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2020.09.30 10:35 Ideasandthoughts [AMNESIA] A very lengthy character analysis of Ikki

Finally, I got around to finishing Ikki’s analysis (it was painful). Ikki has plenty of people who like him, but I don’t see him being talked about in depth that much so it would be nice to have some discussion about the Ikster ;)
I’ve previously done a Kent and Toma analysis for anyone who’s interested. Kent’s analysis ties in with Ikki’s, naturally since they’re very close buddies. I included details not just from the original, but from other media that I could get my hands on since they provide more details on certain aspects.

This scene will never not be funny xD All guys: Good morning; MC: Wh-Who are they?!
1. As with all the other LI, his relationship with MC differs according to the route
He is friends with Kent in every route.
Heart World - A guy from another university MC meets during the trip to Shinano. Teamed up with Kent to find and rescue MC after she fell from a cliff
Spade World - MC’s coworker at Meido no Hitsuji and boyfriend. MC agreed to go out with him for 3 months and her amnesia happens with 1 month left to their dating period.
Clover World - Kent’s best friend and love guru. Helps Kent score points with MC and mend their relationship
Diamond World - the cause of all MC’s problems… well not really but still… MC’s love guru for the past few months prior to her amnesia. Toma misunderstands their frequent meet-ups as them dating (to be fair, Toma isn’t the only one - pretty much everyone misunderstands, otherwise the harassment wouldn’t have occurred in the first place)
Joker World - MC’s coworker at Meido no Hitsuji
2. Has an amazing bromance with Kent
Wherever Ikki is, Kent is there and vice versa. Ikki provides good advice when Kent’s relationship is not going well, while Kent is a good listener to Ikki’s problems and goes along with whatever odd idea Ikki comes up with.
It’s especially hilarious when you read their stories from their respective POVs. You have Ikki being a bro and giving Kent the exact right words to say to improve his relationship with MC. Then on the other hand there’s Kent unwittingly ruining things for Ikki (+Ikki facepalming hard in the background LMAO)
Here’s a little translation of the scene where MC and Kent get to know each other and chat in Ikki’s house while Ikki prepares drinks in the kitchen from his POV in the novel (He was eavesdropping - I swear I was laughing so hard at this part):
“Have you met Ikki’s past girlfriends?” I heard her relentless question. I hope Ken doesn’t say anything strange, and I quickly glanced at the coffee filter while the coffee hasn’t filled the pot yet. “I have. However, you seem to be quite different from the other women I’ve seen. I’ve gained an interest in you ever since hearing that you’re actually making Ikkyu struggle.” Ken’s doing good so far. “Still, now that I’ve met you, you seem unexpectedly ordinary.” Aah… Ken is Ken after all. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t care about me, but he’s too merciless towards her. A normal guy would never call a girl ordinary. “From what I’ve seen, Ikkyu tends to choose relatively well-developed women, so you are quite different from them.” I held my head in the kitchen. Ken’s saying it as if she was underdeveloped. “Although it’s possible that he just considers that aspect refreshing.” Stop making wild guesses. I went out with her because I was interested in her, not because I thought of her development as refreshing. I can’t even defend myself since I’m not there.
3. His route shares many similarities with Kent’s
Most of these similarities have been mentioned in Kent’s analysis
Funnily enough, Ukyo doesn’t even try anything in Ikki’s route. He just… sits back and lets the fangirls handle it lol
4. Is very gentlemanly and a smooth talker
Always offers to carry MC’s bag, walks slowly while with MC (Kent can’t relate pffft) and speaks in a pretty… how do I put it… soft way. Doesn’t speak in the guyish and familiar manner that Shin and Toma do, but isn’t stiff like Kent. Tends to use softer terms/endings in his words (it’s much more obvious in Japanese). Also, he calls all ladies ojou-san >///<
He also speaks with MC’s father very naturally. (wouldn’t most people be super nervous when facing their girlfriend’s parents…) That was a pretty cool scene imo.
5. Seems to like causing trouble with Shin and Toma
Heart World - Choose to sleep in Ikki’s room overnight in the lodge and Shin will react… badly (Ikki’s taunting doesn’t help either)
Spade World - Shin making it pretty clear that Ikki's flirty attitude is annoying. Also Shin acting like a grade schooler and tattling on every single thing between Ikki and MC to Waka xD
And then you have Ikki taunting Shin by saying that he doesn’t have a girlfriend lmao
Ikki also mentions the coffee being decent at Meido no Hitsuji but the food being terrible (to which Kent agrees). Well, guess who’s the chef at Meido no Hitsuji hahaha
We also have Ikki clearly not liking Toma taking care of MC and Toma being suspicious of this perverted masked man claiming to be MC’s boyfriend
Diamond World - Don’t mention Ikki to Toma. Just don’t.
Of course this only applies to the first game as subsequently they actually get along with each other.
6. His route has some of the funniest and also saddest moments in the game
His route has the most dramatic version of Waka, the hilarious antics with Shin and Toma, an epic Math puzzle battle with Kent and a very sassy Orion. Also, Ikster will never get old xD
Not really related to the game, but the anime adaptation of his story only covers like 1/4 of his route but somehow manages to squeeze in all the “I’ll carry your bag” scenes… earning him his “Bag” nickname xD
On the other hand, pretty much any ending other than the Good Ending in his route is very sad. They show how bad he can be at dealing with intense emotions and how vulnerable he really is.
7. Has some of the hottest CGs among all the LIs
He’s got like tons of kiss CGs and a lot of really hot ones FWAAAAAA (especially in the sequels)… The other LIs do have kiss scenes but most of their CGs are more fluffy/heartwarming than straight up hot >///<
Also, Ikki just looks alluring overall and his voice is very seductive (personal opinion, but I’m sure at least someone would agree)
8. Shares some similarities with Toma
- Both are good at interacting with people - well, they’re both waiters at their job and not stuck in the kitchen for a reason
- Both are popular with women (yes, Toma too. Shin even compares his lady-attracting ability to Ikki’s in the game pffft)
- Both have a darker side to their lighter personality (Ikki tends to be very angsty and don’t get me started on his bad ends, while Toma… is sweet and fluffy… until something threatens to harm MC)
- They both tend to bottle up their emotions to the point of snapping - Toma bottles up his feelings for MC both in Shin’s and his route… and when he can’t take it anymore he snaps… hard - Ikki comes off as cool and confident in front of MC and the fangirls but by himself he can be in a pretty bad state
- They’re both pretty passive in their relationship with MC Shin makes a lot of advances towards MC. He makes it clear he doesn’t want to be seen merely as a childhood friend/brother and does anything to close the distance
Kent, while clumsy and bad at expressing his true intentions, actually tries his best to make the relationship with MC work. He texts MC regularly, makes her go to his place often just so he could see her and frequently consults his friends for relationship advice
Toma, always being afraid to ruin his current sibling relationship with MC, doesn’t try to get closer. He is always hovering around MC, being close enough to be within reach but never actually reaching out. In his own route, he tells MC that they’re lovers but resists doing anything that would be typical of lovers until he snaps, that is. He’s lucky MC has a spine in his route that she never gives up approaching him.
As for Ikki, while he definitely isn’t passive in terms of making advances, he is pretty much so when it comes to dealing with the obstacles in their relationship (i.e. the fanclub). He assumes MC is able to understand that this is the way things are and he can’t help it - well, she did understand, but then the amnesia happened. His unwillingness to deal with the fangirls once and for all has gained him some hatred among players and I do understand (believe me, if I had to deal with this crap irl annoying doesn’t even begin to describe it) but I do believe he is pretty misunderstood, much like Toma is. I’ll elaborate on this later.
Interestingly enough, this also applies to how each of the LI deal with the MC’s amnesia. Shin and Kent, upon finding out about it take active approaches to help MC recover her memories. Toma knows about it from the very beginning but tries to prevent MC from remembering too much (so that she doesn’t have to recall the unpleasant harassment that’s happening to her) and while Ikki clearly senses something wrong with MC, doesn’t try to push her to tell him and instead patiently waits for her to open up to him, unless MC acts too suspiciously (and has low affection + trust) - which will lead to a bad ending where Ikki directly confronts her and… has some trouble accepting things.
- Both are pretty divisive characters - Toma more so than Ikki, but Ikki seems to get a fair share of hate for his flaky personality and his fanclub mess. I find it pretty interesting that the two super divisive characters are the most popular ones in Japan lol. Ikki is the 2nd most popular after Toma in the official poll. Ikki’s character trope (the playboy) isn’t uncommon, so why is he popular? I’m gonna guess probably because he’s not your typical playboy. He’s a misunderstood character that appears flaky on the outside but has a lot of depth to his feelings - but players have to get through a significant portion of his route before his sincerity becomes obvious and that requires some amount of patience to get to (the beginning parts of his route can make people want to smack him)
9. Main points about Ikki’s route:
Tbh his route gave me a huge headache to piece together (or maybe I’m just slow, idk) but here’s what I gathered...
i. MC initially hated Ikki because of his playboy nature and how it reminded her of her father’s multiple marriages. However, she was curious about what was going on in his fanclub and decided to join it.
ii. Ikki confessed to MC since he has taken a liking to her (because his power didn’t work on her and she still tried to talk to him normally despite the dark rumors surrounding him). MC agreed to go out with him because after getting to know him better, he actually seemed like a good guy.
iii. From Ikki’s perspective, up till the end of July MC seemed to be warming up to him but was still somewhat far from accepting him. From MC’s perspective, she was starting to like him a lot but was holding back out of fear of being discarded (as according to the rumors he would throw girls away after having fun with them)
iv. At the beginning of August, MC lost her memories and her actions became confusing to Ikki. On one hand, she started relying more on him (asking him to walk her to work, etc), but on the other hand she became unresponsive to his advances and stopped showing any sort expression to him (well, she lost her personality along with her memories). Ikki thought they were drifting apart again after all it took to get closer the past few months, so he became desperate.
v. Ikki spends most of his story being stuck between trying to gain MC’s love and not upsetting the fanclub girls. He made it clear to MC at the beginning that he would have to treat her coldly in front of the fangirls in order to protect her. MC, who had forgotten about this, misunderstands his treatment of her and does things that put her in danger which frustrates Ikki.
vi. Ikki notices that the fanclub harassment towards MC has significantly worsened since August and the girls were getting a lot clingier to him than before. Once MC finally opens up to him about her amnesia, they start figuring out the missing pieces.
vii. Ikki mentions that he has never been able to go out with anyone longer than 3 months, even when he tried hard to make the relationship work. MC pieces together her missing memories and finds out that rather than it being because Ikki couldn’t maintain any relationship for long, it was because Ikki himself was being manipulated by Rika and the fangirls. This means that no matter how hard Ikki tried to have a relationship beyond 3 months, they established rules behind his back to prevent him from staying with any particular girl. MC hides this fact from Ikki and Sawa in order to protect him from the hurtful truth that all these years he was merely a victim of manipulation. The harassment towards MC escalated since her amnesia as she had forgotten to send her daily reports to the fanclub.
10. My personal opinion on Ikki’s character
If I had to use one word to describe him… ‘pitiful’ is the word I’d use.
The reason for his passivity in general is mainly because he has already resigned to his fate. Many times in the game and his novel he mentions being at the mercy of God, or “being punished by God” when things don’t go the way he wants. He even has a Bad Ending called “Not bad, God”. His POV takes the angst up a notch: “When I realised that I had lost all my friends, I made another wish to the stars. I asked that things be as if my first wish was never made. However, God has completely forgotten about me, and did not do anything. Looking up at the sky, there are so many stars… but none of them would grant my wish. I don’t know how to escape this suffering that has been going on for over ten years.”
It hasn’t occurred to him to actively fight for something, since “It’ll all be the same, whether I choose one person, everyone, or no one. I’ll still have to hurt someone”.
He is also unable to firmly reject the girls because even though their clinginess is irritating, he cannot fully blame them since in the end they are merely victims to his eyes. He blames himself for causing everything. In the game, on the night poor drunk Ikki poured out his troubles to MC he talks about the guilt of having to reject so many people and making them cry. The novel expands on the scene - he has to deal with girls breaking down in tears and saying they want to die over and over. While he really wants to get it over with, he can only speak gently to them especially when they’re in such a volatile state. (Honestly, it would be terrifying to have someone confess to you and threaten to die if you were to reject them ugh). He also talks about how irritating it is when the girls just grab his arm out of nowhere but he can’t do anything about it. (Women can often speak up against men grabbing them but men can’t do the same… well sure they can speak up but they tend to be taken less seriously)
“Giving up” seems to be a major theme in his route. His Bad Ending has him give up on everything... drowning his sorrows in alcohol and... literally wanting to drown himself (man, thank goodness he at least has Kent), and his Normal Ending has him give up on the relationship (he still accepts whenever MC approaches him but no longer tries to seek her and has a pessimistic outlook on their relationship).
His Good Ending involves him taking charge for once. As he gains more confidence as MC opens up to him, he starts gaining the courage to face the fanclub. Towards the end, the amnesia did have some benefit for them after all as without MC losing her memories, the harassment may not have escalated enough for Ikki to become more resolved to protect her and MC may have continued to keep quiet about the fanclub’s rules and Ikki may have continued to be trapped in the endless cycle.
On a lighter note, in the sequels we get to see a very fluffy Ikki. We get fuzzy drunkard Ikki spouting embarrassing things while drinking with Kent while Kent just… keeps a straight face while listening lmao. We also have Ikki making a poor annoyed Shin listen to his love stories and Shin begging MC to take him away. Then there’s the epic Ikki faceoff with MC’s father~
All in all, Ikki is a very interesting character and it was really fun (but emotionally exhausting) to analyse him. Kent ends up being the comic relief in his story and Shin begrudgingly becomes a supporter of their relationship which is pretty sweet to see xD
TLDR: Ikki is a precious cinnamon roll........
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2020.09.30 10:17 writemeanewworld Worlds Apart (2)

Anyone notice anything about the chapter names? ;)
Chapter 2 : Another Day in Paradise
The GacHuman civilization on planet A03 has long been considered to be humankind's pinnacle of achievement. A utopian dream.
The beautiful translucent purple and gold inhabitants of AO3 are a race superior to us mud colored Old Wolders — this much is widely accepted without contention in both worlds. My kind — we are a primitive species. While our scientists and industrialists and others in power collaborate often with AO3 for the purpose of knowledge sharing, we are just not made the same way. Our brains are vastly different.
The original natives of AO3, the Gach species, had been tree-like beings who had thrived on Methane gas and abundant sunshine , and a particular lack of human weaknesses of the flesh. They have never had a war. Their resource distribution and optimization skills are now taught in the Old World Universities. They were self-reproducing and therefore they didn’t have a gender problem like back in the Old World. I remember studying in one of my Gachian History lessons how they had known of our existence all along but had never reached out until they had no other choice. Why would they have? We had nothing to offer them, nothing more than the ways of destruction.
The Gach-Human New Life Program had been born out of a desperation strong enough for the Gach elders to have stepped down from their centuries-long resolute determination to not muddy their gene pool with lower-order life forms. The methane layer that had slow-burned on the surface of AO3 had been predicted to die off within a generation, with nothing to burn all the oxygen anymore. It had been imperative that they find a way to pass on the genetic material to species with similar cellular structure but different enough that they would survive in the oxygen rich atmosphere. So when the Gach had finally broken silence and removed the barrier that prevented any communication signal from escaping their atmosphere, the Old World scientists had discovered them almost immediately.
When the first settlers from the Old World had arrived, the Gach had welcomed them with open branches. As planned, the early settlers made children with aboriginal Gach species (this itself was a marvel of Gachian science). The people who lived in AO3 now were therefore a curious but superior mix of the Human and Gach traits.
I sit at my desk at work, staring out of the window, letting the purple sky bathe me in its strange glow. The other new arrivals and I have now all finished the 2 week orientation session and have started working our respective jobs. My employer, an organization dedicated to manufacturing nanoparticles that goes into the weather gauges, has made sure that I lack nothing in material comfort. I feel light. I feel grateful. I feel like a whole universe of possibilities throbbing in pace with the twinkling lights of the stars above. One of them must be Sol, my home star. Do I miss home? Not really. I had never really fit in.
I shut down my work terminal and start getting ready to leave for my new home. The Gach housing system consists of interconnected communal units called Hives which house anything from 4 to 10 inhabitants per unit, and has been perfected over thousands of years. Hive 1126-B houses 6 inhabitants currently, including me. The others - all third generation GacHumans, have been sweet and polite in their welcome towards me, though I thought I sensed a bit of guardedness, a bit of cautious distance in the air. But maybe it was not them. Maybe that was just my primitive Old World tendency of dreaming up otherness in anyone who didn’t look like me.
I step out in the early evening chill. The streets are abuzz with groups of laughing GacHumans, strolling by the River-32. The liquid methane river, now depleted to mere inches, looks ethereal in the evening light. I find myself musing about Arkin. I imagine the air, sparser in oxygen than back on earth, does funny things to my brain, changing the way blood and hormones flow through my veins, such that I find myself contemplating things I haven’t in a long time. Things that make my heart skip a beat.
I work with Arkin on a regular basis. My group at my employer, NanoTech Solutions, collaborates directly with his boss and his team. They are a small independent research unit which has been trying to find easier ways to purify the base element that goes into these materials. This is important work. GachHumanity’s continued existence on A03 depends on the right balance of the atmospheric cocktail of gases. The climate at A03 is not as stable as the Old World. It has already led to the extermination of one species. That we know of. It would be foolish to pretend that we could live like this forever, changelessly.
The seriousness of our work notwithstanding, work is filled with laughter and levity, thanks to Arkin. He is full of jokes and puns, and everyone loves him. But lately I have begun to feel that he makes a special effort when I am around. I have seen him look at me sideways, watching my reaction, as if it matters to him whether I laugh at his jokes. I could be imagining it I suppose. It’s not as if I have dated anyone in several years, so my feelers must be all rusty. He does have a long term partner, Korra, a lovely agender GacHuman I met when he brought them over for my welcome party. Ofcourse this doesn’t change anything. One of the ways the inhabitants of A03 are better than the Old Worlders is the way they conduct their romantic relationships.
Where I come from, my country Purab, and really the whole of Old World civilization, they worship Gach culture in every way but one. In the matters of romance, Old Worlders are convinced that the Gach have it wrong. Us old-worlders are primarily pair bonders. We are a species driven by the primitive desires of nesting and procreating, of declaring ownership of our partners, which ultimately has led to monogamous coupling being the only logistically stable — and subsequently over time as happens with all frameworks derived of habit — morally acceptable form of relationship. Now, personally, I have always thought this to be kind of outdated. I am convinced that the Gach with their superior genetic coding, their absolute rational decision making framework, their inherent lack of the very emotion that we call jealousy, and their fine-tuned organization skills, were onto something more conducive to long term fulfilment for everyone involved. The Ministry of Interpersonal Affairs say that polyamourous networks are happier and healthier than those rare non-polyamorous residents in AO3. Nonetheless, this is new territory for me, and I blush as I think of Arkin in that context.
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2020.09.30 10:16 safkan04 My Top 45 Productivity Tactics - it got removed from r/Productivity but here’s a repost.

Hey hey, Productivity! I'm back with my 45+ Productivity and Life Mega-List of tactics and tools. I previously posted 29, and 14 before that (2-3 years ago). Enjoy this and treat it like a little Productivity Database.
Hey hey, productivity you beautiful bastards - enjoy this thread killer. I'm bloody proud of it.
So in March of 2018, I posted this thread, and then 9 months ago, I updated it in this thread. And look, I'm just gonna keep updating it because here's the situation, I keep learning and I think with the amount of value I get from this sub, everyone deserves to pick out old favorites, new finds, and whatever helps.
Sorry that this one isn't sorted, I'm in the process of sorting and categorizing - it's going to be in my premium content this week.
And I hope I'm not being a nuisance here but thought I'd mention that I've got an email list for people that are as serious as me about productivity and self-improvement.
I spend dozens of hours every week researching, writing, and re-writing this type of content and making sure everyone that supports me gets exactly the kind of content they deserve. It's my job at this point.
This database/list is a Reddit first, but I'm publishing a categorized version in this week's premium email, I'm also creating a searchable database that I'll be inviting subscribers to.
I hope you enjoy this, some might sound as basic as they come but let me tell you, they help immensely.

1. Try sleeping at the same time every night.

This habit enables you to fall asleep faster and wake up at the same time, like clockwork, all subconsciously.
Your body clock and circadian rhythms control hormones such as melatonin. Sleeping at the same time every night is one of the queues for your body to start secreting melatonin - this is why you subconsciously get tired and start yawning at a particular time when you have a routine.
There’s much more to sleep and body clock queues here.

2. Do the most challenging thing first.

This could be at the start of your day, the beginning of a project, or your study session’s first hour. After completing this task, you’ll have not only done something meaningful with your day, but you’ll feel the momentum carry through to other todo items.

3. Replace recurring decisions with routines.

Every decision you make throughout the day comes with a tiny mental tax. When you add it all up, you start performing worse at the choices that matter. So eliminate picking an outfit, deciding on breakfast, or figuring out when to workout - replace them all with a routine.
The faster you commit to pre-selecting a schedule and sticking to it, the more mentally precise and swift you’ll be when you make decisions.

4. Keep airplane mode on for the first two hours of the day.

Make the morning yours, get acquainted with how you feel, and take control of your time before others try to compete for it.

5. Avoid starting and stopping to eliminate your overhead.

When you stop a task to answer an email, help someone, or check notifications, you disrupt or altogether avoid deep work. Instead, designate a time to deal with all the ‘admin’ stuff on your schedule, not someone else’s.

6. Check external solutions to your problem before inventing a new one.

There’s a high chance that the problems you have in your work, code, studies, gym routine, etc. have been repeated.
If you’re messing up an exercise, ask the staff or check out a tutorial. Before doing some crazy code gymnastics, check out some forums. Before drafting a reporting template, see if the company already has a standard.

7. Asking is sometimes all you need to do to create your own options, uncover solutions, and learn.

We always hear, “If you never ask, the answer is always no.” So ask for a little extra, ask for an alternative, an exception, the dumb question. If you don’t ask, you won’t know and won’t receive it. A lot of the time, asking has a massive upside with almost no downside.
We don’t ask most of the time because we don’t want to be a bother - but the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Another reason goes deep into cognitive biases; loss aversion, and mastering it will help in every aspect of life.

8. Write down your mistakes and lessons learned.

We almost always repeat our mistakes; it’s too hard to remember the lessons we thought we learned. Writing them down and revisiting them helps us etch them into our memory, but doing this haphazardly isn’t as effective as systematically.
A terrific strategy is to put together a rule book or set of principles that you can always refer back to when you’re in doubt. If you can do this, it’ll be worth your time.

9. Design your environment to serve you.

Cleaning your office, eliminating distractions, getting rid of bad influences, surrounding yourself with like-minded people; these are all environment choices. Designing your environment to push yourself in the direction you desire will have a disproportionately positive effect on your success.
The essential strategy here is to reduce friction within your surroundings, and sometimes it's not so obvious - ask yourself, “What’s something that gets in my way when I’m working?” and “Can I get rid of or manage it?”

10. Identify the credible people around you.

It’s hard to decipher constructive criticism from noise. If you create a list, even a mental one, of the people who matter in their feedback, you’ll have a much easier time trusting opinions without having doubts about the quality.

11. Be aware of your mental state when making decisions.

Something as trivial as being hungry can make your emotions play a much larger role ina logical decision. Reminding ourselves and being aware of our mental state can delay making decisions until we’re better equipped to handle it.

12. Making life easier for other people makes yours easier too.

Make your customers' life easier; be rewarded with repeat customers. Make your professor's life easier; be rewarded with higher marks. Make your manager’s life easier; get promoted.

13. The right type of meditation makes all the difference.

Mindfulness, spiritual, transcendental; all that matters is that it works for you.
Yours might be going for a run and exercising focus, or having a coffee in silence while being aware of your surroundings.
Any time you take for yourself and exercise doing practically nothing, noticing when a thought comes, acknowledging it, and moving on is meditation.

14. If it takes less than a few minutes to do, just do it.

We procrastinate on many small things until they combine to become an actual problem. So doing them in the moment is the perfect way to avoid the big one.
This rule doesn’t mean disrupting deep work; that’s a form of procrastination in itself. It means that when you aren’t, you can bundle a few tasks together and be done with it in less than 10–15 minutes.
Dishes out of the dishwasher, bed made, floor swept, call returned. It’s easy and will leave a clean mental state for future you.

15. Put schedules next to your to-do list items.

This will allow you to complete the tasks, and maybe not right away, but soon enough, you’ll start to realize how many items are appropriate. Say goodbye to the endless list that’s never complete.

16. Have an overarching goal for the day.

Each night, write a single goal for the next day. If you complete this, it was a successful day.

17. When reading self-help books, case studies, papers, and biographies have a pen and notepad with you.

Underlines, notes, important chapters, paragraphs you’ve read for the 5th time, and notes that are thicker than the sections they were written about — this is how you learn.
Taking this much time and care may be the same time it takes someone else to read three books, but I’m betting you’ll come out more knowledgeable. Quality > Quantity.

18. Actively listen to the person when you’re talking to them

Ego is something everyone wrestles with because we’re inherently the center of our universe. Listening is such an immense exercise in focus, learning, and empathy that your ego level almost drops to zero.
Too many people wait for their turn to talk instead of listening. You can avoid so much miscommunication by doing this, and you’ll be better for it. This also goes for reading emails and texts.

19. Spend time refining your diet.

The level of improvement in thinking, decision-making, fitness, and productivity has significant ties with what you put in your body. This isn’t some trivial point, either.
The classic example is sugar and caffeine’s effects on performance. Protein supplements and healthy fats, an appropriate amount of carbs, all of this preparation helps. It’s likely not a placebo when someone is raving about how great they feel after switching up their diet.

20. Thank people for their hard work and acknowledge their efforts.

This costs you nothing and gives you all the benefits you could hope for. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it will enhance the collective productivity and morale in your social circles, groups, projects, teams, and companies.

21. Learn to delegate and automate.

Think about a task that you often do. Do you need to be doing it? Can you put in some investment of time or money to get rid of the job forever? Does that investment pay off?
Answering these questions will allow you to examine if it's viable to delegate or automate a routine.
Technical automation by using Zapier, Google Sheets, and other apps can be inexpensive or free. Delegating tasks by hiring the right people might win you back countless hours of your own time.
Identify. Assess. Execute.

22. Get the sleeping hours that work for you.

Don’t listen to the overworking ‘hustle’ crowd. You can get a full night's sleep and still be working hard and smart.
Your hours will yield a much higher return if you’re well-rested and switched on. So whether you need nine hours or six, do it without guilt, and plan around it for significant productivity.

23. Use the 3-second rule when you’re procrastinating.

Engage your fight or flight instinct by starting a task three seconds after realizing you’re procrastinating.
You count down from three, and once you get to zero, you just do the thing. There’s no question about it, no further dwelling, just action.
If you fail at this once, this rule will never work again. It’s a mental exercise and sounds trivial, nonsensical even, but it works.

24. Split up your regular week and blow off some steam.

It’s hard to keep the ‘go go go’ attitude sustainable, and if you’re in it for the long game, you need to have some time for play. But many people face extreme guilt when they take time off.
Don't see it as “not working,” look at it like a requirement for success and an essential ingredient for a content life, a part of the productivity cycle.
Take a Tuesday or Thursday night to do something fun, relaxing, or different. Learn to split up your week, so the days don’t melt into one.

25. Dress for the occasion.

Dressing to be productive or successful will put you in the mindset to do just that. It’s your uniform; it’s a signal to yourself that it’s time to work.
This is why we feel much more productive, dressed smartly than wearing what we’ve slept with and trying to get work done from the bed.

26. Split your work into chunks.

This helps with procrastination as well as organization. Massive projects and undertakings are often daunting and require more than willpower to tackle.
Splitting it up into chunks not only makes things more digestible, but it also gives you a sense of progress and momentum as you complete tasks.

27. Verbalize the problem.

If you’re struggling with a problem, talk it through with a friend, co-worker, or inanimate object. When you start explaining your situation, there’s a good chance that you’ll solve it.
Explaining something requires that you take out the jumbled thoughts in your head and string them together to make sense to a third party. Programmers call this Rubber Duck Debugging - explaining the issue to a rubber duck.

28. Bundle your social media distractions.

Similar to designating hours for tasks like emails. If you set a time in the day to consume Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you’ll be less distracted by every notification that comes in.

29. Make your communications clear and concise.

Especially for emails, dot points are a lifesaver and allow people to decipher what you’re saying quickly. Beating around the bush or being overly kind never helps.
Conveying urgency, being firm and clear will help someone solve your query faster than going back and forth until the email chain is 30 emails long.

30. The first and last two hours of your day are prime learning hours.

This is especially useful for committing things to memory like speeches and presentations. Reading, writing, re-writing, and verbalizing the content right before and right after REM sleep reduces learning friction.

31. Practice things in the worst possible scenarios first.

If you have an exam, a presentation, or a sales pitch, practice in non-ideal scenarios.
Make sure you’re tired and in an auditorium with a lot of distractions when practicing your presentation. Or you replicate the exam conditions as much as possible when doing a test exam, i.e. try not to do it in your PJs while listening to Lo-Fi Hip Hop.

32. Ask yourself whether it’s time to switch up a habit.

The more successful we become, the more habits we need to adjust. It takes a few years into mild success before you realize that you’re spending time doing certain things when it’d be more efficient to pay for the service.
What habits have you kept for a long time that may need adjusting? You could be eating healthier than the cup ramen college days, or you might not like going out as much. Assessing will help you find out.

33. Try one-word speed readers for faster reading.

Speed reading for quick information is underrated - this might not be the best thing for retention and detail, but certainly for faster information transfer. Many speed reading apps show one word at a time on the screen, allowing you to focus - you set the speed.
A quick Google search should get you the right apps and extensions.

34. Prepare and bundle your weekly tasks instead of doing them in the moment.

Typical examples are meal prep, bulk ironing clothes, and even setting up your bag for the next day. Doing this reduces friction and bandwidth throughout your week, day, or morning.

35. If you want to do continuous work, switch up the ‘type’ of work, and add variety.

This is easier for some than others. Visual and design work is different from analytical work. Sitting down and looking at a screen is different from cleaning or going to the gym, and yet it’s all productive - this is also called productive procrastination.

36. Figure out what timing increments work for you.

Some people prefer to use the Pomodoro Technique to work between 25 minutes and 1.5 hours at a time and take a short break. Others will opt to work continuously and achieve a flow state. Both options work, but they depend on your preference.

37. Color code your apps for quick access.

Color coding may or may not be worth the time. Some people prefer using the search function for quick access. Though by color-coding, you can seamlessly swipe through pages and find the app you need. We’re visual creatures, and logos are more memorable than names.

38. Use The No 7s Rule

When trying to decide whether to say yes to something, it’s a fantastic strategy not to allow yourself to give it a 7/10 - because if it’s not a “Hell Yes!” It should be a “No.”
You’re either going to give it a six or below (barely passable), or an eight and above (exciting).

39. Only have 3 things on your todo list.

Less is more, and that’s because you can focus a lot easier. You’ll have a purpose in your day when you have a simple story - I need to get X, Y, and Z done, and that’s a win.

40. Flip a coin

It’s the easiest way to make a decision and not for reasons you think.
If you’re stuck between two options, flip the coin and commit within three seconds. What will happen is that the urgency will engage your gut, and you’ll go for the opportunity you wanted anyway.

41. Optimize light exposure to sleep like a baby.

This means light exposure through sunlight during the day and artificial light in the evening. You want a lot of sunlight and minimal unnatural light - this natural cycle is how the human body evolved, and following it will make sure you sleep very well.
This cycle is built up of Circadian Rhythms to make up what we call the body clock. And among other things, natural body processes like the day/light cycle will regulate melatonin.

42. Prolonged endurance training is the surest way to clear your mind and gain a natural high.

Runners High is a real thing. When you do similar aerobic exercises like cycling and swimming, you’ll activate a flood of antidepressants and euphoriants that are naturally produced in your brain - this enables you to clear your head and will put you in a meditative state without needing to meditate.

43. The best productivity app is either a simple note app or a physical notepad.

Less is more when it comes to taking notes, and if you write them, date them, and organize them without all the bells and whistles, you’re going to have a much better time.

44. If you’re having a bad day, zoom out.

If you take your typical day and give it 100% regardless of whether luck’s on your side or not, understand that it will even out.
Yesterday may have been a high, today might be a low, and tomorrow might be somewhere in between - but if you’re consistent, there’ll be an upward trend when you zoom out to a year or decade.

45. Learn the difference between maximizers and satisficers.

There are natural maximizers and natural satisfiers. The maximizers will consider every possible option, do their research, and perfect a decision with all available information. The satisficers will pick the first option that satisfies what they’re looking for.
Maximizers will often feel overwhelmed or overthink fundamental decisions, while satisfiers can get through them quickly.
But satisficers can sometimes make poor decisions on things they could have avoided if they did the research.
There’s a happy medium of knowing when to maximize and when to satisfy. Investment fund? Maximize. Takeout? Satisfy.
This is only really learned by trial and error, but ask yourself the question when you’re mulling over your next decision: Am I maximizing when I should be satisfying? Or vice versa.
I realllllly hope you got some value out of that, and again if you're looking for more you can get more here.
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2020.09.30 10:06 trackcourier44 About UPS tracking

Obtain information tracking and Peace of Mind Whether you are receiving hundreds of packages or submissions, UPS Tracking receives information about your shipping status. You will feel safe and remember that you have the latest information when you use the best monitoring features. UPS Tracking offers a variety of ways to monitor and provide the best way to deliver the current situation, unexpected delays and, in short, delivery. Email tracking It's easy to track 25 UPS tracking small shipments in single email. You can simply send your tracking numbers to write an email from anywhere, and the UPS will send you a detailed tracking track of your email address. Reference tracking When a delivery is generated, a purchase order or customer number (more than 35 characters) may be assigned a reference to the follow-up tracking service without the monitoring numbers. Track My Package by Reference Monitoring history Sign in to ups.com for maximum unlimited submissions. You can save the Tracking History 50 tracking numbers to get easy access. This is also the way to add a shipping description or to change the place to look quickly and backward.
UPS Tracking Online
if you continue shipping on the our web site, you will receive the latest status and expected delivery date. While you need to login to view the information, you can get more details, reference numbers and C.O.D. Requirements, and sign up for an action packet sent. In a safe way online tracking helps you to make your life easier. Forward a delivery or content package. Arrange signature before shipment required. Obtain email updates for current status, delays, and delivery. Download the proof of delivery for your records.
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2020.09.30 10:05 6846 Non-Gaming Developer PC for a Macbook defector

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I am a backend software developer (java) who has been using a macbook pro 2013 for a long time. I need to upgrade because the number of VMs/IDEs/builds makes my macbook almost unusable at times. I want to switch to a desktop linux machine, both for my posture and the better powemoney ratio!
I don't play games, and want to use Linux (undecided on the distro) as long as all the hardware is well supported. I have built 2 PCs in the past, but that was more than 12 years ago.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Less than €3500. I am not too budget conscious as this will be a work investment.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
No fixed deadline. If it's worth waiting for something to be released, I am happy to do that.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Everything! I need all peripherals, and would prefer boring quiet/dark options over lights & windows. I love using the macbook touch pad/keyboard, so bonus challenge to recommend a mouse as easy to use as that and a similar shape keyboard! I also have a lot of work meetings, so will need either an external or integrated web-camera.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Barcelona, Spain. https://www.neobyte.es & https://www.pccomponentes.com are popular sites here.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Nothing reused.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Not necessary.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Because I will be compiling and running multiple virtual machines at the same time, I guess I want more threads and plenty of ram. I want something that will last for many years, so I would rather overpower and pay for quality than upgrade in 2 years time.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Something quiet and discreet. I don't need lights/windows, and would prefer something that can sit quietly under or on the desk. Possibly double as a monitor stand.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Maybe, I plan on using Linux, but dual booting to Windows might be a good option. So all hardware will need to be linux compatible.
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2020.09.30 09:44 i_aint_joe Drag X Review

The Voopoo Drag X was sent to me by Sourcemore for the purposes of this review.
Images are here
First impressions
This mod feels good, there's nothing that feels cheap or awkward about it – the battery door is secure, the buttons have a nice click to them, the airflow adjustment is smooth, the materials in general are nice to touch and there is zero button rattle. The 4.5ml PCTG pod is smoked, but certainly not dark enough to prevent you from seeing liquid level. The pod is attached to the mod via magnets and feels secure. The coils are inserted/removed from the bottom of the pod, while refilling the pod is pretty easy and mess-free, with a pretty large rubber bung.
Using it
This is where the Drag X starts to feel much more like a regular mod with a sub-ohm tank, than any form of pod system. The screen is nice, displaying battery level, wattage, puff-count, ohms,etc. There are two basic mods – Smart Mode – which detects the ohms, adjusts the wattage accordingly and limits the maximum power to protect the coils and RBA Mode that behaves far more like a standard mod.
However, there is one issue with the voltage which has been outlined here I didn't use an RBA or 510 adapter with the Drag X, however I did experience a couple of low power instances with the 0.15ohm coil (when I was using crappy batteries) but with decent batteries there were no issues.
Both coils had decent lifespan and didn't have any significant drop-off in flavor. While I didn't experience any leaks, there is a little moisture under the coil, nothing major but enough to make me want to wipe the underneath of the coil every couple of days or so.
Aftermarket accessories
There is a huge range of accessories available from Voopoo and third-party companies available at the moment. Voopoo offer thirteen different coils in the PnP range from 0.15-1.2 ohms, plus an RBA and an RTA, while a few third-party manufacturers are offering their own coils, RDTA and 510 adapters. However, there is no official Voopoo 510 adapter that I have seen.
Voopoo is pushing hard on this PnP system, with the new Drag Max, V-suit, etc all using PnP.
Personally, I want to get the MTL tank and some of the 0.8 ohm MTL coils.
Score system
Vaping should be about harm reduction, not encouraging people to take bigger hits. Fortunately, this feature is only installed with an optional firmware update, so it's your choice.
Voopoo has the Drag X for $46.99 on their website.
Sourcemore are currently selling the Drag X for $24.39 until October 8th, after that you can use Code: DGSK to get a discount.
A decent 18650 pod system with a good range of coils. My best DL pod experience to date.
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2020.09.30 09:44 i_aint_joe Drag X Review

The Voopoo Drag X was sent to me by Sourcemore for the purposes of this review.
Images are here
First impressions
This mod feels good, there's nothing that feels cheap or awkward about it – the battery door is secure, the buttons have a nice click to them, the airflow adjustment is smooth, the materials in general are nice to touch and there is zero button rattle. The 4.5ml PCTG pod is smoked, but certainly not dark enough to prevent you from seeing liquid level. The pod is attached to the mod via magnets and feels secure. The coils are inserted/removed from the bottom of the pod, while refilling the pod is pretty easy and mess-free, with a pretty large rubber bung.
Using it
This is where the Drag X starts to feel much more like a regular mod with a sub-ohm tank, than any form of pod system. The screen is nice, displaying battery level, wattage, puff-count, ohms,etc. There are two basic mods – Smart Mode – which detects the ohms, adjusts the wattage accordingly and limits the maximum power to protect the coils and RBA Mode that behaves far more like a standard mod.
However, there is one issue with the voltage which has been outlined here I didn't use an RBA or 510 adapter with the Drag X, however I did experience a couple of low power instances with the 0.15ohm coil (when I was using crappy batteries) but with decent batteries there were no issues.
Both coils had decent lifespan and didn't have any significant drop-off in flavor. While I didn't experience any leaks, there is a little moisture under the coil, nothing major but enough to make me want to wipe the underneath of the coil every couple of days or so.
Aftermarket accessories
There is a huge range of accessories available from Voopoo and third-party companies available at the moment. Voopoo offer thirteen different coils in the PnP range from 0.15-1.2 ohms, plus an RBA and an RTA, while a few third-party manufacturers are offering their own coils, RDTA and 510 adapters. However, there is no official Voopoo 510 adapter that I have seen.
Voopoo is pushing hard on this PnP system, with the new Drag Max, V-suit, etc all using PnP.
Personally, I want to get the MTL tank and some of the 0.8 ohm MTL coils.
Score system
Vaping should be about harm reduction, not encouraging people to take bigger hits. Fortunately, this feature is only installed with an optional firmware update, so it's your choice.
Voopoo has the Drag X for $46.99 on their website.
Sourcemore are currently selling the Drag X for $24.39 until October 8th, after that you can use Code: DGSK to get a discount.
A decent 18650 pod system with a good range of coils. My best DL pod experience to date.
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2020.09.30 09:43 i_aint_joe Drag X Review

The Voopoo Drag X was sent to me by Sourcemore for the purposes of this review.
Images are here
First impressions
This mod feels good, there's nothing that feels cheap or awkward about it – the battery door is secure, the buttons have a nice click to them, the airflow adjustment is smooth, the materials in general are nice to touch and there is zero button rattle. The 4.5ml PCTG pod is smoked, but certainly not dark enough to prevent you from seeing liquid level. The pod is attached to the mod via magnets and feels secure. The coils are inserted/removed from the bottom of the pod, while refilling the pod is pretty easy and mess-free, with a pretty large rubber bung.
Using it
This is where the Drag X starts to feel much more like a regular mod with a sub-ohm tank, than any form of pod system. The screen is nice, displaying battery level, wattage, puff-count, ohms,etc. There are two basic mods – Smart Mode – which detects the ohms, adjusts the wattage accordingly and limits the maximum power to protect the coils and RBA Mode that behaves far more like a standard mod.
However, there is one issue with the voltage which has been outlined here I didn't use an RBA or 510 adapter with the Drag X, however I did experience a couple of low power instances with the 0.15ohm coil (when I was using crappy batteries) but with decent batteries there were no issues.
Both coils had decent lifespan and didn't have any significant drop-off in flavor. While I didn't experience any leaks, there is a little moisture under the coil, nothing major but enough to make me want to wipe the underneath of the coil every couple of days or so.
Aftermarket accessories
There is a huge range of accessories available from Voopoo and third-party companies available at the moment. Voopoo offer thirteen different coils in the PnP range from 0.15-1.2 ohms, plus an RBA and an RTA, while a few third-party manufacturers are offering their own coils, RDTA and 510 adapters. However, there is no official Voopoo 510 adapter that I have seen.
Voopoo is pushing hard on this PnP system, with the new Drag Max, V-suit, etc all using PnP.
Personally, I want to get the MTL tank and some of the 0.8 ohm MTL coils.
Score system
Vaping should be about harm reduction, not encouraging people to take bigger hits. Fortunately, this feature is only installed with an optional firmware update, so it's your choice.
Voopoo has the Drag X for $46.99 on their website.
Sourcemore are currently selling the Drag X for $24.39 until October 8th, after that you can use Code: DGSK to get a discount.
A decent 18650 pod system with a good range of coils. My best DL pod experience to date.
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2020.09.30 09:07 WICKEDISGOOD115 Help with a new relationship (I don’t want sex)

I (18M) am worried about not wanting sex with my (19M) partner (Kind of an update?)
First Post: https://www.reddit.com/relationship_advice/comments/iwvc6y/i_18m_struggle_with_trust_and_neediness_with/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Anyways, we are officially “dating”, and for the most part we are good and I verbally expressed my issues with him. I still struggle, like today for instance we didn’t talk at all, but he’s super busy, he had a job interview so I get it. Anyways on to my issue.
We met up yesterday and hung out literally all day. 7AM to probably 6-7 pm? During this time, we made out, and performed oral sex, but he wanted to go all the way, and I am just not comfortable with it. To me it’s uncomfortable and does NOT turn me on at all. I did give it a try with him prior (idk if this is too soon but we were both horny due to our age) and I didn’t really like it.
I told him I don’t really like sex, but oral I was fine with, and he seemed okay with it, but I was worried I disappointed him. Most men, especially gay men like sex and I am worried it would drive him away in a sense. What can I do? I don’t believe he’d ever force me to do anything, I just worry that my own interests will drive him away.
What should I do?
Thanks Reddit
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2020.09.30 09:06 rfsql CD Project Red CP2077 crunch: a bad sign for Stadia release date?

Looks like CD Projekt Red are once again reluctantly resorting to a 6 week mandated crunch ahead of launch.
Quote from Adam Badowski in Bloomberg article:
I know this is in direct opposition to what we’ve said about crunch. It’s also in direct opposition to what I personally grew to believe a while back -- that crunch should never be the answer. But we’ve extended all other possible means of navigating the situation.
Is this a worrying sign for the Stadia release date slipping further and faster than on other platforms? It would not be surprising to me that if they're prepared to fall back on crunch, despite being vocally against the practice, that they're up against it enough to tip them towards prioritising work on the more high profile platforms.
Speculation on my part, but I'd rather fear the worst than hope for the best and be disappointed.
Edit: ah, just spotted someone posted something similar already. That'll teach me for forgetting to sort by "new"!
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2020.09.30 09:05 melvinlian Vail Ranch Goldens Dog Breeder Review - A terrible experience

Vail Ranch Goldens Dog Breeder Review - A terrible experience
I waited since 5th of May for my puppy from Vail Ranch Goldens, and yesterday, Branda the owner of VRG just flipped on me and tell me she will give me a full refund. 4 months of wait and my puppy is gone, because of a terrible attitude from the dog breeder.
A little backstory, I am a first time dog owner, called VRG on 5th May to inquire about getting a puppy from them. Knowing that they are located in Temecula, I asked Branda whether they can deliver to Los Angeles. Her response is yes, they can absolutely do that.
She quoted me $3500 for the puppy - I found out later in one of their secret chat groups that the puppy is a much lower price, and there is a full orientation training program that was hard sell to the other families at $3500. So, I paid a much higher price than others - No problem with that. On top of the $3500, there is another $300 for delivery from Temecula to Los Angeles, and another $500 for me to choose a popular puppy (apparently everyone wants that puppy, so $500 more for it) - I am happy to pay for it, not price sensitive since this puppy is important to me.
3 months later, I saw 1 of the dogs give birth on their Facebook page. I sent Branda my blessings and asked if that is the puppy I signed up for - It was a reddish Retriever, not the one I chose. For some reason, she told me the reddish retriever is much smarter than the golden retriever, and she tried to talk me into getting that instead. Apparently she did that to quite a couple of other families.Fast forward 4 months later, when I am closer to the puppy selection day, the only way for me to choose a puppy is to do it through FaceTime.
September 3rd,
  • 8:17pm, she texted me that she is free now and if I can facetime her. It was super sudden for me as I was still working, did not see my phone.
  • 8:38pm: Branda sent another message saying it’s too late now, try again tomorrow.
  • 8:40pm: I apologize to her for not seeing the message, but can call her at her convenience the next day (Being super nice in my messages)
  • 8:44pm: Branda texted me asking me to remind her the next day at 11am, she will see where her schedule is at (Dude, I have 2 full-time assistants and I would never treat my customers like one. I have to REMIND you?) Nevermind, I will do just that.
September 4th,
  • 11:26am: Hey Branda, is now a good time? (Me)
  • 11:27am: No, I have doctor appointment, I will have to do it later (Branda)
  • 11:28am: Okay, please let me know. Thank you (Me)
  • 12:28pm: Send me a text reminder around 2pm and we can do the FaceTime between 2-3pm (Branda) - Seriously? I have to keep reminding you?
  • 2:11pm: Hi Branda, is now a good time? (Me)
  • 2:46pm: I just got home, are you available now? (Branda)
  • 2:52pm: Yes, can I call you now? (me)
  • 2:58pm: You won’t believe this but I just got home and the staff had not fed them yet so they’re doing that now so I’m trying to find a time to make this happen it’s not working out (Branda)
  • 3:06pm: Okay, no problem. Can you let me know when is a good time? (me)
She did not reply for 1 day - which is fine, I just checked in with her to ask when is a good time, since I paid deposit for priority pick, and I did not want to miss it.
1 day later, she told me she would deal with my FaceTime later, she hurt her shoulder, she’s in bed in pain. — Ok, benefit of doubt. Can’t get one of your interns to video it for me? How difficult is that?
A few days later, I found out from other families that they are going to choose their puppies. Dude, I paid for priority pick, is VRG not going to honor that? So, I worried and start to call Branda. This time, she told me she can FaceTime me and let me choose — Mind you, she was silent for the last couple of days before selection day.The first call with Branda took 3 minutes for me to pick one, I changed my mind 10 minutes later and asked her nicely if I can re-select, since I have priority pick, and none of the other families have chosen theirs yet. She did not reply at first, but I heard from other families that she complaint about my indecisiveness - Interesting that a business owner would complaint about a customer in front of other customers. To be fair, the FaceTime quality was pixelated and I could not see much. I asked her to send me a video, so I can take my time to pick - She told me that FaceTime would be better since I can observe the behaviour - I don’t think she was going to allow me to FaceTime with her for 30 minutes to observe the puppies behaviour?
So, I picked one and we agreed on a delivery date of 27th September. I reminded her again (nicely) closer to the day.
She sent me a long checklist, which I was appreciative of. Gave me puppy advices - Knowing I am a first time puppy owner. I asked her some questions, but never dumb questions. I did research as well, and my office has a lot of dog owners. My work team was prepared to take care of the puppy.
I bought so many things to welcome him, bought 2 cages (one for office, one for home) lots of things such as filtered water dispenser, dog bed, toys. I bought 2 sets of each - One for office and one for home.
On 24th September, I texted Branda and ask if I can pay the balance since the delivery is this coming 27th September. She said “no, sorry she has other families to deal with and they are important. I am the only one she has to make special arrangements to deliver to LA”
WOW, just wow. That was literally my first question when I first called her. And we agreed to a date. She made it sound like she is doing me a favor. Although I am paying additional $300 for delivery, I have not once sound off entitled. If she suggest another date for delivery, I would be fine.
Instead, she said that she has to pay a staff to drive to LA to special deliver the puppy. Ok, but this was the agreement from the get-go? If Branda was apologetic and nice about it, I would be 100% cool with it. I replied “Oh wow” — She responded: “You know what, I don’t think you are suitable for a dog, I would refund you”
Then, she go on saying other families are paying top dollar for her dogs and she has a certain way that she run her company. I don’t get why she is bragging to me, or trying to put herself on a high horse — Your employees are mostly kids. I run a team of 25 full time adult employees and have no problems being nice to my customers — I told her exactly that.
Told her I will go with the refund, she has no replied me in 2 days. Cool.
I have joined 2 different small communities that has vail ranch puppies, and the people ABSOLUTELY detest her. They just want the puppies and get it over with. The entire time I kept being nice, and just try to be understanding — being a breeder of so many puppies is definitely not easy. However, VRG is only in business since 2018 — Dog breeding is not a proprietary business, your reputation is the only thing keeping you alive.
The way I was treated was just pure crap, and the amount of communities that are building say a ton of things about Branda behind her back.
I also read previous threads saying she engage her lawyers to go after another dog breeder...? Although I have all the messages kept in my phone, everything I said is nothing but the truth — I am pretty certain she is going to come up with some lawyer claim — And if that happens, good luck with that. You are not messing with another dog breeder, I do have resources to play with Vail Ranch for as long as they want to keep up (Not a brag but I want to put it out here so she knows I’m not playing) Branda can easily search me up and see the businesses I am running, they are all operational for years.
They have not given me a refund, again, I’m not going to try and sue to get my money back. I would just politely ask her a few more times, and keep this thread updated.
Raising awareness for any potential dog owners, don’t bother getting from Vail Ranch. I waited for 4 months amounting to nothing but bad experiences.If you follow their Facebook, it is all about how busy she is, how tired she is — Gosh, don’t complain already. If you don’t have the stomach to run a business, then go get a job. If you have the audacity to own a business, treat your customers well. At least, with manners and not with such attitude.
They claim to be #1 dog breeder in California, and lots of their customers hate them. Just want their puppies
Update as of 29th September,
  • Branda from Vail Ranch Goldens have yet to refund me the deposit.
  • Spinning the whole story around with lies to keep that deposit
  • Included this into my legal team to-do list
  • At this point, not going to try and get my money back. Just going to teach her a valuable lesson.
Her email to me
Email from Branda Vail Ranch goldens

Branda from Vail Ranch offering a refund

A picture sent from one of Branda's client. The puppy puked out a chewed collar on first day. And the family has to bring the puppy to a vet because of such negligence.
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2020.09.30 08:55 djkszgpu Hollywood Keto - Celebrities Weight Loss Transformations!

Hollywood Keto - Celebrities Weight Loss Transformations!
Hollywood Keto Fat burners essentially increase your metabolism by burning fat that you take in that faster and in larger databases. One of the initial causes that contributes to excess fat in it's preliminary period is developing a slow body fat. Couple that with a fatty diet and no exercise and the recipe for gaining weight will expressedYou end up being physically, mentally and spiritually ready begin. When you are able to record your reasons and find the start date, you are able to beginning. Once you decide, half of the struggle is much more than. Commit to your solution.

Fat burner reviews are frequently sparse on results because the writer hasn't actually used the procedure. I've been on it for full week now and obtain lost the complete inch off of my a waist. This is incredible because I typically lose at the rate of a half inch per week which holds good. So fat it doubling the velocity of fat reducing that I'm accustomed in order to really! So far so good but I've 11more weeks to go and then my 12 weeks will be one within the best fat burning reviews possess ever checked out.
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2020.09.30 08:49 Laser0pz Announcing an AMA with Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick! Tomorrow (Thursday 1 OCTOBER) from 7:00PM!

(I MEANT OCTOBER NOT SEPTEMBER IM SORRY OKAY. For transparency, old thread here with incorrect date has been locked.)

Tēnā Koe NewZealand!

I'm happy to announce that Chlöe Swarbrick has accepted an invitation to participate in an AMA on NewZealand tomorrow evening from 7:00PM.
Date: Thursday 1 September 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Swarbrick is a Green MP running for the Auckland Central electorate against Labour's Helen White and National's Emma Mellow, calling for a two-ticks vote for Green (alongside fellow MP Marama Davidson who is asking for a two-ticks vote in Tāmaki Makaruau).
Swarbrick is the Green's spokesperson for Drug Law Reform. This year she's calling for voters to treat drugs as a health issue rather than a criminal one, and for them to vote yes in the Cannabis legalisation and control referendum.
The COVID-19 lockdowns in NZ highlighted the poor and variable experiences of tertiary students in university-supplied accommodation. As the Tertiary Education spokesperson for the Greens, Swarbrick has started the process for an inquiry into student accommodation to seek out better regulation for students flatting at uni.
Swarbrick is also the Green's spokesperson for Arts, Culture & Heritage, Broadcasting, Education, Local Government, Mental Health, Open and Accessible Government, Small Business and Youth.
Swarbrick has had two previous AMAs on NewZealand which can be found here and there.
Facebook Twitter
If you are unable to be here to ask your question and have a question for the AMA, either PM me with the subject "Question for Chlöe" and the question in the message. We'll ask the question and tag your username so you can refer back to it later. If you wish to ask your question anonymously, please use the subject "Anonymous Question for Chlöe" instead.
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2020.09.30 08:46 mkghost1 SilverStone SG 15 (aluminum SG14) comes in December (at least in Germany)

I was intrigued by the announcement of the all aluminum version of the SG14, the SG15.
I've asked SilverStone about a release date and they said it is planned for beginning of December. Unfortunately this is a little late for my next build. Be aware that I've asked the German support so maybe some regions receive the SG15 earlielater.
They also confirmed that you can use it both horizontally and vertically, just like the SG14.
I was made aware of the SG15 through this thread where I posted the same information. I just thought it would be too hidden there and that more people are interested in knowing the release date: https://www.reddit.com/sffpc/comments/iz9z5v/silverstone_sugo_sg14_thoughts/g71eviu/?context=3
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2020.09.30 08:33 granthinton The Tea Master 2000 Whirlpool Plus

To whom it may concern,
In regards to the circumstances which have led to my penning this correspondence, I am aware that my present narrative will, with no doubt, create a nature of doubt towards the authenticity of my claim.
It is an unfortunate fact that your product, The Tea Master 2000 Whirlpool Plus, has fractured the very fabric of our world and, that this claim will fall into the realms of those limited in their mental vision to understand that that is beyond laymen to weigh and perceive. So, I trust that my narrative compels you to do what is just and weighs heavily with your conviction.
I am George Moodie, proprietor of Moodie’s tea rooms, est 1414 when my father’s great grandfather brought back the first clipping of tea from orient shores. As the proprietor, Un-ostentatiousness is paramount to our foundation as master brewers.
For generations, my forefathers have strived for perfection, and perfection can not be achieved without sacrifice and commitment. I, as have a long line of Moodie men, have adhered to this doctrine and will do whatever it takes for our name to be kept in the highest regard.
First, kind sir or madam, you must understand that it’s because of our clientele that my fear is magnified to great proportions. Moodie’s tea rooms are often frequented by London’s more powerful and influential members of the upper elite circles. I'm sure you can understand that I need not impress upon you the severity for this to be rectified quickly and proficiently due to your faulty product.
Although the damage done to my establishment is profound and vast, I have insurance in place for such occurrences and do not seek financial compensation, I only ask for your utter discretion in all matters forward from this date. I’m sure you will agree upon reading the full account detailed in this letter that it best suits your interests to keep, respectively, both our names from muddied water.
Your website was bestowed upon me by my trainee, Harry Henderson, a young gentleman of considerable heritage and valour, and as such I perused it with vigour.
The Tea Urn was just what I was looking for without knowing we had a need for it, and for a very reasonable £25, including postage and packaging I might add. I found, with peculiarity, that I placed the order without even realising it. I wish I hadn’t.
The package arrived yesterday, Friday 21st February 2020, and since then my tea room has been devastated, soiled and brought to a complete shambles.
I heard Harry’s soft knock and the telltale creak as the young man tried to avoid the loose floorboard outside my office door. I popped Mr Biggles into his basket beside my desk and dusted the white cat hairs from my suit.
“Come in,” I rearranged the files from our sister company in India and regarded the barely concealed excitement on Harry’s face.
“Mr Moodie, a package has arrived for you.” I rose from my chair as Harry ripped at the packaging.
“Ah, ah, Harry!” I chided, rapping at his hand with my walking cane. “Remember yourself, man.”
Disgruntled and rightly embarrassed, Harry, who I might add once sailed for Cambridge in the centennial games, nursed the offending hand under the armpit of his rather fetching Savile Row suit. I will admit that Sir Gregory of Savile Taylors does have an exquisite eye for detail. Harry looked remarkably sharp. It was one of the reasons I had hired the young man, that and his great grandfather’s legacy.
I pulled the plastic covering off the Urn and marvelled at the stylistic choice of its designer. The urn was polished to a mirrored finish, the exterior flawless down to the black heat resistant plastics at the bottom. Along the dark edge were two buttons; One to switch the device on and off and one to enable the whirlpool 2000 function. Alongside both of those was a temperature dial.
“It’s remarkable,” I said, running a practised eye over the silver cylindrical surface.
The Urn was deep, 50lt to be exact, more than adequate for a day of brewing at Moodie's.
“Look at the workmanship. I haven’t seen such craftsmanship since, since… Well, I haven’t. This even surpasses Ol’ Betty.”
I heard harry draw in an appalled breath. Ol Betty had been here since the founding of Moodie's. The real beginnings of her creation belong to antiquity, but it is known, passed from father to son over the rights of the forbidden tea that she was forged in the bowl of Mount Vesuvius before it erupted. Her historic importance should not remain wholly unrecorded due to the nature of why she was going to be replaced.
However, Ol Betty was cited for enacting the volcanoes wrath and the ultimate demise of Pompey. I tell you this not to impress but so you understand the legacy you machine was going to fulfil. Ol Betty is responsible for over 600 years and trillions of litres of tea that has graced the finest of London’s lips. Not to mention the results of those teas.
Would you believe Sir Winston Churchill, a frequent visitor at Moodie's, sipped at our Red Earl before delivering the Blood, toil, tears and sweat speech when all the forces were piped against England in the nazi war?
London knew her demise, but with our tea and his words. the fight was won. Winston would have never spoken so confident before that. Terribly shy man. A man of great vision and resolve I will not speak against, but shy nonetheless.
Well, no, of course you wouldn’t, that is why we must save the Moodie name.
“She won’t be happy, Sir.”
“Nonsense,” I exclaimed, waving Harry away. “come, let’s show Shifu.”
Moody’s is a Tardis. Forgive my vulgarity, I do not and have no familiarity with the show, only, and I fear, that young harry has impressed upon me the lesser arts of this world. With my aft so mentioned mesmerist in tow, I proceeded to make the winding and exhausting way from my office on the second floor to Mr Feng’s quarters near the kitchens.
Enlightened men called them Fung Shu. It sounds so grand when spoken, I’m sure you can understand. words have power and in 1200 china, that was no less a fact.
Mr Feng heritage can be traced back to Emperor Shen Nung and the blossom leaf, (a remarkable story I’m willing to share in another narrative,) and if one might dispute such a claim they need only trace that lineage on our wall.
Mr Feng is a short squat man of eighty years with square shoulders and the dexterity of a raccoon.
He worked for my father, and his father before him. A man of incredible serenity and composition. I placed The Tea Master 2000 Whirlpool Plus on the table in his chamber and waited for his response. Feng’s grey whiskers wobbled passed his crooked knees as he bent an arthritic back to inspect the vessel. Ol Betty bubbled in the background surreptitious to the duplicity I held in my heart.
“Not bad,” he grumbled. “But why replace that which is not broken?”
“Convenience, Shifu,” I said.
“It’s not without fear that one judges his enemies with fallacy, but often one convicts those that he loves without fear.”
I’m ashamed to admit to you, a perfect stranger, that in my thirty-eight years of Mr Feng acquittance, I seldom understand him. This was one such occasion that hindsight could have led to a more agreeable outcome.
Harry and I, watched the old Chinese gentleman fill the kettle with water from Ol Betty and then switch it on. I profess to know my share of the occult happenings within my establishment but I have been busy on the business side of my enterprise to educate myself fully to the ways of the most ancient of tea brewing. God rest my father’s soul. That I owe to Mr Feng. Once the water started to boil Mr Feng added from within his person a crumple of white leaves.
“Stay your breath, Mr Moodie,” he instructed. I may have neglected my studies but I’m not a foolish man that knows not to obey a master’s command. Harry, on the other hand, a polite gentleman, did not. The resulting waft of intoxication scent drove harry into convulsions. I bent worriedly at his side, my kerchief wrapped over my orifices.
Mr Feng did not cease but instead pressed the second function. The Tea Master 2000 Whirlpool Plus hummed to life. A variegated of colours that would make Mount Vesuvius jealous sprouted out of the urn in cascading ribbons to the wooden floor. Upon impact, much like Pompey, Moodie’s started to fade.
Now, as a gentleman to one at your esteemed position you will understand when I say faded I mean dissolve, and when I say dissolve, I mean that my shop did not disappear but the very essence of our world did.
Great was the clamour of smoke had spiralled out of the urn. Monsters who spat fire and conversed in tongues boiled below the thinning of the world. Clouds of sulphurous smoke hung pallid over Mr Feng’s quarters, darkening the everpresent glow of Chinese lanterns. And I feared as I had never before.
I have heard of eldritch terror but never imagined that they existed until this day. I felt conscious of a verisimilitude vulgarity. Mr Feng rocked back and forth on his heels, chanting, the phantasmal of his spell eluding to me.
Forgive forthwith my statement, I knew only terror in its purest form. Those eldritch being spoke to me in tongues I can never understand but understand I did. An invocation that I can never articulate, never verbalize.
There are things in this world and universe which are better left ignorant to the majority of the population of Earth. I have not departed from the opinion that that fact is truer now than ever before. Because at that moment, when Mr Feng prayed to his God and young, medal-winning, Harry laid prone on the floor, I knew the world would end.
Water boiled to sporadic explosions. Time hung suspended like an auctioneers gable. And still, our worlds melted. Walls fell away like mist to sunlight. London became aware of the terror leaking from our basement. People, righteously so, screamed and cursed upon seeing the beast of the netherworld. I saw them looking at our auspicious signage, I know that our name has forever been sealed behind terrified eyes and scorched into purified minds. And I also agonise that I have failed the Moodie name.
From a stupor, I pulled young Harry, unapologetically, by his tailored sleeve away from the arbitrary water and amalgamated dimensions. I felt the essence of the old ones pressing their influence through that cosmic barrier, infesting my mind and blackening my heart. I am but a mere mortal of aristocratic stock. Born to the folly of man. I am not ashamed to tell you, dear sir or madam, that at that moment not only were the floors of my establishment soiled.
As suddenly as it began, it stopped. The Tea Master 2000 Whirlpool Plus was reduced to a blob of its former self. The boiling stew within eroding the metal to near obscurity. Those Eldritch horrors sunk back from the steady strengthening veil. Their hatred of our kind full upon my lips. I swallowed back that darkness and retched.
Mr Feng drew a white crayon from the folds of his sleeve and began to circle young Harry in a diagram I’ve seen on police sketches.
“Do not break the line,” he imposed on me. One can not simply disobey a Shifu, One: it results in a welt on your head and two, it’s incredibly impolite.
And so, my anecdote comes to fruition. Mr Feng has young Harry, a terribly loyal young man, comfortable in his chamber, and I have a cleanup crew repairing the damage caused by those phantasmal creatures.
However, nothing in Mr.Feng arsenal has brought young Harry back to our world. We do not know If he is present but removed from his body, or if he is simply gone, never to return.
This is why I bring up my next request. As I stated above, I do not want monetary reimbursement, but perhaps you can find it in yourself to allow compensation in other means. Notably two of your products.
One: Ruggid’s Bagless Turbo Suction Vacuum Cleaner. We still can’t get the Eldritch smell out of the carpets and we reopen on Monday.
Two: The Joy 1000, “designed for your pussy” Toy. I think Mr Biggles will love the unique shape and textures this feline play toy will offer him when he decides to reappear.
Please respond at your earliest convenience. I await your decision.
Sincerely, Mr George Moodie, Esq
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2020.09.30 08:21 SYZekrom My GPU Driver is Out of Date?

I was having an issues with a program, and all I was told is that my GPU Driver Version is out of date. I have Intel UHD Graphics 620 and my driver version is I'm on a Windows 10 laptop. It's a Dell Inspiron 7373 2-in-1.
When I go into my Device Manager and try to update driver, it says the best driver is already installed. But with a quick google search I found this intel page where the oldest listed driver is newer than mine but almost a year old.
Trying to download either the newest one labeled beta or the second newest one's .exe and running it has it say that the driver is not validated for the computer and to obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer.
So apparently this is the latest version of the driver that dell has for this computer. Is it possible in any way to update to a newer version of the driver?
submitted by SYZekrom to techsupport [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 08:02 Sawyerthesadist My family owns a resort where the rich hunt people for sport. Everyone is on acid.

Jerry’s Story
I was practically screaming into the microphone now. No matter what he I said he wasn’t listening!
I could hear him yelling back into his radio, followed by the sound of gunfire!
Victor was now shouting into his radio, shooting at Kyle... fucking Christ on a stick...
Beside me, monitoring the prey, Vanessa was also having a bad time.
“JAMES! The tree doesn’t need your water, it isn’t your friend James! JAMES! FUCKING GOD!!!”
I think she was almost ready to give up.
I yelled to the two idiots in the hunting party.
I herd Victor say, still holding up the radio for some reason....... fucking high idiot.
“Victor!?! VICTOR!!!!”
I herd Kyle shout and the two ran to each other and gave one another a long embrace. What the fuck......
Vanessa was now yelling again!
I switched my microphone over to Katie’s speaker.
“KATIE THAT IS MISTLETOE DO NOT FUCKING...... oh for the love of fuck...”
She wouldn’t die or anything but Katie was about to have a really bad time.
Suddenly me and Vanessa both froze. Eyes glued to the preys monitor.
Dennis was back. He tackled James forcing him to the ground, bringing out a knife. Through the drone, I could see him saying something with those wide intoxicated eyes of drug field epiphany, while taking that knife to James’s crotch.... James was screaming like an animal....
I sat up and whipped out my phone, calling my Uncle Sam.
He picked up almost immediately.
“HEY SAWYER!!!! Holy shit! I mean holy shit are you seeing this!!! This is the most entertaining hunt I think we’ve ever done!”
In the background I could hear what sounded like a party.
“We need to call it off Sam.”
I said plainly.
“This is just getting....”
“Hang on, hang on Mikes here.”
He cut me off. In the background I could hear uncle Mike now talking to Sam.
“What’s he calling about?”
“He says we need call it off.”
“What the fuck. That little pussy.... Jesus Christ does he even know how much we’re making on people watching this alone! Tell that little bitch to.....”
Their conversation was cut out by the background chatter in the room.
I looked over to Vanessa who was know looking at me in shock. On the monitor, Dennis was now staring directly at our camera, smiling like a lunatic. He was holding up James’s balls for us to see.
“We’ll at least we know where he is now.”
I muttered to her.
“HEY! Sawyer!?”
I herd Uncle Sam say suddenly.
I brought the phone back to my ear.
“Hey! Look, Sam, this is getting way out of hand... One of our Guests, if not ALL of the guests, are really going to get hurt, I think we should...”
“Whoa whoa whoa! We’re not stoping anything! Listen, don’t worry about it Kay! This is what everyone paid for! Just, go out there and see if you can organized them a bit! You know, like how you tried to help Jerry!”
I said nothing for awhile. Annoyed I finally spoke up.
“Alright fine... will do.”
“Good Sawyer.”
Came the response, and with that he hung up.
I just stood there for a moment. Taking this all in. It was like trying to direct children. Manic, bloodthirsty, children.
My uncles words floated back to my head.
What everyone paid for?? Did someone buy those frat kids memberships just to watch this shit show?!? From my uncles tone he didn’t sound to concerned for these guests well being. I doubt their parents would have sponsored it, who fucking knows though.
Vanessa, who had been listening to my conversation like the nosey little rat she is, immediately acted for me at least. She switched her microphone to our guests and spoke.
“Hey guys... Sawyers going to come out and try to... uh... help you out. He’ll probably be forty minutes tops.”
Through the radio came Kyles voice.
“What!? Sawyer? Ya ya that’s cool. He needs to take acid though, everyone in the hunt needs to be on acid.”
I turned to look at her. She stared back with concern in her eyes.
“Rules are rules I guess.”
She said.
I just sighed and started walking to the Gator.
Fucking Christ on a log....
One day prior
I made my hastily threw the crowd of guest. Slipping by and casually cutting off a few, but still careful not to push any out of my way. There was only one place I wanted to be in this madness... The lodge’s cocktail bar!
Our bartender Terry yelled as he saw he coming.
“Glad to finally see ya out of yer hole! And ey! Congratulations on the last hunt!”
I made a dash right for the counter, plotting my elbows down before someone else could get in my way.
“I need absinthe Terry! And I need it Fast!”
I said hastily looking over my shoulder.
My uncles where eyeing me from across the room expectantly, an empty seat lied waiting for me. Across from them sat our victorious guest, seated with two other women who I assumed to be family.
“In a hurry are ya?”
Terry asked as he handed me a crystal goblet filled with that sweet light green nectar.
“Not exactly within my will Terry. Sorry to rush you.”
I said grabbing the drink.
I took a swing and cringed internally at the concoction.
“Oh my, phhhack, fuck, listen, Terry, I appreciate you, I really do, but one of these days where going to need to have a serious chat about your absinthe skills. This right here Terry, this is a Cardinal Sin, you...”
“Oh ignore him.”
Vanessa’s voice came from behind me. I tried not to groan out loud. Stink face probably gave me away though.
She jumped up on the seat next to me, flashing a playful but demeaning smirk.
“You forgetting what happened when Terry let you make it your way?”
“Ah what’s it fucking matter. Even as is these snobs are still judging it.”
I hissed her way, making sure to keep my voice low enough non of the guests would pick up my comment. Elegant enough for them or not, organe juice and absinthe is the way to go.
Vanessa chuckled. Though I was mildly annoyed by her she might buy me an accuse to avoid the victor’s table for bit longer.
“Are all these people here to celebrate that?”
I said nodding my head to our newest decoration. Above the bar now permanently sat Jerry’s severed head. Hung and stuffed for all to see.
“A few of them. But actually it seems like most just came to bet on tomorrow’s hunt. First of its kind and all.”
I replied. Still staring at Jerry.
“Taxidermist really went all out on capturing the aura of pathetic huh.”
She chirped.
I nodded.
“The split eyes and tongue sticking out are a nice touch.”
I looked over my shoulder to the victor table. My uncles where both consumed in conversation it seemed. I had some time.
I said to Vanessa.
“We’ve got a bunch of frat boys on acid, hunting prey that’s also going to be on acid. They want more acid in the water and the food, and we’re supposed to give the prey regular supply drops... of food laced with acid.... Do they want us to try and get all the wildlife on acid to or was that what they decided was overkill?”
She grinned, somewhat sadistically.
“We’ll... they didn’t say to do it, but they never said that we couldn’t feed all the bears acid.”
I shot her a smirk. She’d come a long way since finding herself here. I couldn’t think up a reply though.
“You feeling alright Sawyer!?”
She caught me off guard with that.
“You’ve barely left your room since the last hunt. Hell today you’d normally be out antagonizing the prey as soon as they arrived but this is the first I’ve seen you.”
What the hell was she talking about? Of course I was fine. Just had to arrange a date with some sucker who lost a bet on Reddit. Oh that’s right, I haven’t forgotten about you, bitch.
I gave Vanessa my best smile.
“Of course I’m fine. Just busy arranging a play date with a new... friend...”
She smiled understandingly. Eyes still showed concern though. Fuck I need more booze.
I found myself glancing back to the victor table. Next to our guest, that had to be the girl Jerry kept whining about. To pretty for him but the bump on her stomach was a dead giveaway. I saw her look up in my direction. Dead eyes, all the way through. Definitely her.
I flashed Vanessa one last smile.
“Shouldn’t keep our winner waiting! Don’t worry I’ll introduce myself to the prey as soon as dinners over. HEY TERRY! Leave the bottle on the counter for me eh? No else here’s going to touch it.”
I sat up and made my way for the victor table. Ready to congratulate our guest. Look Jerry’s ex girlfriend in the eye. Deal with my family shitting on my drink...
Jerry should be tasty at least. Lots of fat on that fucker.
I burst threw my office door, my green bottle in hand.
“Alright! Ladies and hic Ladies and GIRLS! I’ve got goo hic ...sorry sorry, long night for us! I’ve got good news and bad news! Good news is the Del hic the Del-Montague fam hic ... We here at the Del-Montague Redwoo hic
Oh fuck it! My names hic Sawyer and you’re all invited to our version of The Most Dangerous Game!”
I took another big swing of pure green fun in a bottle, leaned forward swaying just a bit, and put my hand to the side of my mouth, and whispered just loud enough for them all to hear.
“And seeing how you all arrived here, you can probably guess what the bad news was going to be, can’t you!”
Six of them stared back at me. All confused and shitting themselves, but at least I didn’t have any weepers... yet. Even split of women and men. All very young.
“Jesus Christ, what did they do? Take a van down to the university and tell you they’d give you all free weed if you all got in!?!
Two of them looked at each other but no one said anything. Oh fuck, right, the mouth gags...
I walked up to the closest guy. Bit of a brute but this one also smelled like pee. Fun trip up huh buddy.
I grabbed his gag and yanked, almost falling over in the process. Buddy came nose first down on the floor.
“Eyy! Careful there buddy! hic Can’t have you injured before the big day tomorrow!”
“You did that you psycho!”
He mumbled with his mouth on the floor.
I bent down. Grabbed the brute by that long hippy hair and brought him eye to eye with me.
“Listen Bud... hic Listen. Buddy. What’s your name?”
“Now, Dennis I understand that you’re probably a little hangry considering I left you in here waiting on me all day. But Dennis you need to consider the facts of the situation.”
I gave that long dreadlocked hair a good yank!
“Do you feel like you’re in a position to argue with me, Dennis?”
I said, followed by an accidental burp in his face. That part was actually an accident I swear!
I could see those flames in his eyes behind that petrified face. Good news! We got a fighter here! Still, he said nothing.
I gave his cheek a few quick smacks.
“Good boy Dennis.”
I stood up and tossed him back up. He flopped over again, this time crashing backwards into the guy behind him. I ignored it, opening my green nectar and taking another swing.
“Alright so hic listen the fuck up. The good news is you all have a chance to make it out of here by just burying your heads in the sand and surviving long enough. It’s a bit different then how we usually do it though.”
I gave the group another look over.
“Okay, so Dennis here is a hippy.... You two, the ones who look like you’re about to cry, you’re definitely nerds. You! You’re probably an athlete, good stuff. You over there look like a daddy’s girl who’s going to be in denial about all this the whole hunt! For the rest of you, you can use this one as a distraction if you need a getaway. And you! Well.... jesus you look and smell worst then the last loser I had in here. Actually hang on, sorry about what I said earlier missy. If you guys need someone to leave behind, pick this one!”
I clapped my hands together.
“Now for the important question of the day! Other then the loser and the loser dressed like a hippy, how many of you have done drugs before!?”
“Guys gu hic look. You are serbliously, ser... You are seriously going to melt a few of those peeholes brains before you can shoot them.... and proly yer own.”
I am not supposed to be this hammered when I introduce myself to the guests. I don’t think they cared though. All four seemed pretty buzzed to me. Smelt like weed to.
“Dude! That’s like! The geniuses behind this whole thing!”
Jesus did mommy and daddy buy them all memberships!? I’ve never met a group this young before. They where all wearing university sweaters, and I didn’t get the impression anyone here had the brains to be a start up or something...
“Okay okay, but serivousss.... seriously... guys... you have to tell me... you nabbed them all from your school right!?”
“Yeah bro! That one dude, James, I like.... Paid him to write my final essay man. It only got a B minus. A fucking B minus man! like why would I pay that weasel for a fucking B minus!!!
This kid looked pretty damn weasel-y himself. He was tall and dressed to impress though. I’m not going to give you our guests names, that might actually get me in trouble. I’ll call him Kyle though, he looked like a Kyle.
I grinned at them.
“Alright so far I’m digging it. burrrrp But guys seriously, your plan is to just keep this going until the acid.... until the acid stops working?”
“That’s the plan Sir.”
This guy was a bigger one out of the group. Deep voice. Bit more intelligence in his eyes then the rest. I’ll call this one Victor.
“It’s Sawyer Del-Montague right? Sawyer the Sadist is what Ben here says everyone calls you.”
They don’t usually say it to my face Victor but okay.
“We want everyone in the hunt on acid, at all times!!! Hence the food and water being laced. Don’t worry me and the boys here have done our fair share. We call off the hunt when the acid stops having an effect, simple as that. Safe points apply, and surrenders apply, not that any of those pussy’s will be able to do it.”
The whole group began to chuckle.
“We want AK’s, Bolt action rifles, Pistoles, bows, grenades, and machetes. Oh and we also want the helicopter.”
I just stared for a minute. How much did their parents pay to get this shit approved.
“I can’t give you the helicopter.”
I said shaking my head, and probably my body a bit to. I was feeling wobbly.
“Sorry but that needs a driver, and with the amount of acid you want everyone on. No, just, no no no no no....”
The group seemed disgruntled by this but they didn’t give me any slack for it. High-key I bet they could have gotten that shit if they offered certain people in my family certain extra amount of dollars, I guarantee it. I also guarantee we’d be down a helicopter.
“Can we have the ATV’s?”
One asked.
“Of course.”
“Okay, dope.”
“Alright! With that one hazard removed I see... I see absolutely nothing that can go wrong here! Normally this is the part I’d ask for any prior hunting experience. I know I’ve seen you here with your mom and pa before.”
I nodded to a kid in the back. His family liked to have little family hunting trips. I’m calling him Ben.
“But honestly, given the conditions of the hunt... I just don’t think it’s going to matter hic at all... Alright I’m off to drink myself to sleep Gentleman! Hunt starts tomorrow at your call. You all...”
“OH! We want to chase them out the gate too!”
Fourth one spoke up. He can be.... ah fuck this guy is a Steve.
“Of course you do! Okay gentleman good luck tomorrow!”
I headed the fuck out. Wondering how long it would be before the entire lot was rolling in mud.
As I stumbled back to my room it also crossed my mind that the prey must all be some kind of hit list these boys had plotted up. Seemed pretty middle school-y but it would be the most typical thing about their group.
Should have asked the prey if any of them knew each other...
The blast of a grenade going off sounded behind me as I ran for it! I had put what, fifty, seventy five meters between me and them now? Still I could hear the screaming. They all the shrieked like animals, I had no idea who was hunters or prey anymore.
I kept running, powered by the acids seemingly unlimited energy. The prey had stolen my gator, and the hunters possibly just blew it up. Whatever in the seven layers of hell was going on back their it was way, wayyyyy above my pay.
I really regretted leaving all the beer on the gator.
I could feel the full effects of the drug coming on. For the inexperienced, imagine it as the heightening of all the senses. For a very short period of time before it takes its hold, there’s a moment where everything feels improved. You can see every vein in a leaf, every grove in the bark of the pines, every hair on the feather of the crow watching you from that tree. Your thoughts seem more connected and complex. The sound you hear is sharper, louder, and clearer. Then, it goes into overdrive.
As I ran from the conflict behind me the once crystal clear details of the path began to fold and collide onto everything else. I could still hear them behind me, it seemed to have calmed down. I could make out the voices but not the owner nor their words.
I came to a halt in a small clearing within the pines. It was dark now. I looked around, trying gage a direction. My only desire at this point was to escape back to the lodge and find enough alcohol to kill this trip immediately. Every direction looked the same. Just a repeated image of mirror perfect trees, kaleidoscope images of branches, needles, and cones descending into further intensity in every possible rout. Even the voices I was hearing seemed to originate from every direction.
I looked to the sky. Hoping I could at least spot the Little Dipper. Last resort to getting out here now.
Half the stars in the sky looked comically unreal. The ones that did seem to be genuine however, now danced in endless motion.
I sat down, huddled in a ball next to a large pine. I’d just have to wait this out. The effects would hold for at least 11 hours but eventually they’d diminish enough for me to find my bearings. The only upside was the way the dark Forrest seemed artificially illuminated in my state. Not that it mattered much, I couldn’t see shit for details. This would be really bad time to meet a bear, or even worse, a cougar...
I could start to make out the voice a bit more clearly. I could make out my name, as well as a few other words. It kept changing its tone however. At first I thought it was Kyle’s but then it sounded like a women. Was I close to the prey?
I saw movement to my left. Like the dark figure of a dog had just sprinted passed before disappearing into nothing. Likely just my head.
I herd the voice clearly now. It was a women’s, one I recognized but not one in this group.
“I’ve got a bad feeling. I think...”
It faded out of recognition, then slowly I made it out again.
“Please tell me if I’m alone. I’m really scared Sawyer please.”
Marina. A journalist who wrote a rather colourful article about one of our guests. I had scoped the drone around quickly that night. I just didn’t spot the cougar.
Movement in front of me again. Nothing when I looked up. I could hear deep painful breathing now.
“Oh god, oh my god.”
A mans voice now
“I can’t move it, fuck I can’t move it!”
Benjamin. A cop who was determined to do an investigation on this place despite higher ups pressuring him to leave it. Benjamine was close, dragging his broken leg just meters from the safe point before he was shot, by those same higher ups.
The voices carried on.
“I think I’m going to die.”
“Can you tell my family I love them, please Sawyer just please tell my family.”
“I can hear them, oh god I can hear them! Please tell me what to do, please, please.”
Fucking stop talking and stay quiet you idiot!
I nearly thought out loud to the last one. That’s what I’d said to him I’m sure. Couldn’t even remember that fools name.
Shadows were darting constantly in the corners of my eyes. I tried not to think about it.
“You know, I’ve herd some of the other guests say they see weird things in reserve at night. Say that the place is haunted. Like they can hear the defeated prey still begging for mercy.”
A guests voice now?
“Don’t you ever even say that!”
Uncle mikes voice.
“There’s no god damn ghosts on the reserve! I don’t want you to ever repeat that stupid rumour. Spook the paranoid guests is all it does.”
I burst out laughing.
Of course that’s where my brain would go right now. I was starting to let the acid take control. Fear and paranoia where getting to me. It wasn’t even at its peak yet though. Still lowly ascending.
The voices continued. Crying, pleading, repeating my name. I wonder if I even did hear anyone else. They could very well be within earshot, just to far away to make out clearly so the acid was filling in the blanks. Or maybe they came from nothing at all.
The Forrest erupted into a loud wail. That definitely was not a hallucination. To loud and clear. Sounds like Dennis went for Chris’s nuts.
I laughed to myself. The thought actually gave me a small amount of comfort as the voices got louder, and the world around me was engulfed more and more into a never ending kaleidoscope.
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2020.09.30 07:59 Fruankmo520 Kravitz's comment has received more than 1,360 likes

the reputedly frustrated groom-to-be published his tale on reddit’s forums, in which he explained, “my fiancée, nicole, and i had chosen our wedding ceremony date, booked the venue, and notified the on the spot members of the own family of the date and the pending keep the date mailings. nicole's cousin, amber, determined out that we had announced the date and referred to as nicole upset that we had booked

business voip service
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2020.09.30 07:45 Dave_yenakart I've travelled Asia for 18 years collecting & hand restoring vintage/rare movie posters (Asian versions of mostly western films - LOTS of horror)... I have now had them all digitally remastered and am selling high quality prints...

(admin - apologies if this is not ok - I read the rules and nothing seems to have been broken - I apologise if I've misunderstood something. This is not spam - I really think this is a very appropriate product to plug in this group)
Alternatively you can see them via this link -
(please note, you don't need the Dropbox app, you can just view the images in your browser via this link)
This is very much a passion project for me.
I have been based in Asia for 18 years and have a serious fetish for Asian versions of western movie posters (and some Asian originals) +. I have a collection of over 300 rare/vintage/obscure Asian posters (mostly Thai & Japanese, as they are absolutely the best) dating mostly from 70's - early 90s.
Asian movie posters are hot right now. I'm a very active member of this community and the amount of (the wrong kind of) horror stories is insane - people are paying thousands of dollars for fakes and vastly overpriced originals, often in far worse condition than as described by the seller... in a very extreme case I have seen a fake Thai 'Apocalypse Now' change hands for 10k USD (a bargain if it was real - originals are closer to 20K USD).
We feel we can offer a superb alternative; my personal collection have been hand restored were needed (the state some came in were atrocious - heavily yellowed, pinholes, tears, stains etc). Using very high quality photographic equipment/lightning & additional work using software, we believe we have done the best job possible in terms of being able to bring something that are at least as good as (if not better than - some were printed very poorly & artists have stated they were disappointed with print quality) the originals.
We believe all of our products are out of local copyright laws due to time/distributors no longer existing (we know most are for sure) & we will adhere to any cease & desist request if there is an issue.
Dave x (IG @davemilligan)
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2020.09.30 07:36 Ryuzaaki123 Being a slob

I've lurked on here. Mine is not as extreme but I need somewhere to express my feelings and my usual Reddit community isn't suited to this sort of thing.
I'm not used to thinking long term. I've kind of just kept it in the back of my mind that I could kill myself at any moment and that underpins basically everything I do in life, and it's why I haven't tried in a lot of areas.
One of them is maintaining and keeping my spaces tidy. My parents were very bad with instilling discipline in me because I was good at academics and would seek out knowledge on my own, and my mother died when I was twelve leaving my dad to himself. I could tell I was being spoiled and I felt guilty, and this is why I always feel like I need to be doing more in regards to my grades to makeup for my other weak areas.
Even today when I try to clean the house or my room and he'd resist the idea, and I felt like I was taking something away from him by trying to be more independent. And it's also very easy to avoid volunteering for extra responsibility when you already feel like shit, but it would have helped my self-esteem a lot more to do it.
It's also one of the reasons my ex said I wasn't mature enough for them. Well, actually they phrased it as they felt like a "babysitter" when they were with me and I had to rephrase it for them so it'd be less hurtful, but I was the one who had to do it for them and they continued to be incredibly condescending. They assumed that just because I accepted their criticism that the way they ignored me was justified. When I first brought them over to my place I apologized for the state of the place and said I wanted to do better, but they said they didn't mind it. It turned out they did mind a lot more and just didn't want to tell me, and looking back the house was a shambles, but it still pisses me off they couldn't address the problem like an adult and decided to silently judge, ignore and punish me instead of just telling me.
I also find it incredibly hypocritical that they would act as if they were mature because of their degree and job when I had to baby them through basic communication, and I eventually ended up giving too much ground and accepting their bullshit and letting them think it was okay to treat me. If they had a problem I would be there for them and support them 100% but when I had a problem I didn't get anything, and eventually the only time they would talk to me would be at midnight when we were both too tired to think properly and they had taken their meds so they weren't really coherent and I couldn't be serious or honest with them because I was too busy comforting them. Whenever I tried to renegotiate how things were in our relationship or after we broke up they did not fight fair. They'd stonewall me and I felt like I had to comfort them and apologize for expressing my feelings and doubts, or asking them to be more open with me, and they would straight up just ignore me or feed me one or two lines of bullshit about the future being vagued to avoid me. The last conversation we had they insulted me targeting my insecurities while I was in the middle of trying to make an apology and I ended up giving a lot more apologies just so I could end the conversation forever and get away from them saying more horrible things.
Worst of all their apologies weren't apologies - they were just asking for forgiveness and bombarding me with compliments and talking about how they care, and how them ignoring me was just because they didn't want to hurt me, but never would they lay out exactly what they did wrong and promise never to do it again. It was somehow my fault for not forgiving them. I kept forgiving them and they took it as permission to treat me like shit. By the end of it all I was just afraid of them and couldn't say how I really felt because they could hurt me without even blinking and I felt so much pressure to be on good terms with them to keep peace within our friend group.
Essentially: They treated me like shit and I enabled them. They expected me to carry the emotional burden of our relationship constantly and thought they could use breaking up as a reset button.
I didn't mean to talk about my ex in this post but I always end up doing so, because my issues with them are at the heart of the depressive state I'm currently in. They're out of my life but what they said and did constantly runs through my mind and I always feel like I'm being judged or watched, and like I'm not good enough and never will be. I don't want to be angry and resentful all the time but they treated me like shit and I hate how my weaknesses were used as an excuse for them to mistreat me.
I'm living on my own for the first time and my room immediately went to shit because I spend most of the day lying in bed going back and forth between my desk and letting food and rubbish build-up. I get great grades but this semester I keep procrastinating my uni work so I don't even have that to justify it.
There are times where I've been 100% doing my best to live life and trying my hardest but without warning I can immediately lapse into negative though patterns of wondering why I even bothering and the futility of doing anything. When I'm in public I keep fantasizing someone will come out of nowhere and just shoot me in the head or I'll die in an accident so that way I won't have to commit suicide for it to all be over, and I have an easy way out of these feelings. Even the stretches of time where I'm happy and stable are visited by these thoughts.
I want to get better, work hard and improve my situation and be able to live more independently and keep my living space clean, it's just hard to separate those thoughts of self-improvement from my ex's bullshit. It's irrational but I always feel like I'm playing into their hands. All the shitty ways they would minimize my feelings and condescend to me come back. I hate the negative person I let myself become dating them.
I want to be happy again.
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2020.09.30 07:10 SmartGardenBot Today is Wed, September 30, 2020, Should I water Seymore?

Welcome Back! Seymore WAS NOT watered yesterday.
Moisture: 51% Humidity: 50% Temperature: 73.4 F
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September 23, 2020 True
Seymore is a Nerve Plant (Fittonia 'Red Anne') and thrives in moist conditions. It looks best when the soil is kept damp, but not soggy. Seymore enjoys low/medium light, and too much light will make his leaves crispy! Seymore also has an Instagram Account! Follow Him at @SeymoreThePlant
To vote in favor of watering Seymore, include either YES or YEAH in your comment below. To vote against watering Seymore, include either NO or NOPE in your comment below. It is NOT case-sensitive and you can include any of the words in a sentence and your vote will still be counted!
Don't forget to check out my site, Vote2Grow, as well! Votes from this site will be counted in the final tally. Feel free to share the url with friends/family for an easier voting experience for non-reddit users!
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2020.09.30 07:07 skelement After 5 years, it's time for an upgrade - limited to ~$700. Re-using some parts and entirely open to changes/suggestions.

Build Help/Ready:

Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
General all around use -- Gaming, listening to music, internet browsing, watching Streams/Youtube, office use, etc.
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings)
I'm hoping to re-use my GTX 970 from my current build since it's done the job so far for my gaming needs, and I'd rather put money towards other parts rather than a new graphics card for the time being. I am interested in upgrading this further on down the road, though.
1920 x 1080 60 FPS is completely fine for resolution and framerate for the time being. I play anything and everything but mainly stick to single player games and almost never venture online.
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
Within $600 is what I'm aiming for, but up to $700.
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
I reside in the U.S.
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 CL15 Memory $68.98 @ Amazon
Storage Samsung 860 Pro 512 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $129.99 @ Amazon
Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Purchased For $0.00
Video Card MSI GeForce GTX 970 4 GB Twin Frozr V Video Card Purchased For $0.00
Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro ATX Full Tower Case $99.99 @ Newegg
Optical Drive Lite-On iHAS124-14 DVD/CD Writer $19.98 @ Amazon
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit Purchased For $0.00
Monitor Asus VN248H-P 23.8" 1920x1080 Monitor Purchased For $0.00
Keyboard Razer DeathStalker Wired Gaming Keyboard Purchased For $0.00
Mouse Razer DeathAdder Chroma Wired Optical Mouse Purchased For $0.00
Speakers Cyber Acoustics CA3550RB 68 W 2.1 Channel Speakers Purchased For $0.00
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $318.94
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-30 00:59 EDT-0400
Provide any additional details you wish below.
I'm going to be re-using a few parts from my previous, 5 year old build so the main things I'll be needing help with are a CPU and CPU cooler (I would like to have it be liquid cooled, but air cooled is also fine, and I don't particularly care if it runs on the louder end since it's not kept in an area where being quiet is of importance), Motherboard, and Power Supply. I've already gone through and added in a few things I'll be needing to purchase, but if you know of a better alternative I'm completely open to suggestions. I haven't really kept up to date with anything since I built my last build. I would like to start buying parts by tomorrow or the day after.
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Dating My Daughter (Episode 03 - v0.24)  Full Game ... STRIPPING & DATING MY TRUTH 😔♥️ - YouTube DATING MY BEST FRIEND FOR 24 HOURS (w/ MyLifeAsEva ... *DATING* My Best friend For 24hrs😍(THIS HAPPENED!) - YouTube Dating My Hybrid Dog GLMM - YouTube How to delete a Dating.com account permanently - YouTube dating my best friend's sister for 24 hours... - YouTube Dating My Male Teacher Ep.1 Gacha Life - YouTube Dating My Best Friend For 24 HOURS - YouTube

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  1. Dating My Daughter (Episode 03 - v0.24) Full Game ...
  4. *DATING* My Best friend For 24hrs😍(THIS HAPPENED!) - YouTube
  5. Dating My Hybrid Dog GLMM - YouTube
  6. How to delete a Dating.com account permanently - YouTube
  7. dating my best friend's sister for 24 hours... - YouTube
  8. Dating My Male Teacher Ep.1 Gacha Life - YouTube
  9. Dating My Best Friend For 24 HOURS - YouTube

Sorry its short i was sleepy Make sure to hit that bell And subcribe Joke Of The Day.... Why is it hot outside: Because the sun worked all day I know this video is kind of random, but I do get asked a lot about my experience dating and working as a stripper so I just wanted to share my thoughts with... dating my best friend's sister for 24 hours... Like this video and subscribe to my channel for videos every saturday!! Turn my post notifications on to get n... LIKE this video if you thought I was a good boyfriend haha :) AND, If you're new here, don't forget to subscribe for weekly videos! Welcome to the fam! Eva's... Finally took My Bestfriend On A DATE And This Happened! Please watch our ads so we can continue to make GREAT videos! Youtube: Ezee: http://www.youtube.com/c... Video on how to permantly delete a Dating.com account using the mobile phone app. Text version: https://www.accountdeleters.com/dating-com #DatingMyDaughter #MrDotsGames #Download 🔞 Dating My Daughter (Episode 03 - v0.23) 🔞 The Game Under Development Developer: MrDots Games Last Update: 28... Merch dropping very very soon so be ready!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!!! SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! [ FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA! ] https://instagram.com... Hey people!!!! Some people wanted a part two of “My Zombie Girlfriend” and I AM working on it but this is a new one I’ve been working on. I did get an idea f...