole situation is really confusing and I’m not completely sure who is the person in touch with her. She had over $1000, but Eligio only returned $300 to her and said the rest belongs to the group... meaning him. Tori is safe! She is live on IG right now, talking about what happened. Tori_Evolution for anyone that wants to see.
Eligio has talked about going to Africa. He didn’t seem to know that there are countries in Africa when he first started talking about it. Wherever they end up going, I am so thankful for the journalists in Panama who published so many articles, we will have all this to send to authorities in their next location. They will try their best to hide where they are, but he is too much of a narcissist and won’t be able to go long without showing off the Airbnb he will lie and say he bought.
Now the funny stuff! Since y’all have gotten to hear about some of the horrible shit these guys do, here is some stuff that allows those of us that hate them to also get a chance to laugh at how damn ignorant they all are.
Eligio days he is one of the most intelligent people in the world. He doens’t know women is the plural of woman or that “tooken” isn’t a word, though. He requires members to know both quantum physics and biology, but when he discusses it, he Googles everything. I don’t know why all these cults like this are saying they know quantum physics, but I hear it a lot these days.
They had a “game show” where the women were asked questions because he knew if the men were to do it, he would have come out looking like the biggest doofus in the entire group.
If any of you love science as much as I do, this is worth wasting some time on.
Biology starts at 26:50. Quantum physics starts at 46:00.
Eligio is the one in the gray shirt. Tru is in the chair that is supposed to be the one with some divine knowledge of science. They seriously memorize fill in the blank answers like grade school children. And if they don’t have the answer exactly as it shows up on the first Google result, these dimwits say they are wrong.
This video is from when Eligio got his new Party City Arabian Nights costume.
I need to find the videos where they build their garden. They only remove a layer of grass to find mostly rocks. They throw some seeds on the rocks, didn’t cover the seeds, and then threw fresh fruit and vegetable peelings, saying that was compost. They would go to huge supermarkets and tell people they were living in nature, picking their own fruits and vegetables.
I won’t ever understand how people were able to be manipulated by someone as obviously ignorant as Eligio Bishop.
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2016.05.02 09:18 clearliquidclearjar WEEKLY EVENTS 5/2 – 5/9

The kids are gone! Go enjoy town while we have it to ourselves. And don’t forget that Sunday is Mother’s Day!
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
  • Tallahassee Buddhist Community in RR Sq: Power Flow Yoga hosted by the Yoga Club at FSU. “This a series of WEEKLY classes hosted by the Yoga Club and taught by our exec board member Leah Means. Classes hosted by the Yoga Club at FSU are always 100% free/by donation to both FSU students and members of our community! Appropriate for all levels! Donations are always accepted, especially since the TBC is saving up for a new larger meditation and retreat space.” 5pm/free or donations
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Northside Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. This is a great geeky date night option. 7:30pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. This is a fun, lively night. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Atmosphere Pub: Open Mic "SingeSong Writer" Edition. 9pm
  • Applebees on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Animal Service Center: Low Cost ID and Rabies Vaccine Clinic. 3pm-5pm
  • Bird Legs Bicycle: Beginner Cyclists Fair! “Calling all cyclists!! Whether you are new to town, new to cycling or in need of a new group to ride with - we've got you covered! Come join us for a fun night with your local bicycle organizations. Learn about ways to get involved in your community, gain support from other cyclists and how to join local group rides or club organizations.” 6:30pm
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Rachel Hillman. 8pm
  • Warhorse: BACK TO THE GARAGE w/ LA LUZ (Seattle/Los Angeles - Hardly Art/Sub Pop Records) FREE SHOW! 8:30pm/free/all ages
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Wednesday Night Lab Session Hosted by Jim Crozier, featuring Sugarhill (Mary Z Cox with Kyle Willard). 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Quizmaster General Knowledge Trivia. “Quizmaster is hosted by Bennett Miller from 7-9pm every Wednesday, and features three rounds of general knowledge trivia (and a weekly food special). It is free to play and teams of up to 6 are welcome. The winner of each round receives a sample flight, and the Quizmaster for the night receives a $25 gift card and serious credit on Geek Street.” 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • The Junction at Monroe: $100 Cash Prize LIVE BAND Karaoke. 7pm/$10 coveBYOB
  • The Fox and Stag: Ladies Night with DJ Loden. 7pm-9pm.
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. Drink delicious brews and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. Local beer, local trivia in the heart of Tally’s Art District. Bar tab for 1st and 2nd place teams. 7:30pm/no cover
  • Krewe de Gras: Trivia with Mr. Matt. $40 first prize. 8pm
  • The Warehouse: Open Mic. “There is a lottery for time slots. Now smoke free!” 8pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Karaoke With Nathan. 8pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday featuring Tall Combo. 6pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Thursday Evening Sessions with Payton Hurley. 8pm
  • Gaines Street Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank @ Warhorse Whiskey Bar. With a picture round! Sound round! Speed round! Hoarder’s Delight drawing! And all the other trivias! Win a delicious 18” pizza! 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. 8:30pm
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke Hosted By Jumpin Jams. Some of the most diverse and longest running karaoke in town. 10pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke with Davin. 10pm
  • Side Bar: Zach Deputy's Cinco De May Jam with: Rachel Hillman Band, Wonderfoot, Emerson, Brown Goose, Turkey Scratch, Tyler Denning Band, Zach Deputy. 5pm
  • El Jalisco Southwood: Celebración del Cinco de Mayo con el grupo de danzas Simply Panamá. “Celebración en homenaje al Cinco de Mayo con la presentación del grupo de Danza Simply Panama. Habrá música en vivo, Mariachis ,Djs, face painting Y otros juegos para niños. Como siempre especiales en Margaritas, Tequila, Cerveza y la mejor comida Mexicana con el mejor servicio, calidad y precios.” 5pm
  • El Patron: The Jerry Thigpen Trio. "Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour Party on the deck!" 5pm
  • The Bottom (Quincy): Cinco de Mayo. “Bar opens at 4pm! Party kicks off full speed at 6pm with Food by Taqueria Miranda, Music by Yo Eggo, Drink Specials, Games & Prizes all night long.” 6pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: Literary Night featuring Peggy Kassees, Pat Spears, and Rhett DeVane. “Black Dog is excited for an evening of Southern Gothic fiction!” 7pm/free
  • Junction @ Monroe: Cinco de MAE-O Open Mic Free Taco Bar & more! “A twist on our Thursday Open Mic Night. Since it's Cinco de Mayo, we're making it a party! Same Open Mic format featuring the Mae West Band PLUS we will have a free Open Taco Bar. Everyone pays a cover and open mic performers get paid. Bring your own tequila to go with our margarita mixes.” 7pm
  • Proof: Maharajah Flamenco Trio. 7pm
  • Parlay Sports Bar: Karaoke with Big Bob. 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get your pre-game on at Happy Hour with Tom from 4-9 and the dance party getting rolling at 10 pm with our favorite house DJs slinging sound all night long. At midnight, join our talented Queens for an amazing show!” 9pm/$5, $7 under 21/18+
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bill’s): Karaoke with DJ Scott Long. 10pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Johnny Ray. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Camp Folks: Totally Tubular Fridays. “Spend a Summer's day floating down a lazy river! Every Friday in May, June, and July, Camp Folks will be doing tube runs to Spring Creek, otherwise known as "Bear Paw." Known for its leisurely speed and crystal clear water, Spring Creek and Chipola River, offers one of the most popular tube runs in the North Florida Panhandle. Let Camp Folks to take the wheel as you sit back and enjoy time spent with your tubular river crew! Choose to rent a single (bottom & no bottom), double, or cooler tube at checkout.” 11am
  • Other Side in RR Sq: First Friday Fun. “We have live music out front and there are scrumptious food choices and a great variety of music on several stages throughout the entire park! Come see us! Bring the entire family! Live entertainment by Steven Glazer and Cottonmouth Perry.” 5pm/all ages
  • Cascades Park: Joyride First Friday Ride & Blessing of the Bikes. “It's First Friday. It's May - National Bike Month. It's Blessing of the Bikes. Anything else?? The month of May will be full of great opportunities to ride with friends & celebrate all the things we love about cycling. Be sure to kick the month off with us on this First Friday event! Join us at Cascades Park (at the Florida map). We'll be leaving at 6:00 straight up to head for Railroad Square. Once at the park, we'll circle a time or two before settling in for the Blessing of the Bikes event. Plan to enjoy the events going on at the square - the music, the arcade, the art, the beer & food trucks! Many of us often bike over to Gaines Street Pies for pizza and all are welcome! Remember to bring lights. Kids as cargo & independent riders are welcome (no training wheels/balance bikes on the road, please). If you would like someone to ride back to Cascades with you, please notify me & I will be sure that myself or someone else is available to ride with you.” 6pm
  • 621 Gallery: In the Yellow Chair. “Opening reception for the portrait show "In the Yellow Chair". Show dates: May 4-29.” 6pm
  • Cascades Park: Danny Bedrosian and Som'n Fierce w/ Fungle Junk. “In addition to the live musical entertainment, there will be a Fun4Tally Kids Zone with tons of family friendly activities, local food and crafts vendors, a beer garden operated by a different local charity group each month, as well as all the amazing amenities that Cascades Park has to offer including miles of trails, Discovery playground, and the Imagination Fountain.” 7pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: The Rychlik Bradley Family Band Jamboree at [email protected]. “When these families come together, music happens... in a BIG way! This is likely to be one of the biggest birthday jam bashes of the year. The Rychliks and the Bradleys with friends will all take the stage in the best sounding room around. Don't miss it!” 6:30pm/$10/BYOB and setups/mixers will be sold at the bar (no outside cups, coolers, or non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: The Jones Brothers Band. 8pm
  • The Shark Tank: Infintesmal Records and Shark Tank Present: 5/6 PEACH KELLI POP w/ Fever Hands, Naps, and Kilo Tango. 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: First Friday featuring Invented Truths. “Come on down to the Railroad Square Caboose and enjoy house-made sausage and cold beer while you listen to some of Tally’s favorite musicians. Just the best.” 8:30pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Selwyn Birchwood Band. “With his band feeding off his drive and exuberance, the striking 6'3" 30-year-old with his trademark Afro roams the stage (often barefoot), singing his original songs and ripping out memorable guitar licks with ease. His ability to win over an audience—any audience—is proven night after night on the bandstand. With his warm, magnetic personality, Birchwood is as down-to-earth as his music is fun, thought-provoking and vital. His mission is to spread his music far and wide, to share his joy, to play his heart out, and to push the blues into the future.” 9:30pm
  • Movies 8: Cheap Thrills Presents: Revenge of the 6th Picture Show. “A long time ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far away... God said Let there be Lips! For ONE NIGHT ONLY, a space-themed parody mashing up with our favorite Picture Show for all the Cheap Thrills you know you're looking for ;) As always, costumes not required, but encouraged-- and creativity makes me cream! Cash only, we do sell prop bags, $3 each, or 2 for $5. You are welcome to BYOPB, though, just no open flame, no "wet" meats (hot dogs, ground hamburger--man, the 70s/80s were weird...). Also, please be advised Movies 8 reserves the right to check bags and purses, for the safety of all.” 11pm/$8 at the door, $6 advance
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “The Frenchtown Heritage Market offers a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown produce. Live music, cooking demos, fruits vegetables, and honey sold directly by farmers.” 9am – 1pm.
  • Wakulla Springs Lodge: Bob Carey on Piano. “Come on out and bring along your vocal chops, browse through my lyrics book, pick up one of my pass-around mics and sing your heart out, or just grab a stool and enjoy a fun filled evening of music and dancing. Full bar open til late.” 7pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke With Devin. If you want to sing and drink cheap beer and liquor and not have to wait for huge crowds, this is your spot. 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary (formerly Blue Monday). “Tallahassee's Longest Running Dark Dance Night is here again! Wear your finest for Darkwave, EBM, Industrial, and some of your other favorites with some of the best and weirdest people in town. Fetish Friendly.” 10pm/$5/18+
  • Doak Campbell: The Capital City Challenge. “A law enforcement motorcycle training seminar designed to enhance your skills in a friendly but highly competitive environment.” 8am
  • Orchard Pond Organics: Farm Fun Day. “We will have a hay bale playground, walking farm tours, bee keeping workshop, grass fed beef information booth, food and farm products available for purchase, and of course, the strawberry and veggie u-pick! This will be our 3rd Orchard Pond U–Pick Season, and we are busy planting for spring and getting the garden shaped up and ready for visitors. You can choose to purchase pre-picked fruit and vegetables or fill up a basket of veggies that you pick yourself! The Kickstand will be there serving their famous tacos and Lofty Pursuits will have their wonderful ice cream. Our staff will be onsite to answer any questions about the farm. Strawberries will go fast and are $5 per pound, so make sure to get here early. Individual prices per pound for vegetables will vary. We’ll take cash and credit card. For food safety purposes, please no dogs or pets.” 9am
  • Kleman Plaza: LCS Arts & Music Fest, LCS Science Expo & #LCSreads500. “Saturday, May 7th is an exciting day for Leon County Schools! FIRST, LCS will host more than 20 student performances as part of the first annual Arts & Music Fest--there will also be an indoor art gallery. SECOND, LCS will make our attempt at setting a new American Record of having 500 parents read to their kids in the same place at the same time, 10:00am. THIRD, the LCS Science Expo will take place at the Challenger Learning Center from 9:00am to 12:00pm.”
  • Bookshelf on S. Monroe AND Bookshelf 2: Tallahassee FREE Comic Book Day & Kid-Con. “The Bookshelf 2 comic book shop invites you to be a part of the city's greatest annual FREE COMIC BOOK DAY celebration! It's like a mini comic book convention for all ages! Free comics for all ages, Costumed characters for picture taking, 25% off graphic novels, toys, statues and t-shirts, Costumes encouraged (and many do!), Free face painting, And more!! It's great fun for everyone, but we especially ask grown ups to dress in costume to help make this an extra special event for the youngins'. And helping us celebrate this year are our friends at Northside Pies, who are distributing free recent-issue comics to their patrons! Just pop in for a bite and you can win twice this year!” 10am-4pm
  • Voting Operations Center, Cross Creek Square Shopping Center: District-level Delegate Election to the Democratic National Convention. "Registered Democrats are voting for who will be the apportioned delegates to each candidate." 10am-2pm
  • Fairgrounds: Reptiday Tallahassee One Day Reptile Show. “Brought to you by the same team that has produced Repticon reptile expos across the country for the past decade, ReptiDay will feature everything that you've come to love the most about Repticon all packed into a single day of fun and excitement! See live animals from around the world, purchase pets and pet products direct from the experts at amazing prices you won't find anywhere else, and learn more about reptiles and exotic animals at live seminars and demonstrations. ReptiDay is one reptile day that you can't afford to miss!” 10am-5pm
  • The Vault: Line of Ruin Volume 2 / Free Comic Book Day. “Come celebrate Free Comic Book Day and show your support for indie comics! I'll be launching the Kickstarter for Volume 2 of my series Line of Ruin.” 10am
  • Panacea: 42nd Annual Panacea Blue Crab Festival. “The festival is kicked off each year by a parade down U.S. 98 starting at 10am. After the parade, the gates open to Woolley Park... where the old, young and young-at-heart can enjoy a day's full of waterfront fun. Throughout the event you will be entertained by live music, dance performances by cloggers, and historic demonstrations. A long-time tradition of the festival is the Crab Pickin' Contest. Watch entrants pick their way through a basket of Blue Crabs to "weigh-in" the delicious meat for a prize. Of course, it is always exciting to watch the Mullet Toss, where contestants throw a real mullet in a distance-toss competition. Make sure you bring your appetite to the festival, as vendors will be cookin' up boiled crabs, fried shrimp, hushpuppies & other mouth watering treats throughout the day. Take a stroll through the park to visit the many arts & crafts on display, where you can buy souvenirs and gifts. And while you are there, don't forget to buy your Blue Crab Festival T-Shirt or Cookbook!” 10am/$3, under 12 free
  • Quincy: Quincyfest 2016: Celebrating 20 Years as an All-America City. “A celebration of music, art, and food featuring some of the area’s most popular bands including Crooked Shooz and Tobacco Rd Band, the area’s best barbecue, fried catfish, gumbo and other Southern favorites and art activities for children.” 10am-6pm
  • Ruby Diamond: The Firebird. “A fairytale children’s ballet featuring a mythical firebird and an evil magician. The Tallahassee Ballet presents a special abbreviated performance, tailored to young audiences.” 10:30am
  • Esposito: Bratwursts & Beer. “Enjoy a fresh brew and a juicy bratwurst while you shop for a Mother's Day gift! Check-in at customer service to get a wristband and 2 complementary tickets good for 2 beers, 2 brats, or one of each!” 11am
  • Camp Folks: Monticello Vineyard & Winery Tour. “Join Camp Folks as we venture out to the beautiful historic town of Monticello, Florida for an afternoon of wine tasting! Monticello Vineyards & Winery is a small, charming Florida farm winery that features organic Muscadine grapes. Muscadine grapes are native to the southeastern United States, and grow especially well in the Red Hills bioregion of North Florida. Enjoy a tour of the farm with owner Cynthia as she discusses over 18 different varieties of Muscadine grapes that are grow year round on the vineyard. Learn about how the small batches of hand-crafted wines are made, labeled, and sold, and experience the unique taste of the region's most popular locally-produced wines. You will also be treated to a complementary bottle of the fabulous Florida Red. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience, what Ruth Burningham from has named, the best wine in Florida!” 11am
  • Cosmic Cat: Free Comic Book Day. "3 Free Comics per customer. No Duplicates. ALSO, Cheapo Comics Will Make Their Once A Year Appearance. POP MOBILE out front with Tasty Cake Pops! Special Guest Vendor with Old School Video Games For Sale and Other Cool Neato Things. SPECIAL SALE TO BE ANNOUNCED. Comics put out throughout the day, so hopefully we do not run out of a title before you get here." 11am-6pm
  • Cigars of Tally: Yayabo Cigar Event. “Come meet the owner of Yayabo Cigars! Cigars roller will be there for the first time at a cigars of tally event, come on in and see the art of making cigars.” Noon-8pm
  • New Leaf Market @ Bannerman: Grand Opening, featuring the Sarah Mac Band. "The only way we know how to celebrate is with great food, fun people and TONS of giveaways. Make us your lunch stop and enjoy a free barbeque sandwich (chicken, pork and veggie options available) and a smorgasbord of samples from local vendors including Southern Craft Creamery and Pita Queen. As you explore the store, watch for opportunities to win prizes like a bike or a Vitamix Blender, as well as fun giveaways hidden in plain sight. Make sure to bring the kiddos, too. The first 200 kids to visit our New Leaf Co+op Explorers tent will receive a free, limited-edition Co+op Explorers t-shirt to decorate, and an interactive passport to explore the world of fruits and veggies. Plus, there will be free fruit snacks and face painting for all! Not to be forgotten, adults are invited to visit the beer tent for alcoholic samples and fun prizes. Local performers will entertain and delight throughout the celebration which will culminate in a free concert by local sensation Sarah Mac Band at 2:45 pm. Lawn chairs are encouraged, but not required." Noon-4pm
  • 319 Wine and Cheese Shoppe: Food & Wine Festival at 319. “Taste over 25 Wines, 15 Craft Beers, Local Cheeses, Food Samplings, Live Music and Local Art.” 3pm/$45/21+
  • Krank It Up: Springtime Tally Cat Bike Race. “Come one and come all to the Springtime Tally Cat! First, Second, And Third; First Womens; First Fixed; DFL. Wear a bathing suit and get a 5 minute time bonus. There will be a 2:30 hour time limit on the race. Everybody has to wear a helmet and have lights when it gets dark. Bread and Roses Kitchen will be serving a food and having a show afterwards. 6pm/$10
  • Tallahassee Museum: Night Prowl. “Enjoy a guided tour at the Tallahassee Museum and learn about the night life along the Florida Wildlife Trail. Your guide will provide an enjoyable experience as you spot the many nocturnal animals which call the Museum home. You will also have an opportunity to get close to one special night creature. Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 4.” 7pm/$12
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Chilled Monkey Brains LIVE & Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom! A Trash Cinema Event! “Dust off that fedora, make sure you have your whip handy, lace up them dancing shoes and join us for a fun filled evening of filth, adventure, and a one of a kind blend of punk/ska/metal as only the remarkably talented Chilled Monkey Brains can provide! It's Trash Cinema Nights at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack presents Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Chilled Monkey Brains LIVE! I'll see you there, Gang!” 7:30pm/all ages
  • Junction @ Monroe: The Krickets. 8pm/$15
  • The Plant: Undercurrent. "The Undercurrent is a free event meant to spotlight local Artists and Musicians in Tallahassee. Come out and enjoy a diverse line up of music and art." 8pm
  • Side Bar: IN DYING ARMS w/ Convictions / A Wake In Providence / Phantoms / Burn This Down / Hellhound. 8pm/$12
  • Garages on Gaines: Solo on the Patio featuring Heaven Caten, Austin Dienger, Robert Gianfrancesco, Steve Nagy, and Hayden Miles. 9pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Chilled Monkey Brains, Mrs. Skanotto (NY), and Invented Truths. “Ok folks, we're touring for a week with our good friends from Rochester, Mrs. Skannotto and we saved the last show for Tallahassee, so let's show these Yankees a good time, alright? Invented Truths. will be kicking off the party, and as always Bird's will be serving up the best burgers in town. Don't miss out.” 9pm/$5/all ages
  • Bread & Roses: ROTTEN COLLECTIVE PRESENTS: Blemish, When Speedboats Attack, Cooper, and pTerrordactyl. 9pm/$5/all ages
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Delta Moon. 10pm
  • Lake Ella: Sunday Brunch with Tuesday Supper Club. “The Spring Concert Series is here! Come out to Lake Ella every Sunday for food trucks and live music!” 11am-2pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Camp Folks: Mother’s Day Cupcakes & Painting at Birdsong Nature Conservancy. “Spend Mother's Day painting in the serene surroundings of Birdsong Nature Center! Camp Folks has partnered with Sworlz Cupcakery & Art Studio to bring you a one-of-a-kind nature painting experience, complete with a cupcake dessert table. Sworlz owner, Jasmine Dailey, will lead the group in painting the beautiful and pristine environment of Birdsong Nature Center. Located just outside of Thomasville, Georgia, Birdsong Nature Center boasts beautiful wildflower meadows, pine and hardwood forests, lily-covered ponds, and is home to array of birds and other wildlife. Enjoy the serenity and beauty of the landscape as you bring your canvas to life! Return home with a deeper sense of peace and revitalization, and your very own painting!” Noon
  • Athena’s Garden: Tarot Class by Leah. 4pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue. “Spectators will experience one of the world’s last authentic circus sideshows with performances using the human anatomy and death defying stunts of mind over matter, yet with no blood and no pain. This Vaudeville show of wonder features LIVE stunts like: Fire Eating * Fire Breathing * The Bed of Nails * The Human Block-head * The Razor Sharp Machete Walk * Acrobatic Stunts * Glass Eating * Sword Swallowing * The Famous Blade Box Illusion * Human Oddities & Curiosities such as a real-live half-man who walks on his bare hands on broken shards of glass and much more.” 7pm/$15
  • Side Bar: THE SWORD w/ Purson & From Beyond. 7pm/$20
  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. 7 :30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:30pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke With Nathan. Drink specials and the best selection of songs in town. 9pm
  • The Shark Tank: Colleen Green//Ben Katzman's DeGrease/Soft Dom//Yikes. 8pm/$5
Keep checking back, sometimes I update. Got anything to add?
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Panama: IL Live and Invest Event Dancers - International Living Panama Nightlife: Scenes From Calle Uruguay Viva Panama (Cumbia)-PANAMA - YouTube DIFERENÇAS DA PASCOA NO PANAMA VS BRASIL Best Place to Retire in the World - Boquete Panama - YouTube Ballet Folklorico Nacional Panamá Canta y Baila Matteo - Panama (Official Video HD) - YouTube Van Halen - Panama (Official Music Video) - YouTube TRAJES TÍPICOS DE PANAMÁ - YouTube

  1. Panama: IL Live and Invest Event Dancers - International Living
  2. Panama Nightlife: Scenes From Calle Uruguay
  3. Viva Panama (Cumbia)-PANAMA - YouTube
  5. Best Place to Retire in the World - Boquete Panama - YouTube
  6. Ballet Folklorico Nacional Panamá Canta y Baila
  7. Matteo - Panama (Official Video HD) - YouTube
  8. Van Halen - Panama (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Cumbia tradicional panameña Actuação no Folkfaro 2018, na cidade de Faro, Portugal. O Ballet Folclórico Nacional Panamá Canta y Baila, foi fundado em 19 de Abril de 1980, sendo composto... Matteo - Panama (Official Video HD) Download / Stream link: Find us on the web: http://www.f... The music, dancing, and beautiful costumes set a wonderful mood and give conference attendees a feel for the deep cultural traditions of the countries International Living has identified as being ... Boquete Panama is rated one of the Top 10 Best Places to Retire in the World! Find out why in my interview with Tim. He owns Hotel Central Boquete and helps ... Panama Nightlife: Costumes from Casco Viejo - Duration: 3:44. eyeonpanama 10,681 views. 3:44. ... Things to do in Panama City -- Screw what Tripadvisor says! - Duration: 3:16. Watch the official music video for 'Panama' by Van Halen Estos son los trajes típicos de Panamá que representan la cultura y la creatividad de los panameños. This are some of panamanian costumes. They represent our... Comparamos a semana santa ou pascoa do Panama com o Brasil. Existe muitas diferenças. DA SERIE DE VIDEOS SEM CORTES ONDE GRAVO DIRETO DO CELULAR E SUBO PARA O YOUTUBE SE EDITAR NADA. link do ...