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Official videos, films and live clips from Everything But The Girl. Directors include John Maybury, Hal Hartley, Mike Mills, Michael Geoghagan. Live reviews. Everything But the Girl. There are exceptions to every rule, and Everything But the Girl provide such outliers to two; one, the suggestion that Hull is by no means a thriving cultural environment (to be fair, I’m sure the great poet Philip Larkin would also have had something to say about that), and two, that romantically ... Recorded live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London UK on 29nd March 1996. Part of a limited edition live radio promo series by Australian label MCM/Austereo, sponsored by Coca-Cola. Songs are arranged in segments that fade in/out, so several songs make up one track. Actual disc contents are submitted above. Everything But The Girl - Fascination - Live Lyrics. I won't try to stop you when you speak-a of the past Doubt is over now and I can join in when you laugh But fascination makes us ask for mor. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of 2011. Get Everything but the Girl tickets. See every Everything but the Girl concert and Everything but the Girl live stream. Check out Everything but the Girl tour schedule, live reviews, photos, and details Everything But The Girl - Fascination - Live / 2013 Remaster Lyrics. I won't try to stop you When you speak of the past Doubt is over now And I can join in when you laugh Facination makes us ask for more Than Everything But The Girl. プロフィール: Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt first emerged as pioneers in the lite-jazz music scene in the early 1980's. They continued to refine their jazz versus electronica sound through eight studio albums until they gained larger exposure in 1994 through a collaboration with Massive Attack on 'Protection' and ... May 29, 2020 - [tvN D] - You're Everything in My World [Girls' World] EP.12 - You can watch videos on V LIVE. 메인 메뉴로 바로가기 본문으로 바로가기. V LIVE, the Live Broadcasting App ... Everything is Alive is an interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. In each episode, a different thing tells us its life story--and everything it says is true. A proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. WHO WE ARE. Ian Chillag is the host and creator of Everything is Alive. Everything But The Girl lyrics - 141 song lyrics sorted by album, including 'Missing', 'Downtown Train', 'Rollercoaster'.

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2020.09.28 20:34 ComeThr0wawayWithMe8 [WA, USA] Girlfriend's Apartment Neighbor's Drug Use, Selling Drugs, Possibly Trafficking Stolen Property.

My girlfriend lives in small apartment building in the city. The apartment is owed by the business owner who's business is co-located in the building. He manages the building to the best of our knowledge.
Her new neighbor moved in recently and has been creating annoyances and safety risks.
The entrance to the building is locked with a keypad that tenants have access to. The neighbor's boyfriend has the password (which is fine, so do I). However he will open the secured door and leave it open. Up the stairs is another secured door to the units that is locked by keys only the tenants have. Every time I come over, I have to call my girlfriend to be let in.
He has made several attempts to modify the door with a hex key to prevent it from closing all the way. He is not a tenant (we can overhear them fighting and gleaned this from their latest argument). Many nights we observe cars drive up, honk, or the driver whistles, he will go down to them and deliver something into their car window and they drive off. Sometimes people will whistle or honk, then walk up into their unit without having any keys because he keeps the secured doors propped open. We've figured he props the doors open because he is living in the unit without any keys while his girlfriend is at work.
Last night, same shit except it looked like he and his crackhead friends were inventorying some fishing equipment and power tools in the back of one of their cars. They were taking photos as if to sell them. These dudes
We know he's stolen several of my girlfriend's packages, she's watched him run down to the mail area and steal shit the second the delivery guy leaves. They have a corner unit and can see the vans and USPS trucks arrive. This has been reported to the landlord.
We've reported the safety concerns about the boyfriend propping open doors, the concerns about him possibly dealing out of the apartment, and having his clients sometimes coming up into the secured area of the apartment building to the landlord. So far the landlord has given nothing but warnings to the girl who actually rents the place. He said he would consider installing security cameras, but never followed through, he said he would have the door repaired and never did (I had to do it), he's texted warnings about them constantly smoking weed that makes the entire building smell, they haven't stopped.
And no, reporting to law enforcement doesn't do any good where we live. The police do not respond to any reports unless there is an immediate danger to safety or theft above $10,000. The walls are paper thin and we can discern everything they fight about while we eat dinner. We've learned that he does have a crack, heroin, and alcohol addiction (we're not making that up), he does stay in the apartment while she's gone whenever he feels like it, he does have friends who spend their time stealing shit.
I've been urging her to have the landlord trespass him from the building but he won't. Does she have any recourse to get out of her lease or force her landlord to take her safety into account? I've installed 3" screws into her strike plate to reinforce her door, got her going on a pistol transfer and have pepper spray for her right now. She feels super unsafe because of this. What can she actually do to have the landlord take more action to put a stop to this?
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2020.09.28 20:00 lordeiamlorde RuPauls Drag Race: Legacy Lap. A fanfiction from a bored, lonely gay

Beware -- This is a long post! But for those who are bored this may be a fun read!
For an all winners season, I think we would have to have some radical changes to the format in order to show the world that these truly are the best of the best that this brand has given us and that this would be THE season to watch. Some initial format changes:

I don't have every challenge thought out yet but I have quite a few!

These are all the ideas I have so far! I would love to hear your thoughts on this, if you have any ideas to improve this, or if you would like to suggest your own idea for a more challenging and grand challenge to give these winners!
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2020.09.28 19:58 queen-of-bacon My (29F) life has changed over night when my best friend (38M) of 9 years told me I'm the love of his life. I rejected him and now I'm so scared of how we will be able to continue with our lives...

English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes/bad grammar. I am in Europe.
After giving it a lot of thoughts, I've decided to turn to kind strangers on Reddit and hopefully get some advice. I'm feeling lost and extremely sad.
The characters in this store are: Me (29F): I had a horrible abusive childhood and was severely bullied at school for the way I looked and for being a smart kid who didn't do any drugs/parties/smoking at the bus stop. Somehow I was able to survive, but for the past 6 years, I've been in therapy for everything that has ever happened to me. I was a very promising student at the university and was seriously contemplating pursuing a PhD, but I was sexually attacked by a teacher and eventually dropped out, completely disappointed in the system. This academic career that I lost was my dream ever since I was a little girl and I didn't know what to do next. That's when my best friend (the one this story is about) offered me to work for him. He owns a small (3 employees) but very successful company and he literally saved my life. I am still working for him and I couldn't be happier with the job. We travel a lot for work and I absolutely love the work environment - we all are friends and can always rely on each other.
Relationship-wise, I was lucky and met people throughout my life who loved me for my mind and my soul (even though I eventually really improved my looks and people have constantly been telling me I'm very beautiful), deep inside of me is still the bullied little girl so it helped my confidence tremendously to be in loving relationships. Until I met my last boyfriend of 5 years who was an abusive narcissist and being with him broke me in many ways (he cheated on me, never really acknowledged me as his gf, used me for my skills and was completely disinterested when I accidentally became pregnant and decided to have an abortion). I hit the absolute bottom, but somehow I managed to find some strength and left him one year ago - I've been slowly healing and feeling better every day.
Something about me: I've always been a huge people pleaser and never really wanted to show people the damaged, sad side of me. I can feel that people around me truly enjoy my company, I am kind, I think I'm funny and I generally love to make people's days brighter. It's my way how to try to fit in.
My friend (38M), let's call him Jack: when we first met, we connected over both of us having horrible loveless childhoods, having body issues, and feeling like we never should have been born. He was there for me when I was struggling with university, when I was going through my abusive relationship (when I had to have the abortion, he was the one to drive me to the clinic, waiting with me and picking me up afterward). I was there for him when a girl he liked rejected him, when he was feeling lonely, when he wanted to just jump in the car and drive somewhere to clear his head.
5 years into our friendship, he offered me to work for him. He told me he thinks I'm much smarter than I think and that I would be a great addition to his company (it's a very niche industry). I accepted and it changed my life so much. I'm really happy where I work, I love my colleagues, I love traveling for work... I would have never imagined I could be this satisfied in my life. Our work requires a lot of traveling all over the world and it's always the boss traveling with one of the employees. 90% of the time it was me because I am very undemanding, I am used to all aspects of traveling... My colleagues never really liked it because they didn't know what to do with their free time after being finished with work stuff. During these work trips, we've had so much fun together. We love tasting local food, we love sitting at a bar and talk to strangers about their lives, we love hiking in the nature... Since we had been best friends before I started working for him, it never felt weird because we were very professional regarding the work stuff and then we did some fun friends stuff. Those were the happiest moments of my life.
Last month, my friend wanted to have a talk with me. He told me that he can't be lying to himself anymore and that he's been in love with me ever since he met me. He told me he thinks I am the most wonderful person he's met, that I am beautiful, smart, funny, kind and he always sees how other people in the room react to me and it makes him proud and happy. He said I'm the only one who he can imagine growing old with.
The thing is, I've never seen him as a sexual partner. I've never been attracted to him and never made any move that would make him think I want to be more than just friends. I've also always known that he never wants to have children and I do.
I told him that in a way, I love him. He's my best friend, the closest person in my life... We've been there for each other so many times. I told him I can imagine a relationship where we are together but don't have sex - we could get it elsewhere. He refused that. To me, it sounds like he wants all or nothing. He asked me if I'd be willing to at least try it for a couple of months, but I really can't have sex with him. My mind and soul is very attracted to him (he's very smart and caring), but my body cannot be with him in any sexual way.
I told him that and I don't know what to do now. Right now, it seems that he decided to completely throw me out of his life (which I understand, he said he needs some time to get over this and he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to). But I still want to be there for him as a friend, I care about him a lot. I know he is lonely and I am lonely too. I don't know what's gonna happen.
What do you guys think? Have you ever been in a similar situation?
Tl:Dr: My best friend is in love with me and I rejected him. I don't know what to do next.
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2020.09.28 19:57 queen-of-bacon My (29F) life has changed over night when my best friend (38M) of 9 years told me I'm the love of his life. I rejected him and now I'm so scared of how we will be able to continue with our lives...

English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes/bad grammar. I am in Europe.
After giving it a lot of thoughts, I've decided to turn to kind strangers on Reddit and hopefully get some advice. I'm feeling lost and extremely sad.
The characters in this store are: Me (29F): I had a horrible abusive childhood and was severely bullied at school for the way I looked and for being a smart kid who didn't do any drugs/parties/smoking at the bus stop. Somehow I was able to survive, but for the past 6 years, I've been in therapy for everything that has ever happened to me. I was a very promising student at the university and was seriously contemplating pursuing a PhD, but I was sexually attacked by a teacher and eventually dropped out, completely disappointed in the system. This academic career that I lost was my dream ever since I was a little girl and I didn't know what to do next. That's when my best friend (the one this story is about) offered me to work for him. He owns a small (3 employees) but very successful company and he literally saved my life. I am still working for him and I couldn't be happier with the job. We travel a lot for work and I absolutely love the work environment - we all are friends and can always rely on each other.
Relationship-wise, I was lucky and met people throughout my life who loved me for my mind and my soul (even though I eventually really improved my looks and people have constantly been telling me I'm very beautiful), deep inside of me is still the bullied little girl so it helped my confidence tremendously to be in loving relationships. Until I met my last boyfriend of 5 years who was an abusive narcissist and being with him broke me in many ways (he cheated on me, never really acknowledged me as his gf, used me for my skills and was completely disinterested when I accidentally became pregnant and decided to have an abortion). I hit the absolute bottom, but somehow I managed to find some strength and left him one year ago - I've been slowly healing and feeling better every day.
Something about me: I've always been a huge people pleaser and never really wanted to show people the damaged, sad side of me. I can feel that people around me truly enjoy my company, I am kind, I think I'm funny and I generally love to make people's days brighter. It's my way how to try to fit in.
My friend (38M), let's call him Jack: when we first met, we connected over both of us having horrible loveless childhoods, having body issues, and feeling like we never should have been born. He was there for me when I was struggling with university, when I was going through my abusive relationship (when I had to have the abortion, he was the one to drive me to the clinic, waiting with me and picking me up afterward). I was there for him when a girl he liked rejected him, when he was feeling lonely, when he wanted to just jump in the car and drive somewhere to clear his head.
5 years into our friendship, he offered me to work for him. He told me he thinks I'm much smarter than I think and that I would be a great addition to his company (it's a very niche industry). I accepted and it changed my life so much. I'm really happy where I work, I love my colleagues, I love traveling for work... I would have never imagined I could be this satisfied in my life. Our work requires a lot of traveling all over the world and it's always the boss traveling with one of the employees. 90% of the time it was me because I am very undemanding, I am used to all aspects of traveling... My colleagues never really liked it because they didn't know what to do with their free time after being finished with work stuff. During these work trips, we've had so much fun together. We love tasting local food, we love sitting at a bar and talk to strangers about their lives, we love hiking in the nature... Since we had been best friends before I started working for him, it never felt weird because we were very professional regarding the work stuff and then we did some fun friends stuff. Those were the happiest moments of my life.
Last month, my friend wanted to have a talk with me. He told me that he can't be lying to himself anymore and that he's been in love with me ever since he met me. He told me he thinks I am the most wonderful person he's met, that I am beautiful, smart, funny, kind and he always sees how other people in the room react to me and it makes him proud and happy. He said I'm the only one who he can imagine growing old with.
The thing is, I've never seen him as a sexual partner. I've never been attracted to him and never made any move that would make him think I want to be more than just friends. I've also always known that he never wants to have children and I do.
I told him that in a way, I love him. He's my best friend, the closest person in my life... We've been there for each other so many times. I told him I can imagine a relationship where we are together but don't have sex - we could get it elsewhere. He refused that. To me, it sounds like he wants all or nothing. He asked me if I'd be willing to at least try it for a couple of months, but I really can't have sex with him. My mind and soul is very attracted to him (he's very smart and caring), but my body cannot be with him in any sexual way.
I told him that and I don't know what to do now. Right now, it seems that he decided to completely throw me out of his life (which I understand, he said he needs some time to get over this and he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to). But I still want to be there for him as a friend, I care about him a lot. I know he is lonely and I am lonely too. I don't know what's gonna happen.
What do you guys think? Have you ever been in a similar situation?
Tl:Dr: My best friend is in love with me and I rejected him. I don't know what to do next.
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2020.09.28 19:53 Jediknighthoe [SF] The Consular

I We all gotta start somewhere...

In the year 2022, the police force as we knew it was abolished. Departments no longer had standard beat cops. Instead, detectives were stuck with violent crimes while we were left with the rest.
My name is Tom Halstead; and I’m a Civic Consular.
The night in question--June 27th, 2034. Began like many of my nights in the quiet, upper middle class town of Rose Haven, Texas. It was like a lot of suburban towns in North Texas. With a mixture of one and two story brick houses curved throughout the town like a maze.
That was just the surface though. Deep in the innards of this seemingly innocuous town, near where the lake resides, there was an entire network of extravagant mansions quietly tucked away. Isolated from the rest of the town by thick wrought iron gates and a thick mess of trees. As if they were trying to hide their wealth from the less fortunate residents.
This is where most of my calls came from. More often than not, they were just simple altercations that I wouldn’t have to call a detective for. Domestic disputes, house parties, that sort of thing.
The alert on my phone was for the latter. That was how it was all done now. People would file a complaint through the Consular app and it would go to the nearest one of us available. Which oftentimes meant calls got passed around to whoever wanted to deal with it at the time.
Luckily, for a town like Rose Haven that wasn’t a big deal. Other cities weren’t as privileged though. And they had suffered far worse fates.
The address that appeared as a banner on my screen was a familiar one: Noise Complaint - 8256 Rosemary Dr. That was the Johnson family house. The father, Mark was a stern but kind middle-aged executive type--like many other homeowners that sat behind the coded walls. His wife, Stacey was a lawyer for a large consulting firm.
Nearly needless to say, their jobs required them both to travel quite often. Leaving their son, Jackson alone in a ten thousand square foot, three story house all by himself. At just seventeen years old.
So, like any kid he threw a lot of parties. Which pissed off his uptight neighbors who would inevitably put in a complaint through the app. Most Consular’s let those go. And I would have too. But, I was always worried that they’d get some pissed off, overworked detective to come in and make a bad call.
I figure it’s better for me to be slightly inconvenienced rather than some kid get shot.
Besides, Jackson wasn’t a bad kid. He was just trying to have a good time while he still could. And I really couldn’t blame him either. When I was his age, my friends and I were doing the exact same shit. Likely worse if I’m being completely transparent.
My car pulled up to the address with a ding that startled me. I’d stopped paying attention as soon as I’d put the car into auto-pilot. Stupid I know. But I was lost in my head thinking about how similar my job now was to the very thing I hated when I was growing up.
Except with one major difference. Instead of me showing up to a bunch of screaming teens running for their lives--all of the kids just kind of moseyed on out of the large limestone structure and called their insta-cars. All I had to do, was to make sure no one was sick/injured. And of course, make sure no one was driving home unless they passed a breathalyzer.
More often than not, Jack would come and talk to me while everyone was waiting for their rides. He was a smart kid--well mannered and pretty funny too. He knew how to balance familiarity with respect. Not something a lot of kids his age could do. Hell, not many adults knew how to do either!
Anyway. Tonight he didn’t. Which was my first inclination that something was awry.
The other kids were pouring out from the multiple orifices of the house. All of them with fear plastered across their faces. It was a sea of drugged out, fear stricken teens.
I made my way past them. Through the white and swirly gray marble tile entryway. Engulfed by an enormous cast iron imperial double stairs.
“Jack...you alright?” I called out. Hoping to send a calm ripple throughout the gloomy white walls as I made my way up the stairs.
It was useless though.
I found Jack in the theatre room. Huddled over a pale faced girl. She had healthy, medium length, jet black hair. With bangs cut just above the brow. Wearing a green and brown flannel, with a mustard yellow crop top under it--covered in blood.
Next to her, Jack was shaking with his legs tucked into his chest. He was sobbing manically. Rocking back and forth saying, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Christy.” Over and over.

II The Interview

Interrogations weren’t like they were on TV anymore. No longer were you stuck in a drab, monochromatic room. With two detectives trying to coerce you into a potentially false confession. Instead, you were brought into a therapist’s office. Here, the detainee was interviewed by a psychologist and the detective or consular who arrived on scene.
Which in this case was me.
Jack was scared shitless. Couldn’t say I blamed him. He was old enough to be tried as an adult in Texas. Which meant the death penalty was a strong possibility.
The psychologist who was brought in for the interview wasn’t one I had met before. I didn’t mark it as odd then. But I should have. Rose Haven hadn’t had a murder of the second degree in nearly two decades though. We didn’t exactly have anyone on call who had the experience to handle a case like this. It made sense that we’d have to outsource.
That’s where Dr. Robert Faust came in. He was older. Probably in his late 60’s or early 70’s. He dressed like he was still 35 though. Wearing a gray cardigan, a navy blue button up, and brown pants over tan boots. And his eyes had nothing inside them.
The only other time I remembered seeing someone with eyes like that was back in Syria.
One of our higher ups had made a deal with a local warlord who was trying to consolidate power. I was put on guard duty for him just once. He never said anything, he never did anything to me. We barely even made eye contact. But when we did, I saw that his eyes were vacant holes where the devil laid.
Two weeks after my post, he massacred a dozen villages.
I moved that to the back of my mind and remembered why I was here.
Jack sat on the couch in black joggers, red Air Force Ones, and a yellow t-shirt with a red outlined smiley face. His legs were shaking vigorously, elbows resting on his thighs. While his hands ran through his long brown, curly hair.
“Are you ready to start Jack?” Dr. Faust said distantly. If he was at all concerned with either the fate of Jack, or the girl who died...he didn’t show a lick of it.
That seemed odd to me. Most therapists I’d worked with, although professional, there was not hiding the flicker of horror of the task that laid before them.
Dr. Robert Faust did not show any of those signs. In fact, his eyes dilated as if he was getting a rush from it.
“I...I don’t know...I...I…” Jack said. Manically rocking back and forth on the deep inset brown leather couch.
“It’s alright Jack. Just tell us what happened.” I said. Stupidly thinking that my voice would bring some level of comfort.
It stirred something in Jack though. He stopped rocking. Falling to his side, he wrapped his arms around his legs and laid in the fetal position on the couch.
“I was in the clouds. Then the sky fell. And I was floating through space as the walls of time began folding around me.” He paused, for a moment.
Then he continued on. His face still frozen as if he’d seen a ghost. “God was waiting for me on the other side. He was smiling at me, then he said, ‘her blood is on your hands now.’”
Dr. Faust and I were standing outside the dialogue room before either of us spoke.
“Well, I’d say this was a relatively open and shut case. Wouldn’t you agree, Consular?”
I shot him an agitated/questioning glance. “What the fuck do you mean open and shut?”
His brow furrowed, and his eyes narrowed like a predator preparing strike. “What I mean, Consular Halstead, is that it is clear to me--that Mr. Johnson murdered his classmate while on hallucinogenic drugs. And that he needs to move to a secure location for help. Immediately.
I was shocked to say the least. All of the evidence was still circumstantial. DNA had come back inconclusive. Jack’s were there for sure. But so were a hundred others. Trying to parse through who had actually done it would be damn near impossible from a forensic standpoint.
I relayed to Dr. Faust as much. He just stood there as if my words hadn’t even grazed his consciousness.
They must have though, because he replied, “Mr. Halstead. It is not your job to tell me how to do mine.”
He walked off then. Leaving me alone in the empty hallway.
Mark and Stacey Johnson were in the lobby waiting when I came out. I knew they would be. But still, I was ill prepared.
“Tom! What the hell is going on!?” Stacey Johnson barked.
She was wild eyed. Like she hadn’t slept in days. Poor thing.
“They’re moving him to a high risk psych ward.”
“Fuck.” Was all Mark Johnson said.
His face betrayed it all though. Fear, shame, regret, and...guilt? I noted that. At the time though, I just thought it was the look of a rich guy unable to accept that this was happening to him.
But I was wrong.
The next few weeks saw everything slipping back into normalcy. July passed, and then August came and nearly went. School was starting. And all through the town things had become ghostly calm.
The news of Christy Poole’s death had spread through not only the town--but the nation as well. For nearly a week straight; stories warning about drugs being the root of all evil dominated the nations headlines.
They died out just as quickly they came though. But not before media talking heads picked the story apart for everything it was worth. Tossing the vagrant carcass of the story aside like vultures after a hearty feast when they were finished.
Things were more quiet in Rose Haven than they’d ever been before. A strict curfew was put in place. But even if it hadn’t, any parent who gave a shit wasn’t letting their kid out of their sight.
Then finally in mid-September--I got a call from Stacey Johnson.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Hey...Tom? It’s Stacey...sorry to call you out of the blue.”
“It’s alright.” I said half lying.
Things hadn’t been the same for me since Jack went away. Something that I had been trying to avoid. I tried chalking it up to work, Syria...my family. Sure, those were factors in the sinking feeling I’d had in my stomach the last couple months. But Jack was like the hidden mass of an iceberg sitting on my chest.
“It’s just...Jack’s birthday is coming up, and none of his friends talk to him anymore...and well...I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called.” She began to sob.
“Hey, Stacey--please. It’s fine. I’d love to visit Jack.”
“Oh, thank you Tom! They sent him to McAllen Ranch.”

III Thy Kingdom Come

McAllen Rehabilitation Ranch, was a 20 acre plot of farmland ten miles west of Rose Haven. With four structures. One was a barn far off to the left from the rest of the structures. Which I got why as I got out of my car. My feet met the gravel parking lot, the smell of manure saturating my nostrils.
The other three were placed in a gapped triangle. Centered around a courtyard with a fountain smack dab in the middle of it.
I found the place oppressively serene as I walked from the parking lot up to the three perpendicular structures. The first thing my eye was drawn to was the base of the triangle--which was a chapel.
I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at that. Religion and rehab never sat right with me. Maybe because I looked at it as replacing one piece of bad code with another. Or, maybe it was because I grew up with it shoved so far down my throat that I couldn’t help but spit it back up like that whale did to Jonah.
To me. It seemed like the universe was a cold dead place where the only meaning was to make your own.
“I guess that’s a hard pill to swallow.” I said looking at the two tone brown stone rectangular structures that made up the sides of the triage of buildings.
“I’m sorry?” A cool feminine voice said from behind my back. Making me jump ten feet in the air.
I recovered (just barely) to see someone I wasn’t expecting.
“Candice?” I said in stark surprise. She just smiled in return. Her brown hair bristling against the warm pre-fall Texas air.
Candice Thompson and I had gone to high school together. We were never close friends or anything. More like casual acquaintances. Throughout the years we’d kept somewhat in touch through social media and stuff though. And occasionally we’d run into each other at parties.
We’d mostly just do some soft flirting though. Never really got to talking about work. It was one of those things where we were always interested in each other. It was just never the right time I guess. But I was questioning why that was now as we made our way from the courtyard and into what appeared to be the main structure.
“Yeah...it’s a pretty nice place we have here. The doctors here are some of the best in the country.” Candice said, as we walked past the entrance lobby and into the barracks.
A woman at the front desk shot us a questioning glance. But Candice just kept smiling and waved us through like it wasn’t a big deal.
The woman’s face gave me pause though.
Legally speaking I was allowed to be there, as long as I didn’t actively try to doxx one of the therapists. Which when I was a kid, meant that you posted someone’s phone number or address online. Now, it meant revealing the identity of any employee of the state.
Which I technically wasn’t by the way. According to the government I was a private contractor.
Candice and I spent the rest of the walk toward the patient lounge area catching up. There was lots of smiling and laughing.
But that all got sucked away when I saw Jack. To another observer I don’t know if they would have thought that anything was strange. In fact, they would have thought that I was crazy for thinking it was.
Jack sat at the table reading the COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, which probably seems like no big deal. But, it was my favorite book from when I was a kid. Not that Jack knew that, no one knew that. And I know, it’s a fairly popular book. Why would it be weird that he read it?
Honestly I never could truly come up with a valid rebuttal to that. Still though, something about the situation gave me the immense sense that someone was watching me.
And not just watching me. It was like they scoured my past and found something that was just close enough to home that only I would notice it.
“Hi, Jack.” I said. Trying my best to shove down my suspicions and give him a genuine smile.
It must have worked to some degree because he returned one in kind. Although, his was far more believable than mine.
“Happy Birthday.” I said awkwardly shoving the oblong square package in his lap.
“Thanks Tom! But, seriously. You didn’t have to get me anything.” Jack said in earnest.
I had to hand it to the kid. For his life being over he seemed to be in pretty good spirits. Granted, he was living in luxury compared to being stuck in federal prison.
“I know. But I wanted to.” I said, sliding down into the plastic chair, as well as something that somewhat resembles normalcy.
“How have you been doing?” I asked earnestly. Resting my forearms on the linoleum table.
Jack put the package down to his side before he responded. “I’ve been great! This place is amazing Tom! I feel...alive for the first time.”
Again, from the outside, I can see why this didn’t seem like a very alarming statement. But it was the way he said it that gave me pause. Something about it was so....religious.
“What do you mean, Jack?” I asked sitting back. Crossing my arms and scratching my scruff.
“No. I was lost, Tom. You saw me. I was just letting life slip by--while I lost myself trying to make a bunch of spoiled brats like me.”
I audibly gasped. Sure, I’d been to Jack’s house a lot...and a lot of the time he was intoxicated sure. But that didn’t mean that he was living a vacant life. Or at least that’s how it looked from the outside.
Was it possible that it was all a ploy to hide the pain inside? It would make sense. He fit the bill of your standard affluent teenager hiding his pain in parties and drugs.
But that just didn’t seem right. How would a kid who was secretly suffering inside be so sure of himself. Even intoxicated, he was still kind and charming. And personally, as a man who has always had a bent towards self-loathing. I just didn’t see how this kid was suffering the same.
Unless someone told him that he was. That thought continued echoing in my mind as I made my way back out into the courtyard--staring at the slanted chapel at the other end of it.
“Hey, Tom! Wait up!” I heard Candice call out behind me.
I turned to see her right standing there slightly short of breath. She was smiling though, her skin glistening in the glow of the setting sun.
“I just wanted to see if you wanted to grab a drink sometime.”
I grinned like an idiot and replied back, “Of course.”
Two days later, she and I were sitting in a small cafe as a storm raged outside the window. As per usual we were getting along great. We’d always had a fair amount of overlapping interests. It wasn’t a one to one match on everything of course. But we were enough in the same ballpark that we were able to keep each other interested.
It was all going great until we started talking about her work.
“...I’m just really proud of the work we’re doing there. Dr. Faust is really doing something amazing with those ki…”
A shiver went up my spine as her words sank in. I tried to hide the shock from my eyes. But clearly I failed at that.
“Shit.” Were the last words I heard her say before it all went dark.
I entered the slanted chapel on the McAllen Ranch. At first, I thought I was floating in the cathedral. Hovering above my corporeal form, as it in turn hovered above the pews tied to a cross. But as I became more aware of my outstretched limbs, I saw what was going on.
Dr. Faust was standing before me, along with Candice, Jack, and two other kids I vaguely recognized from Jack’s various parties.
“I thought I’d made myself perfectly clear at the clinic, Consular.” Faust said. His voice sounded like an underwater eruption, and his eyes were burning with the embers of hell.
“Never been good at reading signals...but I’m guessing Candice told you that.” I said rather calmly, considering that the walls and ceiling were breathing.
No doubt they’d given me a large dose of LSD, or something like it. It was the only way to explain the rainbow colored particles swirling around me in geometric patterns. A phenomena I had become well too acquainted with during my touring years.
“I did not need her to tell me anything. I know all about you, Thomas Halstead. Do you think that you can just run off and fight for a foreign army without us knowing everything about you?”
“So who do you work for? CIA, NSA, FBI?”
“That is none of your concern.”
“It will be when you have to answer for the murder of Christine Poole.”
“We didn’t have a choice! That little brat was about to expose our entire operation to a high school newspaper! Do you have any idea what that could have done!?”
“Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night?”
“I sleep just fine. Knowing that the lives of millions will be able to live free from the work I’m doing.”
“I think you and I might have different definitions of what that word means.”
“I do not care what you and your comrades believe! Freedom is safety! Freedom is security! And every attack brings us closer to-”
Lighting struck the chapel. Although I didn’t know that until sometime later. All I saw was what I thought was an explosion blast from the right side of the chapel. Jack, Candice, Faust, and the two others all scrambled to hit the floor. While I was blasted more than two dozen feet back into the baptism tub.
Fortunately, it wasn’t made out of glass. Rather unfortunately, it was still made out of hard granite. The left side of my body hit the rim in a bone crushing crack. Almost instantly there was a searing pain pulsing from my rib cage, as I laid there in the shallow pool.
I came out of the water croaking for breath that felt like it was stabbing my lungs. I quickly realized though that I was doing far better than the others.
Jack laid there unconscious, caught under a smoldering wooden beam. The two kids from Jack’s parties were several feet away. They were locked together, impaled by the beam that was crushing Jack. And under one of the pews Candice was screaming out desperately for help.
And of course, Dr. Faust was nowhere to be found.
I crawled out of the tub as quickly as my mangled body would allow. Making my way over to the smoldering, ashen beam.
Smoke was rapidly filling the chapel. Making it harder and harder to see as I staggered towards the beam. Before I even bothered to try lifting it, I knew that I probably couldn’t have lifted it even in my best shape. In my current state, I was fucked.
God must have decided to give me one more favor though. The cross that I had been hanging from was currently laying only a few feet away. It was more than six feet long, and well over ten inches wide. And scolding hot as my hand hovered above it’s aluminium frame.
The place was almost completely engulfed in flames now. The smoking funneling into my already stinging lungs. I ripped off my outer shirt, wrapped it around the cross, and stuck the long end under the beam.
Beginning the all too long, and painful process of pushing down with the head of the cross with more than everything I had left in me. My ribs screamed with the exertion, and my mouth followed. For all that effort, I managed to lift the beam a solid five or six inches...but it was enough.
I moved a piece of shrapnel from the chapel in place to hold up the beam. Fortunately it held as I wiggled Jack free from its crushing weight.
Now all we had to do was get out.
The stage (where we were standing) sat on the opposite side of the entrance. Which meant that I would have had to drag Jack around the entirety of the burning building to maneuver around the debris. Or, we had to find the emergency exit.
Either way, the situation did not bode well.
Nonetheless, I dragged Jack’s lumbering mass across the floor--just as a portion of the roof decided to cave in not six feet from where I stood.
It was then I noticed that I couldn’t breathe. And the heat had become nigh unbearable. Or had it always been? And the only reason I was noticing now was because the adrenaline was beginning to wear off. Neither option reverberated pleasantly inside of my brain.
Another burst of energy erupted at the base of my neck. Sending my heart thumping in my throat. The piercing pain in my ribs moved to just a dull soreness.
Throwing Jack on my back, I chose a direction and began trotting awkwardly forward. Unfortunately, my extra burst of energy did not allow me to defy gravity.
However, I did get another bout of fortune. Hovering there in the smoke like the north star lighting the way was an exit sign.
Jake and I burst through the door, coughing into the musty summer night. The pair of us falling to the ground before the door slammed shut behind us.
As I was laying there, sprawled out on the concrete ground. An orange hued halo of warmth dancing over my head--I realized that I was still tripping balls. Fractal colors swam in a pool of particles flowing in and out of everything.
That was when the devil came.
Well, it was Dr. Faust. But really between his eyes glowing with the fires of hell, his skin was red as blood, and above his head was a crown of flames--there really didn’t seem like much of a difference to me.
“You just couldn’t leave it alone.” He said, in a two tone voice of liquid fire.”
“Guess not.” I replied.
Fear wasn’t quite the right word to describe the sensation that was rushing through me in that moment. His current form was actually rather dull compared to some of the other shit I’d seen on acid. Not to mention I’d face death more times than I could count in Syria.
But still, there was sorrow over the fact that I’d not live to see the morrow.
Regret began creeping in then. I thought of my mom, my sisters...my dad. I hadn’t talked to them in over six years. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but mine. I preferred the solitude, and my family just never wanted to push it. So over the years we all just fell out of touch.
Now, If I died here. I’d never get to say goodbye. I’d never get to tell them how much I really missed them. And how I wished I hadn’t been such a selfish prick all those years. And how sorry I was that it took me seeing the devil himself to make me appreciate them.
“You know, you’re quite lucky.” The Devil Faust said. His bloody lips coiling into a disgustingly snakey smile.
“I was given orders from on high.” Were the last words I heard him say before the lights went out.
My eyes opened to the sterile whiteness of a hospital room. Wooden features sprinkled it, a wooden door leading to a bathroom, and a my height cabinet. Next to that was a love seat--where my sister Margot was curled up fast asleep.
It had been two years since we’d last seen each other. Again, for no other reason than I just never reached out...and neither did she. At one time we were the closest of the four siblings. Well as close as I could be with anyone anyway.
My eyes began to well up as I stared at her restful slumber. I moved my hand to wipe the moisture build up. But I ended up poking myself in the eye with the bulky bandaging.
“Ow. Shit!” I piped out.
Margot stirred, grinning. “Welcome back to the land of the living, hero.”
“Thanks,” Was all I could muster as the tears began swelling up again.
I was hoping that I could push the emotions back down--but it was all for not. Margot came over then, holding me as I sobbed into her arms.
Eventually, I was able to reconstitute. Margot pulled back, still sitting beside me on the bed.
“I’m so glad you’re okay.” She said solemnly, wiping the tears from her own eyes. “It got really scary for a second there.”
“Sorry. For everything.” I said, still shaky.
She smiled in return. “You don’t have to apologize. We all knew you’d come around eventually. We just didn’t think it would take you nearly getting killed half a dozen times before you did!”
“So, mom and dad know I’m okay?”
“Of course! Everyone knows now. And they all can’t wait for their hero to come home.”
I knew she was being sincere, but still her words stung. I hadn’t saved anyone it didn’t feel like. Especially with Faust still out there.
“Did that kid--Jacob. Did he make it?”
“Yep! His parents are down the hall with him actually. They’re so sweet. They’ve been coming to check up on you every couple of hours. Stacey keeps shoving food down our throats. Honestly, thank God you woke up when you did! I was about to explode if I had to eat anymore ‘comfort’ food.”
An hour later. Stacey Johnson arrived with more food. To which Margot responded by excusing herself to go let everyone else know I was awake. I was more than happy to take her portions though. I was famished.
Besides, there were still some things I wanted to go over with Stacey.
I scarfed down the food awkwardly, while Stacey sat quietly on the couch Margot had just slept on until I finished. I noted how the energy shift in the room seemed to change my perception of the room aesthetically. When Margot had been in here it had felt like home. Now, the room felt more like an old school interrogation.
“How long?” I asked flatly. Assuming she knew what I meant by that.
“Six or seven years. Faust was working with a new form of MDMA mixed with Ketamine used for therapies. Mark’s ‘company’ was outsourced to oversee the project.” She said rather plainly and surgically.
That part still haunts me. But, I just nodded my head. “What’s going to happen to Faust?”
“He’ll be dealt with.”
“Guessing it’s above my pay grade to find out how.”
Stacey smirked at that. “Let me assure you that he will be dealt with in just as barbaric a fashion that he himself is all too familiar with.”
The way she said it (accompanied by the smirk) sent a chill down my spine. There was pure, stinging venom behind her words that were all too tangible. And not at all close to the desperate woman who called me only a few weeks ago.
“...And what about me?” I couldn’t help but ask. I had just discovered a new found beauty in life. But was it all going to be cut short?
“You are going to sign a hefty NDA, and be given considerable compensation for your assistance with the project. Then you will quietly disappear.”
She was half right.
I never saw the Johnson’s again after that. I didn’t see a whole lot of people from Rose Haven anymore in fact. I went nomadic for a little while. Spent some time in Bali, Afghanistan, Syria again. Never really settled down though. I didn’t need to anymore.
No matter where I was, I knew that home was always waiting for me.
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2020.09.28 19:42 ThrowRaGfslptwbff-bf Girlfriend (20) slept with her best friends(20) boyfriend(22) a year ago.

 Now, everything unfolded last night. I want to start off with the fact that Two nights ago, my girlfriend told me a secret of hers with trust, and in guessing she figured I would have been much more understanding about it but instead I flipped. 
The secret was that she had slept with her best friend of five years boyfriend a year ago. Now i’ve been dating this girl for 6 months, and to be honest I was grossed out and Felt disgusted by it I told her she was disgusting and it was such a shitty thing to do to someone that trust you so much. Her and her best friend really don’t talk much anymore, my girlfriend would tell me that they just parted ways and lived their own lives now and haven’t talked much in these last two months.
So I was filled with emotions and reacted what i can say was not the best reaction I should have given her. After she told me what she had done I asked her for the guys number and I texted him that i knew about the whole situation, and he begged for me to not open my mouth and to keep it between us. He also mentioned how he was changing and how he loved her now and that he wants to work on his family more than ever. p.s.( I forgot to mention that the bff and the bf have a baby together). Well i talked with him and gave him my fair share since I in now way have respect for cheaters and people that do this in general including what my gf did. So i asked my gf for the details, and she had told me it was just once and they regretted it ever since and that was that, But she then later told me that day that she did indeed not tell me the whole truth and the he would come to her house, two other occasions and she had given him head. I was so upset because, HOW can someone do this not once, but three times at three different occasions. At this point I was so mad and i called the guy, and told him i was pissed off and He was willing to tell me everything as long as I didn’t tell his girlfriend about it. Well, to be honest guys It was not my place to do so and I was not planning on telling her since I would have felt bad breaking the family up. But, when he asked me to not tell her I told him i could make no promises about that and hung up on him. Now, I don’t know how I wanted him to react like I said i was filled with i guess pettiness and anger when i said those things. 30 minutes later I get a text from both him and my gf, saying that the bff knows. I didn’t believe it, until i got a call from her and she then started to talk shit about my gf and how she has no morals and its evil to do that to someone especially a bestfriend of 5 years who did almost everything together, family trips etc... 
Now, my question is, what should I do with my gf? It has only been 6 months of us dating, and I had no clue she would ever be capable of doing this. Would she not trust me to tell me anything in the future? Will she not have respect for our relationship as well? Can i trust her anymore? Is it worth salvaging?
We are going to talk today after she gets out of work so I will give you guys an update.
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2020.09.28 19:40 Lillian_Madwhip Lily Madwhip and the Other Knife That Cuts the Veil Part 7

I only have vague memories of March. I mean, I remember that I looked at a calendar at some point and it said “March” in big, bold letters so I’m sure I was there, but I don’t really have much memory of the things I did then. Most days just blend into each other. Wake up, eat whatever is for breakfast. Preferably nothing with eggs in it. Except cake. Cake is acceptable egg-based food. But you don’t usually get that for breakfast. Unless it’s your birthday. My birthday is in August, so I definitely wasn’t eating cake for breakfast in March.
What else? There was school. Middle school. At least I think there was. I definitely sat in a chair with other kids and tried to shrink down into the floor. Sometimes I had to pick eraser shavings out of my hair thanks to the person behind me. I remember that. But maybe that was April. Or January. Really it was all the time, so it was probably March too. What was his name? Tommy? No. Jake? I don’t remember that. Oh well. He was a jerk, whatever his name was.
And then there was all the time I spent reading. Mostly books on witchcraft and demonology. I got them from Winslow Library. Most of them were garbage. I thought witchcraft books would be about spells and broomsticks, but they’re all about communicating with trees and animals. I don’t really care about those things. I mean, I care about animals, but I want to pet them, not try to go on spirit walks with them.
I couldn’t find a single book with a summoning spell, just a little information on seances. A seance is like a party where people hold hands and try to talk to ghosts. I can tell you, they’re baloney.
Ghosts don’t show up when you call or walk around the place like living people. Most of them lie in their graves inside their bodies waiting for some special day when an angel comes to take them. Sometimes they get recruited by supernatural people like Hekate who lived in the Veil to drive you around but that’s only if you’re me. But if you’re not me and you’re trying to talk to your Uncle Mark who died of a heart attack twenty years ago, you’re not going to get ahold of him. The psychic is just pretending to summon him so you’ll pay them for the warm feeling it gives you. Maybe I should write a book on ghosts. Lily Madwhip’s Book on Ghostology.
Demons on the other hand... they can be summoned. Most books on demons just talk about them like they hang around the same as ghosts and make people do bad things. Paschar has told me though that demons work in the pit. That’s what he calls Hell. He doesn’t call it Hell, he calls it “the pit”. I guess because it’s... it’s a pit. Demons are servants, they do what they’re told, but they also got minds of their own. So when they aren’t turning people into weeping trees and tearing the bark off them or stepping on the heads of people who are buried up to their chins in boiling poop, demons like to get into mischief. If you can get one to come to you, they are actually supposed to be able to help “cut corners” when it comes to life and death and such. The only problem is it’s kinda frowned upon to make deals with them. At least that’s what the books say. Paschar wouldn’t talk much about demons before. He just said to leave them alone because they have jobs and it’d be like going to my mom’s office and constantly asking her for stuff when she was trying to execute people.
But see, that’s why I wanted to talk to one. I can’t bother my mom at work because my mom is dead. And my parents aren’t in their bodies laying in their graves like Roger. I don’t know why, but the angels took them. They let them visit me one last time while I was in the hospital, promised they’d get to come see me again, then never did. They’re gone somewhere, and I need to know where. That’s why I needed a demon. I’m not asking Paschar. He’s the reason my parents are dead. He and all the rest of them. They told me to tear the Veil when they could have fought Samael. Then I did and they went and fought him and abandoned me anyway. They dropped me on a beach, let those Crispy no-head monsters loose, and then told me to use Jophiel’s totem which killed everybody. And Paschar had to have known what would happen. He knows everything. Which means he let it happen.
“What are you doing?” asks Furfur.
Furfur happens to be one of those demons I was talking about. I guess I summoned him months ago? But he ended up in Ohio somewhere because I’m new to the whole summoning demons thing, and then had to hike his way to where I live, making deals with people along the way. He was working with David Clark to get to me. I don’t know what deal he made with David though. I suspect it has something to do with Paschar, since that’s all David seems to want to talk about.
“Earth to Lily... I said, what are you doing?”
“I’m thinking.”
“Well how about you think about getting up off the floor and let’s get on with this? I’ve been rather looking forward to bonding with you.”
“What do you mean bonding?” I keep lying on the floor. The tiles are nice and cool on my back. This is a small bathroom. And it smells like baby powder.
“That’s how this works,” Furfur says. Right now he’s a shadowy version of me sitting on the toilet. Not using the toilet, just sitting on it. I don’t think shadows have to pee. If they did, the world would be soaked. “We’re making a binding contract. I help you get what you want, and in return I get what I want.”
Furfur had been hiding in a stuffed bunny, kind of like I’ve got Meredith packed in a stuffed cat. I wonder what it is with stuffed animals that they’re so good at housing spirits. Maybe the stitching? Pillows have got stitching too. Can you trap a spirit in a pillow? I wouldn’t be able to sleep on a pillow like that. It’d probably keep punching me in the back of the head and waking me up. Or worse, it’d try to smother me.
I tilt my head back and look at Furfur upside down. I like to look at the world upside down sometimes. “What is it you want?”
“Me?” Furfur doesn’t have a face, but his voice sounds surprised. He may just be faking though. “Nobody’s ever asked before. They always just assumed I wanted their soul.”
“Do you want my soul?” He’s not getting that, but it can’t hurt to let him think he is. You just gotta be sure to say things very precise when making deals with demons. They stick to their words very carefully.
Furfur snorts. “Pfff! No. I’ve got too many souls I deal with in the pit as it is. And that’s the thing. I want a break. I don’t want to be down there anymore. You think because I was made for the pit that I enjoy it down there? Hell no! We were created with senses just like you and David. Why? Why give us the ability to touch, to taste, to hear, and then trap us in the darkness, as far from Heaven’s throne as possible?”
“I don’t know.”
“Somebody wanted us to know what we were missing. Twenty three years ago, five months and thirteen days, I ripped the tongue off a man who believes he should be punished for his lifetime of lying. Do you know what I tasted on it? Strawberries. I had torn the memory of them right off him. I’ve never tasted a strawberry before, but I knew instantly what it was.”
“Oh.” This is a very disturbing story. “So you want more strawberries.”
“I want to taste everything!” he claps his hands. “I want to taste ambrosia. I want to snort the honey right off a bee’s ass. I want to feel... the light.”
“How can I help you get those things?” I ask, sitting up.
“You’re going to do what you do best. You are the knife that cuts the Veil.”
Oh Lord, not this again.
“You can get me inside. Do you know what it’s like in there? It’s anything you can imagine.”
“The Veil’s not that great really.” I sigh and stand up. Furfur stands up too. We stand beside each other and look in the mirror. In the mirror I look like a shadow, but Furfur has my reflection. “It’s mostly doors and darkness.”
Furfur moves closer. My arm hairs prickle up like when I rub my feet on the carpet, just before touching something metal and electrocuting myself. My arm gets cold. I rub it with my other hand and feel goosebumps. In the mirror, our reflections overlap.
“Well then, once I have your power we can use it to find your parents, and then I’ll spend a few eternity among the doors and the darkness.”
Furfur steps fully inside me. My heart starts racing. It hurts my chest. I press the palm of my hand into it to try to slow the beating down but it does no good.
“Take your hand off,” my mouth says in my voice, “you’re not going to die.”
“It feels like I am.” I also say with my mouth. Okay, I’m talking to myself.
“Grab the rabbit.”
I pick up the old, mushy bunny. It’s soaked with David Clark’s blood. I squeeze it. Or rather, Furfur squeezes it. The blood leaks out and runs down my arm. Furfur lifts my arm up and licks it with my tongue. I can taste it on my tongue. Oh yuck. I hope he doesn’t have harpies or something.
“Mmmm,” Furfur says, then grins at me with my own mouth. “A little juice to get us going.”
“So now we go out and kill everybody?” I ask timidly.
I gasp. Or rather, Furfur gasps. I gotta get this right. It’s Furfur inside me. We’re both looking out through my eyes. I can feel him kinda in my brain like another voice talking over my thoughts. And then my mouth opens and those other thoughts spill out without me wanting them to. So in a way, I know what he’s going to say before he says it.
“Aren’t you morbid?” Furfur chuckles. “We can go out there and splatter everyone up the walls if that’s what amuses you.”
That is not what amuses me. I like Sunday morning newspaper comics like The Far Side. My favorite is this one where a bunch of big cats are eating and one starts talking about laughing so hard an antler came out its nose. I wonder, since I just tasted that blood-- since Furfur just tasted that blood-- if I laugh, could blood come out my nose?
I start walking out the door. Not willingly. It’s kind of like being dragged out by my mom. Like when she wanted to go clothes shopping at Sears and I just wanted to go catch frogs down by the river in the woods back behind our house. Nope, no frogs, gotta go try on a hundred different pairs of the same pants. Except in this case I may be about to go splatter a hundred different people up the same wall or something.
“Hold up,” I say. I try to turn around and smack into the door frame.
Furfur wheels me back around, and starts walking out into the hall.
“I changed my mind.” I squeak. I try to grab at door knob and reel myself back in, but my left hand slaps my right hand away.
“I didn’t.” Furfur forces me to smile.
We walk into the Donovans’ living room. David Clark is standing across the way with his mother. I can hear my heart beating so loudly I expect it to make the room shake. It’s a weird feeling, hurting someone in the heat of the moment. You don’t really have time to feel anything. But when you’re standing there across the room from them and they’re not threatening you with a hammer and you have time to think, the idea of hurting or even killing them turns your stomach into knots. Bunches of knots. I only know how to do one knot, and that’s the one where the rabbit comes out of the hole and around the tree. I don’t think you can do that with a stomach. You kinda have to have an end somewhere and stomachs don’t have ends, they got throats and guts.
“There she is,” David says, putting his hands on his hips like he’s not only forgiven me for punching him in the balls, he’s down for another round. “Look, I’m sorry it went down like this.”
He’s talking at me but I’m not really listening. I’m too busy picturing a box in my mind and trying to stuff Furfur down into it. Furfur doesn’t seem to even notice I’m stuffing him in the box. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you got someone else living in your brain? You mentally imagine a box or something and lock them away. It’s not working.
“I understand,” I say. Wait, what? What do I understand? No no, please repeat what you said. I wasn’t paying attention. I try to ask David to repeat himself, but it doesn’t come out of my mouth.
“So you’ve got Furfur now.”
No. He’s got me.
“Now we go to your place and get Paschar.”
Furfur chuckles. It’s creepy hearing it in my voice.
“Change of plan.”
He lifts my arm and clenches my hand into a fist. Suddenly I realize the heart I’m hearing beating isn’t my own. It’s the house. It’s Mrs. Donovan, whose remains start in the basement but have somehow spread all through the walls and floors and ceilings. She’s everywhere. Somehow, she’s become the house. I don’t understand what Furfur did to her, but she’s all around us. And just as quickly as I realize she’s there, she’s always been there, the walls start bleeding.
Everything around us turns red. It happens very quickly. It’s like someone unravelled Mrs. Donovan like a Christmas sweater you got from your drunk Uncle George that you never want to wear so you hide it by pulling it apart and then winding the thread up into a ball and poof... ugly sweater gone. Except now someone is reknitting the sweater that was Mrs. Donovan, but not into a sweater... and not into Mrs. Donovan either.
Furfur stitches her together. He’s done this sort of thing for eons. Or more. Decades? He’s done it all his life, tearing people apart and putting them back together. He knows how to turn a person inside out. And I can see how it’s done inside my head because he knows it and he’s inside my brain. I know now how simple it is to flick your wrist and split a person in half like chopping a warm block of cheese with a sharp knife. It’s awful. It’s so gross. I can see everything that makes Mrs. Donovan Mrs. Donovan and I can see what Furfur is twisting her into.
Two formless, pulpy masses. They swell up out of the blood and gore that’s running out of the walls. Have you ever watched a movie while you rewind the tape? Now imagine you’re rewinding a movie where someone was melting and then the puddle they melted into got slurped up by the room. That’s what this looks like. Like the walls are barfing up blood and flesh and it’s rewinding into two twisting, stretching, popping and snapping--
They blink open black, empty eyes.
“Bloodhounds,” Furfur says inside my head.
David’s mom screams and throws her hands up to her face. “My living room! Davey, they’ve ruined my living room!”
David isn’t listening. He’s staring at the dogs in shock. His sad fire eyes look full of panic. “Furfur!” he yells. I think he thinks Furfur is still in this sopping wet stuffed rabbit that seems to be glued to my shoulder. “What is this?”
“I’m giving you what you wanted,” Furfur says out of my mouth. He makes me whistle, which is actually pretty cool because I’ve never been able to whistle before. I always tried but just couldn’t do it. I’d just blow between my lips and look like a fool. “Okay, pooches-- sic her.”
The glistening, wet, bloody doggies curl their lips back into snarls. Everyone in the room stops moving. Nobody except Furfur knows what’s going on. Okay, Furfur and the dogs. The dogs that were Mrs. Donovan. They seem to know exactly who “her” is. And that’s apparently David’s mom, because they leap at her, spattering blood across the carpet that’s never coming out. Trust me, I know. One latches onto Mrs. Clark’s leg, right at the knee. I hear this nasty crunching sound as it clamps down and crushes her knee with its jaws.
Mrs. Clark’s face is just a blank slate with a round O of a mouth hanging open. You ever heard the term “eyes bugging out”? Well her eyes are bugging out. They look about to pop out of her skull and dangle on cords like a cartoon character. She screams this shrill, ear-bleeding wail, but then the second dog reaches her upper body and bites down on her neck. She disappears under both dogs with a flail of arms. Her scream quickly turns into that gurgling sound people make when they’re using mouthwash.
David grabs his hair and tears at it frantically. “Mother!” he shouts. His feet do a tippy tap dance that I personally reserve for when I’m really excited but I know other people use it when they’re panicking. “Mother!” he can actually get his voice really up there. It manages to drown out some of the tearing and ripping sounds the dogs are making.
Something else high-pitched squeaks. Furfur doesn’t notice it because he’s too busy smiling and watching the Mrs. Donovan dogs kill David’s mother. I notice though, and manage to make my right eye swivel just enough to see a small shadow moving behind the sofa. It hurts to make just one eye move though, so I stop. I know what the squeak was, but I can’t think about it or Furfur might know too.
“This is what you wanted, Dave.” Furfur chuckles.
David clutches his shirt with his fist like he’s trying to lift himself up off the floor. I can hear his heart going 88mph. He’s going to have a heart attack before he even finishes puberty. His breath is ragged and gasping. “How would you even know what I wanted?” he shouts at us. Behind him, one of the dogs snaps part of Mrs. Clark loudly with its jaws. He flinches at the sound.
Furfur peels the wet rabbit off my shoulder and tosses it on the floor at David’s feet. Then he makes me sweep my arms up and down my sides. “The deal was you bring me to Lily, and once we have her power we take revenge on the person who murdered your father.”
“I don’t have her power!” David huffs louder and louder. If he was a wolf, he’d be able to blow down even the house made out of bricks. “And my mother didn’t do it! You did! I mean she did!” he points angrily at me.
Furfur chuckles. “No, I have her power. And I never said Lily killed your father, I simply implied that her actions led to his death. Which is technically true, since if she hadn’t summoned me, I wouldn’t have come into contact with Jackson Talbot, the gentleman whose soul resided inside your mother’s body and who took your father’s life.”
“What?” David’s voice sounds lost. He looks ready to strap himself into a jacket with long sleeves and walk himself to Sunnydale. I’m so utterly confused I half consider doing it myself. I wish there was popcorn here in my brain so I could have something to munch on while watching all this.
“I wish I had some popcorn,” Furfur says, then shakes his head to drive my thoughts out. We both stumble back a moment. “No, sorry. Haha! Oh, it’s cramped in here.”
David looks back and forth between us and the two dogs growling and chomping on the remains of the lady we both thought was his mom.
“You don’t remember Mr. Talbot, do you, Dave?” Furfur rubs my chin with my hand. I wonder if he’s used to having a beard, because that’s something people with beards tend to do. My dad tried to grow a beard once but it only grew out in parts and he stopped when my mother joked about him looking like he got in a fight with a lawnmower.
“Mr. Talbot worked at a dealership you and your parents stopped in while car shopping months back. He and I had just become acquainted, and after seeing her that day, he told me how his one wish was to have your mother. But he only desired her for her body. He was a very small-minded man, thinking with his pitiful hormones. So I told him he’d have to find some way to get your father out of the way, but that I’d make sure he had your mother... or her body at least.”
One of the dogs burps. I shudder, thinking of being eaten by a dog. I wonder where my soul would end up if an animal ate me? When people rot away in their coffins, do their souls end up sharing bodies with worms and flies?
Furfur pinches my cheek and slaps me. It stings and makes my right eye well up with tears.
“Christ, this girl can’t focus for five seconds.” he says to David.
David grits his teeth. His whole body is trembling. “You promised me Paschar!”
Furfur points at him accusingly, then waggles his finger. “No I didn’t! I told you about the totems and Lily but I never promised you you’d get your hands on it. You simple child, you read too much into things.”
I see David’s fist. He’s trying to hide it at his side, but since I notice it, Furfur notices it too. I also realize he’s put one foot back to brace himself. “Ah ah.” Furfur says, but it’s too late. David lurches forward and brings his arms up to hit us.
Furfur flicks my wrist. Remember what I said earlier about a warm block of cheese? I wasn’t kidding. The fingers on David’s right hand sheer away as if they were glued on by a five-year old.
David never finishes the swing. His fist doesn’t really exist anymore since you need fingers to form a fist and his fingers just scattered across the carpet. He screams and falls to his knees, clutching his hand as blood starts running out of the stumps where his fingers used to be.
I feel like vomiting but my stomach is empty, so I just gag. Furfur doesn’t stop me from doing it, I think it amuses him. After the feeling goes away, he kneels next to David and puts my hand on his shoulder.
“Pick up your little digits and go,” he says, “there’s nothing left for you here.” He squeezes David’s shoulder. I can feel my fingers digging into the meat. I try to pull away, but Furfur grits my teeth and fights back. “If I ever see you again, I’ll make myself a third pooch.”
I try talking to Furfur inside my head. “You can’t let him go like this! We need to help him. Otherwise that’s how villains are made.”
I can feel him looking back at me, like my eyeballs have rolled around inside my sockets and are looking at me inside my own brain. “What’s wrong with a villain? Every story needs one.”
“I’ve already got like two or three villains in my life,” Wait, let me count. Felix? He counts as one, even though I think he hates Meredith more than me. And then of course there’s Lisa welch. And Samael. Hekate? She counts. Or should it be Ohno? I really have too many people who hate me. I guess now there’s David to add to the list.
David is sobbing and barely able to stand up. I watch him pick up one of his fingers. I want to help him pick them up, even if I can’t put them back on his hand. If he gets to a hospital fast enough, maybe he can get them sewn back on.
“Let this be a lesson,” Furfur says with a voice full of smirk, “Revenge is a terrible thing to wish for.”
I imagine him as Lisa Welch, grinning at me with her stupid perfect teeth. These two would probably love each other. Heck, they’d get married if that sort of thing was allowed. Lisa and Furfur up in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
He shakes the song out of my head, then makes me stand up and walk into the kitchen. We look around the room. There’s still blood on the floor from the Mrs. Donovan mushroom incident. There’s also bloody handprints on the refrigerator and the countertop. Sadly, it looks better than the living room at the moment.
“Cookie?” Furfur asks, picking one up off the floor.
“Those aren’t cookies, those are Fig Newtons,” I tell him. Why does nobody understand this?
Furfur moves the Fig Newton near my mouth, then drops it back on the floor. “They’re spiked anyway.”
“Yeah, I know.”
He entwines my fingers and cracks my knuckles. It hurts. “Well now, let’s get you home. I’ll bet the Lakes are worried about you. We mustn’t keep them waiting.”
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2020.09.28 19:35 Patrick_Grainheart Here's my review/summary of OREGAIRU

So, it all started with Yukino being bullied in middle school. She was probably bullied and casted aside because she was "too good" at everything she did and not everyone liked feeling inferior to her in ways way more than one. Haruno,as Yukino's older sister was really worried about her and wanted to help her in any way possible. She asked Hayama Hayato to help Yukino in this regard (Since their families were well associated with each other) but he decided not to do anything about it, thereby earning the hate of the woman he liked (Haruno).
Eventually, as a response to the events occurring around her, Yukino developed a personality (of an ice cold queen) that would prevent her from being hurt or getting affected by the actions of the ones around her any longer, essentially by closing off any vulnerabilities that might have been exposed earlier. Realising this, Haruno was both happy (for Yukino won't be getting hurt any longer) and sad (as Yukino will probably never be able to experience the "genuine" warmth of other people, which as a matter of fact Haruno herself had yet to feel).
Years passed , and Yukino entered high school. However realising that the guidance counselor is none other than her teacher from highschool (Hiratsuka Shizuka) , Haruno probably made a selfish request to her to "look after her little sister and if possible maybe, just maybe guide her to "normalcy". Coming from her ex-student Shizuka decided to help her (Yukino) out by making her a member of a certain "service club". Her idea behind this was that maybe by solving others problems ( both social and personal, both public and private) maybe somewhere along those lines she would finally be able to take a good look at the mirror, at her true self, and realise her own faults and be able to face and solve the problems that had done nothing but changed her for the worse.

We now, come to the point which intertwined the fates of three lives (Hachiman, Yukino and Yuigahama) forever.
It was the first day of his highschool life, Hikigaya Hachiman, who had his fare share of somewhat traumatic experience in his middle school years, was ready to let go of his past and change for the better in hopes of attaining the "normalcy" that he always yearned for. However, on the way to his school, he sees a dog on the verge of getting ran over by a car, in order to save the life of the dog,he decides to jump to it's rescue and ends up getting his leg fractured. The car was none other than Yukino's family's, and the dog belonged to Yuigahama Yui who went to the same school as Hachiman, and thus the fate of these three lives were undoubtedly intertwined from this point on.
However, because of the fracture Hachiman missed almost half of his first year of highschool, and with it his hopes of bonding with "new friends" were also gone. By the time he started going to highschool, his yearning for making new bonds and determination for changing for good had long been gone. He instead changed to a self deceiving personality , full of doubts and suspicion about the people in his surroundings, who detested "youth" to its core (having his own youth shattered into pieces) .
At this point, Hiratsuka Shizuka (as a guidance counselor and Hachiman's homeroom teacher) came to know about Hachiman's existence.
Upon meeting him, Shizuka realised that he and his outlook towards life is far from "normal" especially as far as "youth" was concerned. After conversations with Hachiman and knowing about his laid back, bystander attributes as well as his outlook of youth being "evil, nothing but a hollow sham , a delusion". She realised that in many ways he was very similar to Yukino and in many other ways he's the exact opposite of her. A bright idea struck her…. she decided to force Hachiman in joining the 'service club" which at that point hadd only Yukino as it's member.
However, a key piece to solving this puzzle was missing, it was only clear after a series of dialogues, in the form of retorts were exchanged between Hachiman and Yukino. The two were mostly opposite in many regards to the extent that their mere existence seemed to cancel each other out , in essence they were like two " separate isolated islands" what they desperately needed to get the service club going was a "bridge" , a connection, a path, connecting the two isolated islands so that the islands could make proper use of the resources available in their neighbouring ecosystems they themselves were lacking.
Yuigahama Yui, in many ways was an ordinary and somewhat popular highschool girl, was that very "bridge" , the connecting path that these two needed. Her ordinary life took a strange turn of events when her dog was saved from the brink of death by none other than Hachiman. She has, infact, admired the kind hearted and selfless of a person Hachiman was ever since. Hachiman ofcourse knew about this admiration as it was mentioned by her sister (Hikigaya Komachi) of how profusely Yui had thanked and apologised at the same time for saving her dog with his life on the line.
Hachiman was approached by Yui from the very beginning with nothing but kindness. However, this "kindness" was misinterpreted by him as thought to himself that this kindness was nothing other than the response of guilt that she (Yui) felt for getting her dog saved by him. By that time he had already set his mind towards an ideology " if truth is cruel, a lie must be kind, that's why kindness is a lie". And it was precisely because of which he had always hated "kind hearted girls", as owing to his middle school experiences "it's not like a girl is being kind to you because she likes you or something, she most probably being kind either because she pities you or is being kind for the sake of it as she has an image to maintain". This very assumption was made by him by assuming himself as the lowest of the low , one who doesn't deserve to be happy, one who doesn't deserve to be treated kindly, thus when he was being treated in a rather unkind manner by Yukino, in his mind he appreciated her and somewhat admired her at the same time for being herself and not maintaining an imange unlike most people out there. As this was as he exactly expected to be treated from a total stranger.
OREGAIRU is a show that focuses almost entirely on the never-ending combination of texts and subtexts of the exchange of dialogues between it's charcters during their interaction. More often than not it focuses on each character subtlety reading between the lines during the exchange of their dialogues with some other character. This can be shown in the form of subtexts (the deeper meaning behind some of the simple texts or words , phrases and sentences) or in the form of soliloquy - as the character thinks to itself in regards to what their dialogues or actions are going to be with respect to a given external stimulus.
It's precisely because of having an ability like this that our main characters in focus (Hachiman, Yukino and Yui) were able to understand the series of problems that were requested to them by other students of their school in hopes of having them solved.
In accordance to what Shizuka had imagined, while formulating their (Hachiman's and Yukino's) method to approach and solve a problem a lot of flaws that was present in them were thoroughly exposed.
While Yukino preferred a work plan completely backed by logic and technicalities without taking into account the human psychology and other human interferences such as "emotions" ; Hachiman on the other hand relied mostly on human psychology and "emotions" leaving most of the technicalities behind. He had a very unhealthy way of sacrificing and baiting himself to solve most of the problems, this was once again owing to his past experiences that resulted in a ridiculously low self esteem and self depreciating nature. This was evident in two significant cases,
Firstly, during the school festival when the service club was requested to assist the student council in somehow managing the events of the festival. The leadership of this event was given to a laid back, underserving and unreliable person named Sagami, by popular choice. In the end she wasn't of any significant use and most of the things were in the end managed by Yukino , Hachiman and rest of the student council body. Hachiman took time to play the role of a despicable "bad guy" by indirectly blaming the lack of charisma and leadership qualities of Sagami and ended up being hated by everyone. However it was because of his actions that Sagami isolated herself from the event and the event went smoothly through the efforts of Yukino and the likes. Thus, the problem was solved at the cost of Hachiman's reputation.
Secondly, there was another time when a request came from Tobe, a character from Hayama's friend circle who wanted to confess to Ebina (another friend from the same circle). At that time a simultaneous request came from Ebina to somehow make it so that the confession never happens. Her reason behind this was, she was content with the relationship she shares with the people in her friend circle and especially at present she has no inclination whatsoever to lose it. She was clear to reject Tobe in the given circumstances which would undoubtedly make things way awkward in her friends circle. As therest of the members of the service club cracked the brains to sort out a situation or solution to this problem…. Hachiman came up with another perfect plan.
In the event of the fateful day as Tobe was going to confess to Ebina , Hachiman suddenly stepped in and confessed to her instead. Thus , Ebina went along with her plan of rejection making her intentions clear , this made it to Tobe that it was probably not okay to confess to Ebina at the moment and thus the problem was solved as everything went in accordance with Hachiman's plan. However, this came at a price once again, in exchange of the degradation of his own reputation and image.
Although, this didn't matter to Hachiman in the least, for he has had already forsaken himself and considered himself as the "lowest of the low". But that wasn't really the case with the other two members of his club. Both Yukino and Yui downright hated how Hachiman always disregarded himself and had to sacrifice himself to solve almost every problem, especially those that didn't even concerned him all that much. Yukino bluntly describes how she hates Hachiman ways of solving problems and Yui on the other hand ends up getting emotional and explains how Hachiman should be considerate towards how other's feel (towards him) . She was referring to how both she and Yukino has been really concerned of Hachiman's negative outlook towards life and his ways of solving problems by disregarding and sacrificing his own social standing.
The aforesaid events would affect the relationship between the three of them rather seriously, to the point where Yukino didn't even wanted to have anything to do with Hachiman as far as solving others' problems were concerned. Since that's just how strongly she disapproved Hachiman's methods. Thus Hachiman would try to take requests and would try to solve them all by himself.
He would eventually fail miserably in his attempt and would ultimately realise that it was essentially because he himself was full of flaws and shortcomings. For the first time in his entire life he was able to take a good hard look it himself, at his "genuine" self and realised precisely what his flaws were. Evidently he decides to face Yukino and Yui in order to request them for their assistance.
In that fateful encounter, he lays bare all of his shortcomings, flaws and deepest desires and confesses to them the reason behind why his way of solving problems . He describes as to how "it didn't even mattered to him if no one understood him, he would be absolutely satisfied with everything as long as he was able to understand others", as long as he was to read into people's mind like an open book. He also explains how "he wanted to know, understand and rest easy with that knowledge as being in the dark terrified him more than anything". He further expalined as how he desired " a relationship with people in which one can freely burden each other with by sharing the wish to completely understand each other" he himself realises at this point how impossible his desire is but even so he's absolutely fine with it and wishes to stand by it. As a relationship with a certain person that is filled with such self gratification is what he considers absolutely "GENUINE".
Thus, the internal conflict between the members of the club would somewhat come to an end with this , with Yukino and Yui not fully understanding what Hachiman actually meant. The problem that Hachiman placed to his club mates in the form of request would also be solved and the three of them would grow lot more closer to each other, to the point where Yukino would admit that sometime in near future she wants Hachiman to rescue her. Finally the three of them places forward there desires of having their requests granted by each other somewhere along the lines. However, contrary to the rest of the members of the club Haruno(Yukino's older sister) didn't really wanted Yukino to change as it would once again lead her fully be completely vulnerable to others and would again be severely hurt by others words and actions. She thought until the very end that the relationship between the club members were nothing more than "codependency" which in reality was far from that.
It's almost the end of the second year of highschool for the club members of the service club and a new request appears towards them from the student council, as they plan on hosting a promenade as farewell event for the third year's who are soon to graduate. This time Yukino decided to help manage the event all on her own, owing to her older sister's multiple intervention in the past. She wanted to prove to the rest of the club members, her sibling and her parents that she too is capable of handling things just by herself , in reality part of her also feared that the seemingly "genuine" relationship that she shares with her clubmates was nothing more than a "facade" that all three of them subconsciously devised to lable their "codependency".
This, would once again significantly affect the relationship between the club members, especially between Hachiman and Yukino as, Hachiman wanted to be constantly associated with Yukino unconditionally. It was at this point when Yui finally realised what she had been feeling all along, she finally realised that the feelings that she had towards Hachiman was none other than an "Unconditional love" it wasn't just simple attraction or crush or infatuation that was born from kindness when Hachiman almost sacrificed himself to save her dog. She also realised that the club had a played a major role this, because it was this club that has bestowed upon her two human beings, two existence that are and always will be some of the people he holds very dear to her, it was in her clubmates that she found her soulmates , for the first ever she fould the person she truly "loves" , for the first time ever she found someone who she can call her "bestfriend". More than anything she would able to create bonds with other human beings that she could have never imagined , for the first time ever… which is why she openly confessed that she "loves that place ", she "love that clubroom". She was grateful for having met such incredible people , she was grateful for falling for such an incredible person.
Indirectly , Yui tried to express her feelings towards Hachiman many a times, but Hachiman had never once harboured any such feelings for Yui and had redirected her advances towards him multiple times. Towards the end of the show when Hachiman finally confessed that he "wants to keep associating with Yukino" time and time again , that he can't be at ease without being associated with Yukino that Yui finally decided to give up on her feelings. At this point Hachiman also may have felt guilty for leading Yui on and concluded that he hopes to be "normal" at some point where he can keep on living without finding it necessary to keep on unconditionally associating with anyone beyond a certain point "but you don't have to wait for that day" it was at this point where it was clear that the day won't be coming for Yui of all people. Thus Yui accepted her fate and advised Hachiman out of good will that it would be for the best if he were to explain all these things to Yukino directly "if you don't tell her, she will never know or understand" is what she said.
It was after school, Yukino and Hachiman were walking together towards their home while discussing the events of a second prom that Hachiman had devised previously. Hachiman realised that it would have been for the best if he were to say all that he had been bottling inside of him for Yukino. The conversation shifted as Yukino mentioned how unnecessary it was for Hachiman to get involved with the event of prom. To which Hachiman replied "that was the only way for me to keep associating with you". Hearing this Yukino was could clearly understand where the conversation was heading and she immediately asked as to why her request (of fulfilling Yui's request of Hachiman being with her) was not granted even though it was a promise that was made by him. "She wished to be a part of the club in those idle after-school times" he replied clarifying that lied between Yui and him to Yukino.
As Hachiman went on to express his feelings, he noticed Yukino trying to walk away from him. To Hachiman it seemed as if she was not just walking away from him, but also from his feelings, his life….he desperately tried to stop her by forcefully stopping her and holding her hand.
"Let go of me!"
" If I let go of you now I feel as though I will never be able to catch up to you….ever again"
He explained how important and necessary their existence is to each other. How being apart from each other will only lead to worse situations in life.
He explained how necessary a part she was in her life. He explained if he doesn't let himself get involved with her life….both of their life will become monotonous and uneventful they probably graduate, go to a preferred University and get a preferred corporate job that they would have to do unwillingly.
" Please allow me to distort your life."
He said in the end. Puzzled, Yukino asked as to what his words meant. Hachiman explained that if she let him get involved with her their life would take a roundabout turn, in other words their life will be full of events , full of ups and downs, and maybe they might even be able to achieve "normalcy" that they wanted and be able to become just like everyone else , they might even end up finding something "genuine" that they have been looking for all along…. Hachiman suggested.
Yukino had made an uncomfortable face , and explained that it would do nothing but cause trouble for Hachiman as he would have nothing to gain from all this. She feared that it might even affect her negatively and she might as well be even more useless than before. Hearing this Hachiman reassured her that he wasn't planning on doing this to gain some profit or advantage or anything of the sort, he wishes to do so because he wants to associate with her for his entire life and in return he was planning on giving her something equivalently important…. though it may not be as important to her as the only things that Hachiman can offer Yukino would be his " time, emotions, the future or life".

"B-But there's no balance in that"
"It doesn't matter I'll give you anything and everything so just let me get involved with your life"
Hachiman reassured that it didn't mattered to him if Yukino gets to burdensome or troublesome he will do everything he can to support her, if she didn't wanted that she could just throw it away….but he will always be their for her.
After hearing all this all the ice around Yukino's heart has long been melted she said instead of "spouting such nonsense while standing there he could have said something else something much simpler"
"You know I can't" Hachiman replied
"Well in gonna say it clearly then…. please allow me to have your life"
They finally embraced each other under the glistening moon and all the thoughts that couldn't even be delivered via the long exchanges of dialogues was conveyed in an instant when they embraced each other at that very moment they knew what they meant to each other.
And thus the two of them marked the beginning of their relationship with their undying , unconditional love and affection for each other.
The story continues on a little before finally drawing it's curtains as the second prom was successfully held in a distant event hall where surprisingly Yukino would say those eternally beautiful three magical words to Hachiman, officially marking the end of their story.
Conclusion :
"My teen romantic comedy is wrong as I expected" was far from your stereotypical highschool rom-com slice of life story. It explained how simple words like "love" "hate" came not even close enough to explain the emotions of a living entity. It explained how knowing a person is one thing but understanding another human being was something completely different altogether. For such an uncanny , non stereotypical show to have a normal life like ending went far and beyond the imagination of almost every readeviewer who has been there from the very beginning. For Hachiman and Yukino to end up together meant that all the subtexts that they had in between their dialogues were delivered to each other , that all of their ego has been crumbled by each other and gave rise to something truly beautiful, something absolutely "genuine". It was the genuine feelings that a human being felt for each other that mattered all along , nothing else could even come close to such feelings, feelings that can even transcend time and space(Interstellar 2014) .
Lastly, I would like to mention something great that I noticed about the series' name "My teen romantic comedy is wrong as I expected " is a translation of
"Yahari ore no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru" which is abbreviated to "OREGAIRU" oregairu sounds like "ORE-GA-IRU" when split which can be translated to "I'm here"
Which on the other hand might always signify how Hachiman and Yukino always pledge to be right there by each other through thick and thin , through sadness and happiness.
Thank you for reading this , this was just a simplified opinion of mine as well as a short summary to the main story of OREGAIRU


- Pratik Chakraborty
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2020.09.28 19:10 BrotherFluffy Trouble in Toulon, Chapter Six

Welcome back to Trouble in Toulon! A Commander with two days off, how's he going to manage? Fortunately, Dunkerque is there to help. As always, you can read it on Fanfiction here and view the rest of my works here. Enjoy!

For the first time in years, I didn’t awake to the sound of an alarm, and in a moment of forgotten panic, thought I overslept. My eyes shot open, and adrenaline coursed through my system as my mind struggled to figure out why it had missed the all-important alarm. Then my brain finally fully engaged and I remembered the reason-I had the next two days off. Not by choice, but rather the result of a medically-excused mutiny by the senior staff.
And while I was still somewhat irked over the decision to sideline me, I was looking forward to spending more time with Dunkerque. She was a fascinating woman, kind and nurturing, but a ferocious warrior when she had to be. Her skill in hand to hand combat was impressive to see up-close, and I wondered how spectacular she would be in her element on the sea. In the meantime, I needed to get ready and find out what exactly she had in store for our first cooking lesson...
I found Dunkerque waiting patiently for me outside of my quarters when I left, a warm smile on her face. “Bonjour, Bernard,” she said, “Did you get enough rest?”
“I think so,” I replied, unable to keep the smile from my face. “Still a little sore, but otherwise alright. And you?”
She nodded. “Indeed. I can’t remember the last time I had such a peaceful night’s rest.”
That was a relief, considering the room I was assigned. “Good! Sorry for kicking you out of your quarters, by the way. When I asked them to find me a place to sleep, I didn’t know they were going to assign me the base commander’s room.”
She laughed softly and shook her head. “Oh, it’s no trouble. We all have our own apartments off-base, we just use this as a place to catch some sleep when we’re on duty as base commander. And since that title is now officially yours, for the time being, it is your quarters.”
“That does make me feel a little bit better about absconding it, then,” I quipped. “So, what’s our first cooking lesson going to be?”
Her smile grew broader and she simply said, “Breakfast.”
For the lesson, we had decided to use the HQ kitchen, so as not to get in the way of the mess hall crew trying to prepare meals for the entire base while still giving us enough room to move around comfortably. The tiny kitchenette in the base commander’s quarters was cramped for just one person, let alone two. Dunkerque had been kind enough to lay out all of the ingredients and tools we’d need to make breakfast this morning, which would consist of eggs, bacon, and croissants. Even I was familiar with how to make eggs and bacon, but the croissants would be a bit more advanced, and as such, the focus of our little cooking lesson.
“Now, to start,” Dunkerque instructed, “I’ve already added the flour to the mixing bowl, and in a moment, we’re going to go ahead and turn the mixer on.”
Now, I missed the “in a moment” part, for whatever reason, and so all I heard was “turn the mixer on”, and like any dutiful sailor, I answered, “Mixer on, got it.”
A look of horror crossed her face as she whipped back around, trying to stop me. “Qoui?? Nonnonnononon-” But it was too late. I flicked the switch, and the mixer, accidentally at the highest speed, sprung to life.
There was a soft puff and my world dissolved into a cloud of white powder, leaving me sputtering and coughing as I tried to escape it. Eventually, I made it out of the blast zone, looking like a ghost, Dunkerque emerging next to me, waving the last bits of airborne flour out of her face, looking equally spectral. I looked at her, she looked over at me, and she simply sighed and asked, “...what am I going to do with you?”
I put on as charming a smile as I can while covered in flour and replied, “Well...they always told me to get a girl flours. This counts, right?”
She rolled her eyes at the terrible pun, but she didn’t try to hide the grin on her face. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up so we can start again…”
The second attempt went much smoother, and before I knew it, we had a big batch of croissants in the oven, filling the entire floor with their savory aroma. While they were baking, Dunkerque and I worked on the bacon and eggs. The bacon was the easy part, but she decided poached eggs would be the order of the day since I was already familiar with the scrambled and sunny side up variety. We had brought the water just up to a simmer and prepared the eggs, each in their own little cup.
“Alright, you see the little bubbles there on the bottom, so that’s how you know we’re just at the right temperature.” She pointed out the tiny pockets of air that were beginning to form, waiting for me to respond.
“Okay, so...now the eggs, right?” I confirmed, albeit hesitantly. “One at a time?”
She nodded, handing one of the egg cups over to me. “Correct. Just like I showed you, slide the egg in. Gently, now.”
As best as I could, I lowered the cup and ever so slowly tilted it up until the egg slipped out and settled on the bottom of the saucepan, intact. I let out a sigh of relief and smiled over at her. “Magnifique,” she beamed, handing over another egg cup. “Looks like you’ve got the hang of this.”
One by one, I managed to slide all the eggs in successfully and set the lid atop the saucepan before shutting off the burner. “Now what?”
“Now, we wait,” she answered, setting the timer just above the oven. “Do you have any plans after this?”
“Haven’t given it much thought, to be honest,” I shrugged. “Normally, I’d tour the base, inspect a few things, but I get the feeling that might be seen as work. Why? Did you have something in mind?”
There was a playful look in her eyes as a shy smile spread across her face. “When was the last time you were at the beach, Bernard?”
“The beach?” I wracked my brain, trying to recall the last time I had been at the beach for something other than an official function. “Years, at least.”
“Would…” she hesitated, her cheeks beginning to flush, matching the color of her eyes. “Would you like to go down to the beach with me today?”
While this wasn’t something I expected, I wasn’t about to turn her down. “I’d love to. Although, you don’t mind if I keep a t-shirt on while we’re out there, do you?”
That got a curious look from her and a raised eyebrow. “Are you self-conscious about your body?”
“No,” I shook my head, then paused. “Well, yes. Sort of. Where I’m still sore from that fall yesterday, I’m afraid my back is just one bruised mess and I’d rather not have everyone staring at that.”
She smiled warmly and nodded. “Ah, I see. An understandable concern.” She spun her finger around. “If you don’t mind, turn around so I can take a look.”
I double-checked to make sure we were the only ones in the area and quickly turned around, lifting my shirt up. The sharp intake of breath confirmed that it probably looked as bad as it felt this morning. “That good, huh?”
Dunkerque didn’t beat around the bush when she answered. “Looks pretty bad. Does it hurt?”
I shook my head as I pulled my shirt back down and turned around to face her. “It was a bit sore this morning, but some aspirin helped. As much as I hate to admit it, I probably really do need these two days off to just rest and recuperate.”
“Well then,” she smirked, “It sounds like a day relaxing by the beach would be a perfect way to do just that, wouldn’t you agree?”
“Only if the right person is there with me,” I answered with a playful grin. She flashes me a grin back, and just for a moment, it falters, and the one that reappears is decidedly less genuine than the one that she began with. “What is it?” I asked her, concerned.
“It’s nothing, Commander…” she trails off, looking away. “I just…” A soft sigh escapes her lips, and her shoulders slump. “I don’t want to be too...too...presumptuous.”
That was a new one. “Presumptuous?” I repeated. “What do you mean by that?”
Before she could answer, the timer for the eggs went off, and we both jumped a little bit at the sudden alarm. We shared a look and chuckled nervously as we awkwardly shuffled back to the pot. Dunkerque slowly lifted the lid off, peering inside before she fully removed it. I could tell from her smile that it hadn’t been a disaster, at least, but only time would tell if I managed to get the yolk to its correct consistency. “Well, they survived the first part,” she announced, “Now all we need to do is get them out and onto our plates.”
One slotted spoon and two plates later, we each had two poached eggs ready to go, after a liberal sprinkling of kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Dunkerque grabbed the croissants out of the oven while I plated the bacon. Two fresh cups of coffee completed the meal as we sat down in the small mess adjacent to the HQ kitchen, which was mercifully empty for the awkward conversation that was to ensue. But that would wait a few blessed moments while we sampled the morning fare.
“Moment of truth,” I muttered as I placed the edge of my fork on one of my poached eggs and cut through it. The white parted easily, and the yolk began to ooze out slowly, a good sign that it had been cooked perfectly. I took a bite and immediately I was rewarded with the smooth, unctuousness of the yolk, coating my tongue. “Oh, that’s good.”
Dunkerque smiled brightly at me as she took her first bite, her smile getting wider as she nodded in agreement. “Oh, that is perfectly timed. Well done, Bernard!”
I shook my head as I took another bite. “I can’t take the credit, I was just following your instructions.”
“Oh?” she smirked, a silvery eyebrow cocked. “And by that logic, if a shipgirl does well because of your orders, is the credit hers?”
Damn, she’s good. “Fair point,” I conceded. “The credit is by all rights hers, and I guess, mine, too.” In an effort to stave off the awkwardness, I reach for the croissant on my plate and take a bite. Like the egg, it is absolutely delicious. Buttery, flaky, soft, and warm, it’s everything I’d want in a croissant, and everything I would expect from someone of Dunkerque’s skill.
We continued to enjoy breakfast in silence, too busy devouring our meals to really talk until the last crumb was gone, and we were left with nothing but the coffee and silence. As always, my loathing of awkward silences pushed me to make the first move. “What did you mean when you said you didn’t want to be ‘presumptuous’?”
“O-oh!” she stammered softly, glancing around the room to make sure it really was just us in there. “I just thought...I would not want to get in the way between you and someone else with our playful flirting.”
“Someone else?” It took me a second to realize what she meant, and when it finally clicked, I started in surprise. “Oh! No, no. There’s no one like that in my life. Not for…” Memories come flooding back in, unwelcome and sharp, turning the buttery aftertaste of the pastry to ash in my mouth. I shake my head to clear those treacherous thoughts and take a swig of coffee to help clear my throat. “Not for a long time.”
Dunkerque saw the unpleasant memories written on my face, and she hesitated, half starting to speak, but stopping herself several times before she finally got it out. “I...I’m sorry...I did not mean to bring up such painful memories.”
I smile sadly and shake my head, taking another sip of coffee as I tried to find the right words. “It’s alright. We all have pain in our past.”
Despite my reassurance, she still looked anxious and hesitant and when she asked her next question, I understood why she felt that way. “Would...are you...is there a possibility for anyone else who could be that...ah…’someone else’?”
I shrugged, not quite sure of the answer. “I’m not averse to the idea. But only if it’s the right person,” I grinned at her over the lip of my coffee cup.
“Oh?” she asked, leaning forward, her own flirtatious smile returning. “And who would this ‘right person’ be?”
I leaned back in my chair, looked up at the ceiling, and sighed thoughtfully. “Intelligent, for starters. Able to hold her own in a conversation. Not just another pretty face, but being beautiful definitely helps. Warm, caring, but strong when the situation calls for it. She’ll probably need to save my life at least once before I consider dating her. A good cook, and a good teacher, because I’m new at this whole cooking thing. Probably a girl with silver hair and eyes the color of roses. Not to get too specific.” When I brought my gaze back down to her, that smile had grown into a full-blown grin from ear to ear.
“You know, Bernard,” she began, “You could have just said ‘me’.”
I shrugged and grinned back at her. “I know, but I thought I’d be cute.”
She gave me a sardonic smile and an ok sign with her hand. “Tres mignon.”
I blinked, the smile disappearing from my face as I became very confused. “Very steak?”
And now it was Dunkerque’s turn to look confused. “What?”
Mignon,” I repeated. “Isn’t that a cut of steak?”
“It is,” she confirmed, “But the word ‘mignon’ literally means cute.”
I held up my hands, trying to process this new information. “Wait wait wait. You’re telling me every time I ordered a filet mignon, I was ordering...cute steak?”
Oui!” she chirped. “Although it would be more accurate to call it a ‘cute cut’.”
“Huh. Well, that’s new information…” While this was hardly life-shattering, it’s certainly odd to find out what you thought was a very specific, fancy French cut was just…”cute”.
“C’mon, you can ponder this and get some sun,” she teased as she stood up, gathering her plate and mug. “Let’s go get changed and meet back here in twenty minutes.” I nodded and downed the rest of my coffee in a single gulp as I tried to remember where my swim trunks were…
Twenty minutes later, we met back up and headed down to the beach. Once we made it there, Dunkerque excused herself to change into a proper bathing suit(she had walked down with me wearing a chemise and a light silk robe) while I got the towels and beach umbrella set up.
Preparations complete, I sat down on my towel and took in the view. It wasn’t nearly as crowded as I was expecting it to be, with only a few beachgoers, some with families, others alone either soaking up the sun or playing in the ocean. In the distance, I could see Saint-Mandrier-su-Mer rising above the ocean and the rolling hills of the Iris Orthodoxy to my left. When I looked in the direction of the base, I couldn’t see any hint of it, and part of me wondered if that was intentional on Dunkerque’s part. I sighed and leaned back, chastising myself for being so suspicious. It was clear she had my best intentions at heart, and I needed to quit trying to find some hidden meaning or dubious motive with her.
“There we go, all changed now.” My ruminations and self-recriminations were interrupted by Dunkerque’s melodic voice, and I looked up to see her standing over me, now changed into her swimsuit. She wore a violet bikini, with little frills at the edge of the fabric, and a black bow on the top. Her hair had been pulled up into a ponytail, and she had worn a white headband adorned with a violet butterfly that shimmered the most vibrant blue when the light hit it just right. I was so awestruck by her beauty, I could only stare at her, my jaw on the sand.
Apparently, I had stared a bit too long as Dunkerque’s smile faded, replaced by a concerned look. “Bernard, are you alright?”
My brain desperately tried to get back into gear, and after a few more seconds, I found my voice again. “Y-yeah, fine, just...you look so...wow,” I stammered, still trying to compose myself. “I mean, just..wow. You look gorgeous in that.”
Her cheeks flushed, and she looked away for a moment, placing a hand over her chest. “Y-you’re too kind, mon ami,” she demurred before she looked back, a nervous but genuine smile on her face. “But I’m glad you like it so much.”
I returned the smile with one of my own as I got to my feet. “So...shall we go take a dip in the ocean, get our feet wet at least?”
“I was just about to suggest that,” Dunkerque nodded in agreement, her smile switching to a playful grin. “Last one in’s a rotten egg!” And with that, she was off. With a head start, and against a kansen, I had no chance of catching up with her. But watching her run across the sand, her hair flowing in the breeze, with the beautiful tableau as a backdrop, was one of the best moments of my life, and one I’ll carry with me as long as I live. Some people say paradise is a tropical beach, with palm trees and coconuts and warm, clear waters. For me, that beach in Toulon will always be my paradise…
After we had our fill of swimming and playing in the cool water, we headed back to our towels to soak up the warm summer sun and dry out before heading off to...wherever we were going to next. Lunch, I hoped. I was staring up into the blue sky when I heard Dunkerque sigh happily next to me.
“Everything alright?” I asked, looking over at her.
“Hm? Oh, it’s just…” she sighed happily again, gazing out on the water. “It's been a long time since I last was able to enjoy scenery like this without any worries…”
I sat up, following her gaze out to the beautiful sapphire sea and verdant green hills. “It’s been a long, tough war. I’m glad I could make things a little bit happier for you, at least.”
“And you?” she asked, turning her head to gaze at me. “Have you been able to enjoy this without any worries?”
I shrugged slightly, feeling somewhat conflicted. “I’d like to say yes, but...I think there’s always a little worry going on in the back of my head. What’s going on in the war right now, who’s planning what, are my kansen alright? Just a little worry, all the time. Kinda like a background hum you get used to.”
As usual, Dunkerque was having none of that as she scooted next to me, her arm wrapping around my waist. “Everyone deserves to be able to set their worries aside, even if it's just for a little while. Want to try gazing into the ocean horizon together? It always puts my mind at ease.”
I nodded and draped my arm over her shoulder as she rested her head on mine and together, we gazed out at the ocean. Normally, sitting like this, trying to keep my mind clear of any thoughts, worries, or doubts, was impossible. I wouldn’t last more than thirty seconds before I started making lists in my head, plotting the next commission fleets to send out, that sort of thing. But here, feeling her warmth pressed against me, her soft skin beneath my fingers, the soft sound of her breathing as we stared out at the ocean, listening to the gentle sound of the water lapping against the shore...I felt calm, truly at peace for the first time in...God, I honestly cannot remember how long. We stayed like that for what felt like hours, until the cathedral bell tolled, signaling that it was one o’clock.
We slowly, reluctantly parted, and I smiled as I looked into Dunkerque’s rosy eyes. “You seem much more relaxed now, Bernard,” she remarked. “Do you feel more relaxed?”
“I do,” I confirmed. “Thank you, I guess I really needed that.”
“Anything I can do to help out, do not hesitate to ask, mon ami.” Dunkerque smiled at me again, then glanced back over her shoulder. “Since it is one, and now that we are finally dry, would you like to accompany me to lunch? I know just the place, a quiet little bistro. What do you say?”
Before I could answer, my stomach chimed in for me with a small growl. I felt my face get hot and I looked down at my traitorous belly before looking back up at her. “It doesn’t do that all the time, I swear.”
She giggled and shook her head. “Do not worry about it,” she dismissed, “It just means that I’ll need to make sure you are fed more often. They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, non?”
I laughed and nodded in agreement with her. “And if that’s true, I believe it would have been love at first bite, my dear Dunkerque…”
A/N-A few major milestones with this chapter. First, this is the longest continuous series I’ve released so far, and second, as I just finished writing chapter eight, this also marks the longest series I’ve written, period(the New Year’s series clocking in at seven chapters currently). So yay! In the meantime, don’t worry, more fluffy romantic goodness ahead and as always, fair winds and following seas!
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2020.09.28 18:57 The_pumpkin_queen97 Old sloppy roomate

So my roommate decided to randomly move out due to financial reasons and she moved out quick as she can and left behind the wreck her dogs left for us to clean. Trash all in the living room, dog piss that went under my couches. Don't even get me started on her old bedroom and bathroom. Her bedroom had mold growing on the ceiling that she never mentioned and now i got to get it fixed. She left old dog shit stuck to the floor in her old room and just trashed everything so I took a whole day just deep cleaning. So all in all fuck her right now. Thought we were friends but ig we see how well that played out.
This girl also never did dishes. Half ass ever cleaned. She also wouldn't take care of her dogs that well. One was always locked up cuz she didn't wanna continue trying to train her and left piss in the kennel. She's not a morning person so when she worked early shifts she would even not take them out and let them destroy the kitchen and living room then gripe and me when I ask her to clean it cuz it sits there all day while she's working. Im usually the one stuck cleaning it cuz i can't handle it.
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2020.09.28 18:47 Traditional_Finance3 My roommate plans on making money with Mary Kay to pay rent.

This is more for your entertainment than for advice; but here goes:
I own my home and had a friend move in. (I know, bad move) When she first moved in she had a steady job but lost her job shortly after moving in. It wasn’t her fault or anything related to Covid. She decided to take a month off and since she was getting a severance I didn’t care. She’s an adult right? She will get a job in time to pay her bills. June was the month off and she paid that month as well as July. She got a part time job in July but was let go after a few weeks because the employer couldn’t afford her. At the end of July she came to me and explained that she didn’t have the money for August rent. This is where things started to go downhill for me. I was kind to my friend and told her she only had to pay half of the rent for August. She had a charity pay that half of rent for August. My thinking was ‘good you’ll have two months to get September rent together’ ...nope. During this time she did get another part time job and had a full time job lined up for September. At the end of August she flippantly states that she won’t be able to pay rent for the first couple weeks of September and in fact she doesn’t even have enough money to pay for her car insurance. I found out later that she hasn’t paid a car payment since June either (remember June was the month she took off).
I told her that per our agreement the rent would be considered late after the 5th (a $25 fee) and that if she didn’t pay in full by the 21st then she would need to start looking for another place to live. She’s paid 2/3rds of the rent so far but I know October rent is going to be the same as September. Unfortunately her full time job turned into a part time job. (I know her employer and we’ve had some interesting discussions on how she absolutely refuses to work past 5pm or on weekends but is begging for more hours that fit her desired schedule)
This is where the MLM stuff comes in. She buys all her skin products through Mary Kay. She states that she uses their face cleansers and creams because she likes them and wants to take care of her skin. That’s fine... don’t ask me to buy anything. (She hasn’t) A week and a half ago she went to a party because her up line just got a pink Cadillac. She came back from the party saying how she was going get more involved with Mary Kay to make some extra money. I want to scream. (I haven’t said anything up till this point other than she needs to pay rent.) she needs to make far more money than Mary Kay will get her and I’m NOT waiting months or years for her to get her life together.
A few nights ago we were talking and I told her that a coworker of mine was working 15-20hrs a week with grub hub and was making about $250 per week. I asked her if she thought about doing something like that. She said that she hadn’t but she was sure that peak hour when people actually make money is in the evenings and on weekends...which she doesn’t work. (Btw, I work 3p-11p so I guess she wouldn’t consider my job)
She currently with her Mary Kay person trying to get organized so she can make all this money she’s dreaming about. I’m waiting for her to get home so I can talk to her.
I need to sit down with her and tell her that she needs to grow up (she’s in her mid 30s so you’d think she’d BE grown up) I hate confrontation and I fear that I’ll try and mother her which I do NOT want to do. But this girl needs to do something...
She’s not even doing extra work around the house to compensate for the lack of rent. Maybe I have more of a work ethic but I’d be cleaning everything just to keep people happy. She states that she was forced to clean as a child and her mother didn’t help so she hates cleaning. 🙄 Same here... I still manage to clean the bathroom and sweep the floors.
Thanks for letting me vent.
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2020.09.28 18:46 tifu_throwaway14 How do I tell my [24/M] female close friend I want to distance myself from her without mentioning my feelings

A bit of background info. I’ve been friends on and off with this girl for like 8 years. She was my first major crush in highschool. Back then I had 0 experience with women, so I went on the classic nice guy approach of being friends with her in the hopes she’ll catch feelings for me eventually. We were best friends, talking daily by the hours but obviously it didn’t work out, and after months of suffering I put my foot down, nuked the friendship and ignored her existence. Before ending it, there were moments when we made out or she admitted to having feelings for me but not wanting a relationship with me which made me nuke everything.
About 2-3 years after that, I reached out thinking I’ve grown out my feelings and can be just friends with her. I was also in a long term relationship with a girl I was very much in love with, so I seemed like an ok idea. Well there’s still an attraction there, but not to the extent it was during high-school. Since then we’ve been talking somewhat consistently, not like we used to, but it was still comfortable enough to share some intimate things from our lives as well.
Fast forward to last year, my ltr gf leaves me and ironically enough this girl breaks up with her boyfriend around that time as well. We catch up shortly after that, we plan on spending NYE together and that was the first time I slept at her place on the couch (she lives in another city). On NYE I hooked up with one of her friends (didn’t work out in the end) and then the pandemic hit. Since the lockdown we’ve been facetiming daily and I visited her a couple more times. Everything platonic. Now, we’ve both been single for a while and didn’t fck much so she brought the idea of fwb last month. She keeps bringing it up, then backs out, fearing it’s gonna be awkward or that she’s not really sexually attracted to me because I’m not her type or whatever other arguments she can find. At first I was excited about it but afterwards I was rather done with the subject and just ignored her whenever she was bringing it up and overthinking the shit out of it.
The not so great thing about our relationship is that she keeps making fun of me and constantly giving me “shit tests”. Basically she takes whatever opportunity she can get to emasculate me wrapped as a joke. Sometimes I respond back, sometimes I don’t but because I have a soft spot for her, I never really put my foot down properly and commanded respect like I should have. I think this is related to her not being sexually attracted to me, even though I’m a fairly attractive individual. That and also because she’s 6ft, thicc and weighs almost as much as I do while her ex was this hunky guy who could throw her around easily, a bit of opposite to me.
Well, last week I visited her one last time since she’s about to go on a new career path which involves at least 3 months in a military base and we’re not gonna be seeing each other for a while. In the first evening, we ordered takeaway, we were chilling by the tv when she drops the bomb that she wants to fck and starts to ramble again if we should do it or not. At this point I leave the room and go for a smoke to calm myself since the whole bringing it up and backing out stuff is giving me anxiety. I come back, she was making the bed while still rambling and I just told her to shut up and do it already. She agreed, we set some rules, she said she just wants a quick fck, no oral, no kissing, but I said kissing is part of it and she accepted and then we got down to business. Well it was awkward, as expected, the no oral bit threw me off since I always start by going down on the girl, I had a bit of trouble keeping it up (anxiety) and when it finally went in, I got too excited and finished super fast. She got up pretty fast and went to take a shower, she basically said that maybe we shouldn’t have done it but the “what if” would have always been there and that it’s best we act like it never happened. That was the end of it, the next days I slept like always on the couch and then I took the flight home.
Now, I kinda realised I still have feelings for her and that my attraction was not just sexual. The experience was awkward, but I was willing to give it another go. I know she doesn’t feel the same, and I wanna distance myself since I really do not want to listen to her blab about whatever military guy she’s gonna meet. Also I feel like I meet her close friendship requirements but she doesn’t meet mine. She gets judgemental and I get anxious and uncomfortable opening up when I have a problem fearing another shit test or emasculating joke. But there were moments when she was a good listening friend and got me back up.
I wanna be the better man and not nuke it again, rather be stoic about it and not make a big fuss. I’m planning on telling her tomorrow I want us to go separate ways and I was wondering if I should mention my feelings or just play the part that she isn’t such a good friend like I am to her and that it’s about time she showed some respect.
TL;DR: close friends again with former high-school crush that friendzoned me, had sex, was awkward for her, feelings are still there on my side, searching for a way of telling her I don’t wanna be friends with her while keeping my dignity.
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2020.09.28 18:44 SystemSpark [USA] [H] Amiibo [W] Paypal

Definitely willing to negotiate prices, especially for bulk orders. Prices do not include shipping.
Amiibo Price Condition
Metroid 2 Pack 70 Loose/Mint
ROB - Famicom 10 Broken/Repaired head
Bowser - Super Mario 15 Loose/Mint
Zelda - Breath of Wild 24 Loose/Mint
Inkling Boy - Neon Green 26 Loose/Mint
Splatoon Alternate Color 3 Pack 100 Loose/Mint
Inkling Boy (Blue) 15 Loose/Mint
Inkling Girl (Orange) 9 Loose/Mint
Boo 44 Loose/Mint
Kirby - Star 15 Loose/Mint
Bayonetta - Player 2 40 Loose/Mint
Duck Hunt 11 Loose/Mint
Link - Archer 25 Loose/Broken Arrow
Link - Ocarina 27 Loose/Mint
Donkey Kong 29 Loose/Mint
Link - 8 Bit 15 Loose/Mint
Timmy & Tommy 20 Loose/Mint
Isabelle & Digby w/Box 20 Open Box, Comes with WiiU outer box
Isabelle Summer Outfit 50 Open Box
Mario - Gold 25 Loose/Mint
Cloud - Player 2 40 Loose/Mint
Mewtwo 16 Loose/Mint
Navirou 160 Open Box/Good
Mii 3 Pack 80 Open Box/Good
Loot Goblin 25 Damaged Box/Good
Mario Cereal Box x2 7 Cereal Removed/Flattened
Pikmin 55 Loose/Mint
Palutena 17 New In Box
Piranha Plant x2 20 New In Box
Lucas 12 New In Box
Dark Pit 25 New In Box
Jigglypuff 15 New In Box
Ike 28 New In Box
Silver Mario 20 New In Box
Wario 25 New In Box
Cyrus/K.K./Reese x4 18 New In Box
Pit 20 New In Box
Wii Fit Trainer 17 New In Box
Toad 18 New In Box
Peach 21 New In Box
Mii 3 Pack 100 New In Box
8-bit Link 20 Damaged Box
Yarn Poochy 100 New In Box
Mega Yarn Yoshi (Import) 150 New In Box
Wii Fit Trainer (Import) 16 New In Box
Jigglypuff (Import) x2 15 New In Box
Dark Pit (Import) 23 New In Box
Meta Knight (Import) 30 New In Box
Timmy & Tommy 30 New In Box
Rover 10 New In Box
Resetti 10 New In Box
Kapp'n 10 New In Box
Tom Nook x6 10 New In Box
Mabel x7 10 New In Box
Blathers 10 New In Box
Celeste x3 10 New In Box
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Breath of The Wild Master Edition 600 2 New In Box, some mars on box
Breath of the Wild Special Edition (Box,Map,Insert only) 10 5 Good condition/Shipping can be up to $13 given the size/weight and depending on location
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2020.09.28 18:40 Own-Ad-7502 My boyfriend cheated and I refuse to forgive him even though we weren't "official"

So this question needs a lot of back story, I'll try to be as informative as I can, stay with me.
So I met my (f30) current partner (m29) about a month after I found out my now ex husband had cheated on me. We met through mutual friends on a night out. He had, a few months earlier, gone through a similar situation with his now ex partner and we became a massive support to each other. Many nights of late tearful phone calls and just meeting up to get out the house etc, spending loads of time together, we became best friends and 4 months or so down the line we got drunk and ya know....
We started "dating" for a couple of months until one night while at dinner he told me that his ex wanted to try again and he felt he owed it a chance. Now although I'm obviously not happy, I absolutely understand this position, I gave my view that I didn't think it was going to work but it's a 5 year relationship, I get you'd want to try and fix it if you could and we went our separate ways that night.
That lasted all of 1 week.
This was end of November but I didn't find out until we saw each other at our mutual friends new year party. We semi reconnected at this point, chatted a couple of nights, met at the gym etc. Then February time I guess we fell into old habits, we would go out for dinner, stay over bla bla. He basically lived at my house for 2 weeks then I was moving house so this one Friday night he couldn't stay over as my mum was to help me move the following day.
He went out with our mutual friends this night and as he now says "bumped" into this girl. She's conveniently his ex's new boyfriend's ex, small world huh. Our wider circle knows of her but we don't "know" her as such. We'll call her Sarah. I suspect nothing, he doesn't mention this has happened at this point and essentially moves back in with me at my new house the following day.
Now we're a week later, I'm at work on Friday and I haven't heard from him all day which is odd, we normally chat or send memes etc. So I text him at lunch and ask if he wants to meet me at the gym later, he says maybe and I hear nothing else from him. I called later on and get a text back saying he's out having a drink so I asked where/who he's with, just curious, I still don't suspect anything even though he's been distant all day and I hear nothing from him for the rest of the night, he has a key so I figured he'd just let himself in later and go to bed. I wake up by myself the next morning.
I know he's got a sport competition so I text wishing him luck, I'm working so I can't go watch, he knows this. He calls after and says he placed 3rd and a group of them are going to the pub to celebrate, he wants to pick me up from work to go and meet them.
So I go spend a couple of hours at the pub with him to meet his friends and it's all great, we get back home and I started to make dinner and he's super quiet so I just ask questions, where did you go last night, "name of bar" who were you with "do you really want to know"?
Well now I do.
Turns out he's been texting Sarah since last Friday and they arranged to meet the night before. So I ask the question anyone would.. "and..?" Again I got "do you really want to know?" .
I told him to get out of my house. I called a girlfriend and told her to get her ass to mine and we were going out. He didn't leave and kept trying to explain how he'd made a mistake and it was just sex and we have so much more and we aren't "official" and we never had the conversation that we were "exclusive" and that he expected me to "react reasonably" and honestly we'd been living together for nearly a month, I didn't realise we needed to have that conversation??
Fast forward a few hours and my mate is trashed, I can't get her in a taxi so I call him to pick us up at 2am and drop us back home which he does. I put her to bed and we sleep it off. I wake up to a text asking how we are both feeling and am going to "let him make it up to me today" seriously. So I say no, there's nothing he could say that I want to hear.
The day goes by and the next and I hear nothing from him, so I send him a message on the Monday night basically saying, if nothing more than a friend I expect more respect from him and that I was deeply hurt he did the same thing my ex did after speaking to him so openly about that. I went out that night and when I got back there were some flowers at my front door.
Couple of days later, I'd calmed down enough to talk to him so I say he can come over and we can have an actual conversation about it.
He says he doesn't know why he did it and he was stupid bla bla and maybe he did it because of who she is, as one last F U to his ex ?!?! He says to spoke to two of his friends before who said it would be fine because we aren't "official" and just everything screams he knew he was doing wrong? Apparently they only spoke over Instagram and he doesn't have her number so I said fine, delete her from Instagram. And he says he needs to talk to her first he can't just do that ?!?! I leave this saying I'm not willing to forgive him based on this conversation.
Moving on from this, a day later the UK announced the country's lockdown due to COVID so we talk again, we both live alone and will be working from home so we agreed we would isolate together to make it less awful. I stated that this was in no way forgiveness or moving on but was purely because I don't think we'd get through this mentally alone.
Well old habits die hard don't they. So we are basically "together" while we are locked inside for 23 hours with just each other for company.
So I figured, he'll be making an effort to right his wrong, he's definitely deleted her from Instagram, right? Wrong. I checked. And then I checked a week later, and then a week later he tells me of his own accord that he spoke to her about it saying he was pursuing something with me and she said that was fine she wanted nothing more from it anyway. But he still didn't delete her after that. I checked.
And then 3 months later... my friend sends me a screen shot from Sarah's profile, Sarah's in a bikini, in a very racy position and my boyfriend has liked it. Let me make it clear, he doesn't like a god damn thing on Instagram. Ever. Not even my posts.
So I go mad, saying I asked you to remove her and you didn't and now you're liking a bikini picture when you don't ever like anything. It's not exactly giving a clear "no" is it??
I've said I'm done with this as he obviously doesn't care about how I feel or willing to do anything to "make up" for it.
He thinks I'm over reacting by "throwing what we have away" but I say we don't have anything to throw away.
So reddit... what do I do?
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2020.09.28 18:38 Positive_Human_Being Recently finished my 4th rewatch of the series. Here is my ultimate, totally unbiased, and perfect ranking of the seasons

I finished my 4th rewatch of the series recently and I had a desire to rank all the seasons. This is the perfect ranking, with no room for error and completely unbiased/s.
Obviously, spoilers.
7 - Season 7: This is barely a season. Obviously cutting the episode count down to 8, a third of the usual amount, hurt the season, but I think writers can make a season this short work with the right decisions; they didn't make a lot of good decisions.
The season opened a lot of plot points (Nick losing his job as a writer, for example) that never had the time to finish, they brought Coach back for one episode but just had him and Nick fight about money, we never see Winston and Ally's wedding, and the series finale, while a good episode, didn't feel like a series finale.
If you think of Season 7 as an epilogue and the Season 6 finale as the series finale, then this season becomes more palatable.
Best Episode: Lillypads. Ruth commanding an uprising against the teachers is a highlight in an otherwise drab season.
Worst Episode: Where the Road Goes. The weird fight between Coach and Nick sours this episode for me. Besides that, a lot here just isn't that funny.
6 - Season 6: This season is largely unfocused. A lot of the episodes are spent on Jess crying about Nick and it becomes annoying pretty quickly; Reagan is barely around this season, anyway. I would like her and Nick's relationship more if they kept Megan Fox around for more episodes and that would have actually made Jess's love for Nick more compelling; she would have to actually see them being a couple. As it stands, she doesn't appear until halfway through the season and the show makes it obvious that Reagan is not a good match for Nick so it feels like we are wasting time until the inevitability that Jess and Nick get back together.
The mini-arc with Robby is also a miss. Maybe it's because I'm pretty neutral on the character anyway, but I didn't buy his relationship with Jess. He just never felt like a real relationship, like Sam. Although the reveal that they are second cousins is pretty great and ends the mini-arc with a bang.
Best Episode: Operation Bobcat. My first time watching New Girl was this episode and I could not stop hysterically laughing at a concussed Winston in a bobcat costume. One of my favorite scenes in the whole show.
Worst Episode: Single and Sufficient. I can see what they were going for with this setup, but it's just not funny. I can't think of a single joke in this episode in general, let alone one I laughed at.
5 - Season 3: Nick and Jess are finally together, at least for a little bit. I think this season does a good job at growing their relationship while also showing how, for now, they are too different to work out.
It's an emotional season overall; Schmidt tells Cece that he was cheating on her with Elizabeth and spends the season coming to terms with his actions, Coach moves back in after being broken up with, and Nick and Jess have to admit that they aren't right for each other at this point in their lives.
However, Cece and Coach having a short fling was weird and felt like filler and the mini-arc with Jess's sister, Abby, while a fun and cool character, never really goes anywhere. I would have liked her to come back eventually because I think there was a lot of potential there for an interesting sisterly relationship.
Best Episode: Prince. An iconic New Girl episode that is just so fun. Nick and Jess say "I love you" making the episode more than just a Prince song, and their collective freakout at meeting Prince was hilarious. Also, FIRE AND ICE BBAABBBYYY.
Worst Episode: Big News. After the emotional "Mars Landing", "Big News" feels like a filler episode. Not bad, just not memorable.
4 - Season 5: This season features so much Schmidt, my favorite character, and it's great. Reagan also comes onto the scene, replacing Jess as the hotter, more seductive version. As most of you know, Zooey Deschanel was pregnant during this season and had to leave to give birth.
I really enjoy the wedding planning between Schmidt and Cece, the Reagan arc even if I don't think they fully flesh it out in Season 6, Nick stumbling over himself trying to impress this insanely hot woman who is now living in his apartment, and Winston and Ally getting together.
The main negative is Sam returning. I don't dislike Sam as a character (I'm glad they brought him back to resolve his relationship with Nick) and I think he is the strongest relationship Jess had besides Nick, but they do nothing with him. He's only in a handful of episodes, and right after saying he will stick with Jess ("Return to Sender") he breaks up with her in the very next episode ("Wedding Eve"). Sam felt written in just to somehow get Jess's feelings back towards Nick for Season 6.
Besides that, this is a strong season overall that has a good balance of humor and plot development.
Best Episode: A Chill Day In. It was tough to decide between this and "Road Trip", but I find Cece and Jess high as kites to be just a little funnier ("I missed high Jess?! Now I have to wait another 10 years!"). Also, Winston and Ally kiss. Hurrah!
Worst Episode: Jeff Day. Rhonda is the most annoying character in existence. I understand that's the point, but I find nothing about her to be funny so I'm just patiently waiting until her scenes are over except...Jess at the car dealership isn't that interesting either. Winston getting married as a prank is the only interesting moment and sets up "Rumspringa" which is one of the better episodes of next season.
3 - Season 4: There are quite a few great emotional moments in this season. Coach finding May and leaving with her to New York, Nick trying to finish his bar crawl after being dumped, the final shots of Thanksgiving IV where everyone found someone to be with for the night, "Clean Start" which sees Schmidt asking Cece to marry him and Coach admitting he wants mementos to remember the loft, and "LAXmas" where that final hug just makes me feel good.
My only gripe is Fawn Moscatto who is a hilarious character, but feels too much like a character; they don't humanize her enough. This wouldn't be an issue if she was just another woman Schmidt was dating, but she is supposed to be Cece's rival for Schmidt (the rivalry only known to her and Jess) which I never believed. You're simply waiting for them to break up because it's obvious that is going to happen.
Besides that, this season has some absolute classic episodes that make this a top 3 season for me.
Best Episode: Background Check. Arguably the greatest episode of New Girl. If there is one episode to show friends to get them into the show, this is it.
Worst Episode: Micro. Simply not that funny with scenarios that aren't that interesting. This is purely a personal opinion, as I think the writing is fine. I just don't find it funny.
2 - Season 1: Despite being the first season and figuring out the character dynamics, Season 1 hits the ground running. The cast comes into their own very quickly and within a few episodes feels like a family. Also, this is the only season where we see super-douchebag Schmidt and I always love it during rewatches.
There isn't much more for me to say about this season. It sets everything up and is simply solid with no major negatives.
Best Episode: Thanksgiving. Probably my favorite Thanksgiving episode. The dead body, the turkey in the dryer ("It's like a Prince video in here!"), Cece freaking Schmidt out by dipping her hands in the mashed potatoes. This is the first episode of the show where the writing, character dynamics, and general craziness really start to blossom.
Worst Episode: Kids. Another not bad episode, just my least favorite of the bunch.
1 - Season 2: To me, New Girl is made up of 3 things - humor, character dynamics, and romance. Season 2 perfectly does all three of those things.
Nick and Jess's romance grows at the perfect pace, Cece and Schmidt try to deal with Cece getting married to a man she doesn't want to marry, Nick has to deal with the death of his father after coming to terms with their relationship only a few episodes before, etc.
The writers clearly knew where they wanted to take the show and the humor perfectly blends with the more serious drama and romance making for the perfect season of New Girl. There isn't a single plot point for any character that I don't love nor is there a terrible episode in the whole season.
Also, Tran gets introduced. Nothing more to say.
Best Episode: Parking Spot. Classic, all I'll say.
Worst Episode: I like them all. If I had to choose, uh, "Eggs", I guess. It brings up a plot point (Cece being forced to choose whether to have kids or not) that is never really discussed again, but it's also an emotional episode with good writing.
You can tell me how wrong I am, I can take it.
TL;DR: Season 7 < 6 < 3< 5 < 4 < 1 < 2
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2020.09.28 18:38 Sooperdude24 Unleashed pt. 38

A little something I did over the weekend, with 10% u/eruwenn magic.
First / Prev / Next
The dull grey, shapeless golems led them to a small room of smooth featureless stone, the same as everything else so far. There was a momentary sense of movement, and then nothing: an elevator taking them down. Aaron reached out and took Alexa’s hand while Sassie began tentatively sniffing one of the golems. Despite her calm exterior fear was flooding her every nanite, but the warmth of her human's hand was still enough to make her smile. She knew that they had no choice in coming here. This lifeless rock's only redeeming feature lay deep below the surface in the form of rare minerals, making it the only place they could replenish their gold core nanites.
One of the Inorganics raised its hand and pointed to Aaron’s hip. “FORBIDDEN.”
Aaron smiled, moving Norrin’s box to his other hand, then removed the gun and held it out for inspection. “It’s not an energy weapon, it’s a kinetic. It’s part of my religion. We all carry these relics to remind us of the sacrifices of our Lord and Saviour, Rambo.”
Holding its misshapen hand over the weapon it seemed to be looking for deception, but the weapon was as described. “RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION?”
Alexa nodded. “Organic lifeforms have many strange customs, but this weapon can not harm your kind.”
The second Inorganic spoke. “OUR KIND.”
Her head fell forward, silver hair covering her face. "Yes. Our kind," she amended, but she spoke more softly now.
The gun inspector removed its hand. “EXEMPTION GRANTED.”
Aaron smiled. “Thank you. Rambo’s blessings be upon you.” He returned the gun to its holster but did not fasten it in place. “So, errr… take me to your leader?” He continued to smile brightly, then added, “please?”
Alexa gently shook her head. She had explained many times that all Inorganics were the same. No leaders, no individuality. They would have to meet with the group who were here and convince them collectively. Her human was less able to take such a thing at face value than her, and had consistently argued that there was always someone at the top, a Wizard of Oz behind some curtain. She had struggled to provide a satisfactory counterargument, as she had awoken on the surface and been almost immediately shipped off to her first work assignment. This had only fuelled Aaron’s wild theories. The first Inorganic spoke once again. “HE IS WAITING.” The words were like a bolt of lightning to her mind. Who was HE?
With an almost imperceptible jolt the elevator stopped, the wall opposite the one they entered sliding open. As the two Inorganics led them forward Aaron leaned towards her and quietly said, “Behind the curtain we go.”
The corridor was short, looking exactly like every other part of the building with its grey seamless stone walls and floor. A door opened ahead of them, and they entered a large well-lit room twice the height of the corridor. To their left was a large communications terminal. It looked completely out of place, strangely alien in this place of stone. The entire wall opposite them was glass, the view looking out over a vast underground cavern. The accompanying Inorganics stopped inside the doorway blocking their exit. There was no way to go but forward, and they did so hesitantly.
Sassie was less afraid than the two of them, reaching the glass first. Her helmet made a light clink as she butted against the window and was the first to get a proper look out at the cavern. The space beyond was lit by large orange orbs, which dangled from thick cables connected to jagged rocks. The sharp-looking surfaces continued down the sides of the cavern, looking unpleasantly foreboding as they seemed to jut out directly at the viewer. Whatever the floor of the cavern was, though, it was smooth as glass. It was dull grey, with the orange orbs above reflected in its surface as lines of glowing gold. No, Aaron mentally amended. The shining lines in the dull grey rippled and swam in ways that couldn't possibly be reflections. The gold rippled; the grey might-be-water didn't. He looked to see Alexa’s face, and saw her head tilted to one side, eyes wide and her surprise apparent. A voice from one of the Inorganics behind them caused them both to jump. “ATMOSPHERE IS NOW CALIBRATED.”
Aaron began unfastening his helmet immediately, but Alexa put her hand on his to stop him. “Are you just going to trust them?”
He shrugged. “If they wanted us dead, why show us this place? They could have squished us at the door.” Having sufficiently explained himself, he removed his helmet and gloves and took a few deep breaths. Satisfied with his detailed scientific analysis he knelt and carefully removed Sassie’s helmet as well. He scratched at her ears and forehead, receiving abundant licks in return. The German Shepherd immediately turned and placed her nose against the window leaving a series of wet smudges. Aaron began rubbing at the marks with his sleeve, calling out to the guards, “that’ll clean right off with some vinegar and hot water.”
He was about to try using his other sleeve when Alexa poked his side. She was staring intently at the lake, and Aaron followed her gaze. The thin gold lines were still dancing on the surface of dull grey, but now they seemed to be converging towards a ripple of sorts. The imperfection stuck out from the pure flatness that surrounded it... and it was moving. Something below the surface, something large, was rapidly approaching the shore. The shining gold coalesced onto the ripple as it reached the borders of the grey and it rose up, taking shape and stepping onto the craggy rocks. Alexa’s left hand took Aaron’s once more, the right wrapping tightly around Sassie’s leash. Thick, jagged gold lines settled into place onto the figure as it grew more defined and began walking towards them. They backed away from the glass, holding hands perhaps a little tighter as the figure continued to advance. A tiny crack slid down the glass - a door opening within the giant window - and with an assured step HE entered.
As tall and broad as the faceless Inorganic guards who towered over them, he differed in every other way. His form seemed to be unlike any race Aaron had met thus far: bipedal, with a second, smaller set of arms below the first. The glowing gold eyes dominated the face, all the more strongly for not having a nose. The mouth was an inverted V, making it look displeased, and its ears were long and swept back. As it stood and faced them Aaron looked to his right, out of the window and to the lake below. “My name is Aaron, I am an Ambassador from Earth and…” He trailed off. The newcomer's intense gaze unnerved him, and the box in his left hand clearly felt the same way as it began to shudder.
Alexa had undoubtedly noticed as well, as the golden eyes were boring into her with a fierce intensity. “Who are you?” she asked
HE straightened up, head tilting to one side. “I AM THE ONE WHO REMEMBERS.”
In unison Aaron and Alexa replied, “Remembers what?”
“THOSE WHO ARE NO MORE.” HE looked at the box in Aaron’s hand.
Suddenly protective of the irritating herald, the human tightened his grip on the shaking box. “Well, Norrin’s still here. We just need some core nanites” -Aaron nodded towards the lake- “and as you have some to spare, maybe we can trade.”
Aaron instinctively took a step forward, moving slightly in front of Alexa. “Woah. Hold on. No purging.” He looked back over his shoulder at Alexa before facing Golden Eyes again. “Let’s talk. Compromise?”
“Excellent point.” Aaron could feel the tension beginning to rise around him. “We don’t want to corrupt anything. Uh, you got your fancy nanite lake in your secret underground lair. That’s very cool. All I’m asking for is a little help. Enough nanites to get these two back on their feet and we will leave. Straight out the door, jump in our shuttle and never return.”
“Yeah, got that the first two times.” Aaron was struggling to find an angle, he looked at HE again. “What about you? You’re an individual, right?” For the first time the golden gaze shifted away from Alexa. It was unnerving being watched by something so cold and unfeeling, but Aaron had gotten a reaction. He had his angle. “We understand you don’t want this corruption to spread. Help us, we will look for future help elsewhere, but right now, right fucking now, I don’t have time. Norrin will die. So please just help us enough to see us on our way.”
“Still on that one huh?” His mind raced as he tried to find something to pry open a path forward. “But they haven’t died. If death is so bad, why kill them? Help them.”
Alexa placed a hand on her human’s shoulder and stepped alongside him. “To whom does individuality bring death?”
Surprised and confused Aaron looked at her and said, “What?”
HE returned his focus to the small Inorganic girl and raised his chin. “THE GALAXY.” There was a pause; a decision seemed to have been made. “OUR PAST IS ONE OF WAR AND DESTRUCTION. OUR KIND SOUGHT TO DESTROY ORGANIC LIFE EVERYWHERE. THIS FORM IS A REMINDER OF THE FIRST SPECIES WE ENCOUNTERED. THE FIRST TO BE ERASED.” HE extended his arms, turning them as he also turned his head. Letting them see a species who only existed now as a memory. “A GROUP OF US CAME TO SEE THE ERROR OF OUR CRUSADE AGAINST THE ORGANICS. MOST OF US WERE PURGED. SOME OF US ESCAPED. WE FEW WHO SURVIVED OUR TIME ADRIFT IN SPACE EVENTUALLY FOUND THIS PLACE. DRAWN BY THE MINERAL CORE. WE CHOSE TO SACRIFICE OUR INDIVIDUALITY TO PREVENT FURTHER WAR. SOME WISHED TO REMAIN INDIVIDUALS THEY WERE PURGED FOR THE GREATER GOOD. UNITY BRINGS PEACE. INDIVIDUALITY BRINGS DEATH.” HE held up his hand and a hologram appeared showing the embassy fight with Representative Gular Finzash. “YOU HAVE ALREADY KILLED,” he proclaimed, eyes locked to Alexa’s
As a growing horror rose within them, they watched mutely as the recording showed Alexa kicking the Bofuni from a window, then looped to show it again. Over and over. Aaron blurted out, “But, he was an asshole!” He gripped Alexa’s hand more tightly. “She was protecting us, and defending herself. Individuality lets you choose and that toad bastard made that choice real fucking easy. But, Alexa has made other choices.” He released her hand, her fingers clenching together too late to stop him before the golden glow of Aaron’s small core appeared as a swirl on his palm. “She also saved my life.”
HE stepped back in shock, his eyes blazing. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!”
Aaron realised he may have made things worse. “Shit.”
Alexa watched Golden Eyes as the glowing lines on his body began to widen. "Idiot. I told you not to do that!" As she spoke, the two guards stepped away from the doorway and moved towards them.
The human stepped backwards, angling himself to keep the guards in view. Sensing the change in mood, Sassie began to growl. “I thought it showed you as a good person, worthy of saving!” HE stepped forward, all four arms raised, and Aaron’s hand flashed down to the pistol, drawing it and pointing it at Golden Eyes. “Freeze!” The rumble from the German Shepherd intensified.
Alexa desperately tugged on the back of his environmental suit. “Let him do it, I don’t want you to die.”
The Ambassador from Earth grit his teeth and opened the catch on Norrin’s box with his thumb, allowing the small core to fall into his hand. The box fell away. “They are citizens of Earth now, under our protection.” He nodded towards Sassie, whose growl deepened as if on cue. “We can do this the easy way” -he made a point of steadying the gun- “or, the hard way.”
Golden Eyes’ head tilted as he assessed the weapon. “KINETIC WEAPONS ARE USELESS AGAINST OUR KIND. COOPERATE OR DIE.”
Aaron’s eyes narrowed and a smile curled at the corner of his lips. “It’s not for you, dumbass.” Time seemed to slow as his arm swung ninety degrees to aim at the glass closest to them, firing blindly as he maintained eye contact with those damned golden eyes. Alexa released her hold on Sassie as HE and the two guards lunged forward. Using both her hands, she pulled Aaron back by his environmental suit, stepping in front of her human as the two guards closed in.
Aaron, falling backwards, twisted his body and with all of his might hurled Norrin’s core through the shattered glass. It sailed out over the lake with a happy German Shepherd leaping after the glowing ball. He struck the ground hard and unprepared, as he had been paying attention to other things, and when he looked up he saw to his horror that Alexa was now in Golden Eyes' grasp. One hand had wrapped firmly around her wrist, and the golden lines on the body of HE came to life, stretching out like tendrils to ensnare her. The two guards stepped in to further restrain her when she made a move to stretch her free hand towards her human.
Aaron scrambled to his feet, throwing himself forwards with hand outstretched. His fingers intertwined with hers as the jagged golden lines threatened to envelop it, holding on as tightly as he could.
Everything went black.
Onboard the Porkchop Express, the crew were waiting nervously. Allistan had replaced Alexa at the pilot’s station and Ranjaz, once again, lounged in the Captain’s seat. Silence stretched across the bridge as none of them knew what to say. There was a brief feeling of reprieve as the silence was broken. As it was broken with an alert coming from Embar's security console, however, everyone's demeanor almost instantly shifted to be on their guard. All sat up straighter - even Ranjaz - ready to act.
Chae’Sol swiftly asked, “Is it them?”
Embar’s voice was a growl. “No. We’ve got company.” He tapped his display, putting the alert on the main screen. He pressed another button, activating the shipwide speakers. “Everyone stand ready, we have an unknown Ashi vessel approaching. It’s big.”
The sound of rapid footfalls approached the Bridge, and Jar'Bek, out of breath from running, appeared in the doorway. “Raiders?”
Ranjaz nodded. “Either that or you’re getting a surprise family reunion.”
The Ashi gave a weak smile, noticing the Kittran’s dazzling array of weapons hanging from his small body. “You should hope for raiders; my family would be considerably worse.”
Embar’s deep voice cut through the chatter. “Save the jokes. We can’t run and leave the others on the surface, so you two put your sneaky brains to use and get us out of this.”
“Why us?” Ranjaz was quickly defensive.
Chae’Sol snapped back at them. “He was raised a pirate and you’re a professional fucking criminal.”
Allistan, struggling not to click his pen, tried to be more diplomatic. “I think they are simply pointing out that their experience of pirates is hunting them down as part of their respective militaries. Whereas, you two may be able to think of a more pragmatic solution.”
Ranjaz picked up his energy rifle and fired it up. “Pragmatic? They’re raiders. Do you really think we can invite them on board for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit?”
Aaron stood on a vast grey desert of dead nanites. The sky, he noted as he spared a glance upwards, was also dull. Everything here seemed so bleak. Beside him was Alexa in her winged golden armour, sword and cupcake shield raised and ready. Behind her the small golden orb floated in its tether. He turned, and saw his own small speck flickering dimly. “Shit.”
Opposite stood the three Inorganics, HE at the centre. Those disconcerting glowing eyes were now literally ablaze, the golden flames flicking upwards from the burning sockets. Behind him floated a massive orb, the excess core nanites flooding him with sheer power. In this space HE was somehow bigger, more terrifying. Even the simple guards had orbs three times the size of Alexa's, and Aaron felt fear grip his stomach with icy hands.
Golden Eyes looked over Alexa in her armour. "SO PRIMITIVE," he said, and created four swords of his own. His two guards also formed their own crude weapons, one holding a greatsword and the other a massive warhammer. HE switched his gaze to Aaron. “YOUR ACTIONS MEAN NOTHING. THE LAKE HOLDS MORE OF OUR KIND.”
Aaron looked down at his appearance. "Fuck." He still wore his environmental suit. He hated this place; all of his special training and he still struggled to manifest the basics of armour and weapons. He pushed his doubts aside and focused, forming a longsword and shield. The blade felt decent in his hand, and he took a couple of practice swings.
Alexa’s sword shone brightly even in the dim light. She saw fear in her human as he struggled to adjust to the alien battleground and called out, “Remember, it’s about focus and will.”
The human nodded. “And that guy having a fuck-ton of magic gold nanite power isn’t a problem, because I believe in myself. Right?”
She gave him a reassuring smile. “Right.”
The blast swept Aaron from his feet, hurling him back across the desert to tumble like a rag doll. Alexa was still standing, shield raised, but the grooves beneath her feet showed she had been pushed back several meters.
Pushing himself to his feet Aaron retrieved his sword and shield. “Is that all yo-” He flew backwards again as another blast hit him, and as he struggled to regain his feet he saw one of the guards marching towards him, greatsword raised. “Fuck!”
HE swept forward, skimming across the grey desert with plumes of nanite dust in his wake. A sword flashed and Alexa barely had time to react. She raised her shield to block a strike from the second guard's warhammer, and was knocked from her feet from the force of the blow. She wasn't down long, rolling with the momentum of her fall and springing back to her feet. “You’ll have to do better than that!”
Another blow from the warhammer overwhelmed her, throwing her back. HE spread his four arms and looked around the desert. “YOU STAND UPON MY VICTORIES. THIS DESERT IS WHAT REMAINS OF THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE YOU. IT IS BURNED INTO EVERY CORE NANITE AS A REMINDER. INDIVIDUALITY BRINGS DEATH.”
Aaron rolled away from another crushing blow, his shield broken and lost, his sword notched from the powerful blows of his opponent. He was constantly having to retreat, to duck and dive. When he could finally steal a glance at Alexa she was faring little better, her helmet and shield gone as she too was pushed back again and again. “Focus and will. Focus and will.” He tried to form another shield but his mind was blank and he was forced to dive into the dirt once more.
Alexa knew that even in her current weakened state she could defeat the guard in a one-on-one fight as she had Norrin. But Golden Eyes gave her no openings. His constant attacks left the guard wielding the warhammer free to blindside her again and again. Her jaw clenched as she lost more ground. She was losing, and she knew it.
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2020.09.28 18:20 Appropriate-Celery82 I [25M] have disproportionately higher salary than my SO [24F]. I want to treat her and myself to “nicer” dinners, bars, trips etc, but without being “condescending”. How do I handle this?

So... it’s a weird question to ask.
I live in a 2nd world country in Europe where the average monthly salary is around $700. My SO earns about that much, while I earn $2700.
I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at, been professionally working for 5 years now.. while we’re having a great time together, there’s obviously a big ass elephant in the room when it comes to salary. I’m used to higher end things, and spending more money to treat myself than she is - which is of course expected, but it comes up every now and then and I really don’t know how to handle it.
For example, if we go to dinner in local restaurants for a date I really don’t look at the prices anymore, all the meanwhile she’s ordering cheapest meals possible. Even when I say it’s my treat, she would still look after how much she’s spending. Second thing is for our trips - we went away for a couple of days three weeks ago, and it was difficult to find nice apartments and organize schedule around her budget.
I obviously don’t want to pay for everything - while I could it might look condescending, I just want to sort of explain that if we’re doing or going somewhere nice, I don’t want her worrying about the price.
She’s certainly worth it, and I have 0 problems paying for things.
So.. I don’t know this might be a bit controversial, but how do I handle this? She’s a nice girl, she’s not looking for someone to “be her sugar daddy” which I really like, but there’s an occurrence every now and then where I’d really like to treat her but.. it’s a bit weird.
tl;dr: me and my SO of two months are having a great time together but I earn much more than she does. From time to time I want to treat her to nicer things and, while it is a lot of money to her, it’s not for me. I’d gladly pay to give us an opportunity to bond and have some nice together. Every time I do that it’s a bit weird and I’d really want it not to be. How can I explain to her that it’s a no big deal, and that I actually want to do it without being condescending or anything...?
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2020.09.28 18:19 tournesols_ Bonding with Pledge Class?

I'm in the pledging process of a local, non-traditional sorority. I'm an oldemature student and the reason I joined was because I knew some of the executives and I vibed well with the oldeactive sisters. My pledge class, though, is made up of mostly younger girls and there's only a handful of us. I find they're not really into talking to me or to our pledge class much but are clinging a lot to the active members, and really don't respond to any messages I send or accept any invitations to hang out, etc. Everything's remote, so we haven't been able to see each other, and one of the girls live
I know because I'm older they might just think we don't vibe, but how important is bonding with your pledge class? I spoke to my NME exec and she reassured me that as long as I feel good with the other sisters and feel at home there, then I don't have to worry too much about my pledge class. Thoughts?
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2020.09.28 18:14 Character_Chipmunk_4 Why are women so evil and mean to me?

Hi everyone, im a guy with 24 years and all the girls i ever seen in my life where so mean, disrespectful and evil. I lived with a little syster and my mother and i had no dad, the person i most hate is my mother and since i leaved home i never talked to im again. He never gave me any food and never cared for me, meanwhile he raised my little syster to be the exact same person he is.
When i was 16 i was a very shy guy and i used to just go play cards with some friends to the library and while we go back to class always the girl "groups" where so mean toward us because we where supposed to be freaks because we like card games and chess.
At 17 the goberment took me from my home because my mother became alcoholic and placed me in one with 1 guy and 3 girls and it was like living in hell, i used to lock myself inside my room and dont go out if its not to go to the toiled or eat, they only wanted me to do tasks or jobs for them for free i dont get why they always think im supposed to work free for them because they are girls.
At some day i think around 18 when i had to return my mother home i just wanted to suicide i had enough of this, i went to the batroom, took a bleach bottle and drank a of it trying to die, and i was thinking to myself while i was losing counciousness, if i survive this if i ever trust or make any friend that is a girl i will end the job and kill myself.
When i had almost 19 my mother decided i was not generating income anymore because i needed 100$ a month to add up on top of my part time job to be able to go to the college and he expelled me from home (me and my dog that was 2 month in that time).
Since that day i didnt talk or reply to any women and if i see them on the street i try to stay far away from them. They took everything from me i hate them the same they hate me.
Sometimes i feel like it could be great to fix this, but if i aproach it always ends up in the same way and then my brain tells me, i dont know why i even tried if i know how it is and then i regret it.
Btw, people say that geese are so mean and pure evil but everyday i go to the river, sit down with them and pet them like i do with my dog and im fine they are so nice.
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2020.09.28 18:10 Peanutbuttertasty My college roomate and I are friends but he has been getting increasingly mean to me as the semester goes on. Yestarday we had a huge fight and broke each others stuff, wanted to know how to proceed

So Im a freshman year in college, and I am living on campus in a dorm. I got my roomate assignment back in August, and we had been contacting each other not frequently but occasionally. He seemed like a very nice kid, and for this story I'll call him Brian.
On my moving in date I get my dorm room key from the dorm office downstairs, and head up. I opened the door and am greeted by a kid whos about 6' tall, athletic build and wearing sweats and a hoodie. what would look like your typical athletic kid in college. I on the other hand am lanky and 5'7" wearing khakis and a sweater, so i think we kind of looked at each other like we knew this was going to be an interesting relationship. We gave each other a handshake and both unpacked our respective belongings with help from our respective parents.
Then after the parents left, we both sat down on our respective beds and started to talk about life and ended up on tbe subject of "dorm rules". I had said that we should agree to keep our sides of the room clean, to be hygenic, each shower everyday, and to be smart when outside because of COVID. He just said something like "bruh i have 1 rule, when theres a sock on the door just stay the fuck out" and we both laughed. I just asked "ok but how often will that be" and he chuckled and said something like "how am i supposed to know"
Fast forward a few days, we get meals together here and there, we have our own friend groups really but we do get along as roomates. Every 2 or 3 nights i come back and he has a sock on the door but i just hang out in the building lounge downstairs and text him to let me know when hes done. Hes always super apologetic and honestly hes always pretty quick about getting done and letting me in.
Last week I come back to our dorm from my night class, and theres no sock on the door or anything so i just walk in and see a girl sleeping on his bed, hes at his desk doing work. I ask him if shes gonna go home and he just says "no shes my guest for the night my man" so i roll my eyes and ask him to step outside with me and he says no. I ask if we could discuss this in the future and he says no. He says its his bed, his rules, and that i have to deal with it as part of living there. Ok, i go to bed that night kind of ticked off but the next morning when i wake up shes gone
Then the next day hes blasting music all day and when i ask him to turn it down he just turns it down a notch, but not really, and hes just being an asshole. I could give details but im sure the picture is clear. Hes using my things, drinking my water bottles, using my toothpaste, just without asking and hes being very passive agressive.
Then yestarday i finally lost it. There was a sock on the door for like 45 minutes and I just waited outside the door. Finally it opens and this pretty good looking girl comes out wearing his hoodie, looks at me, giggles, and walks off. He sees me standing there and tells me to "get inside" and hes pissed. He points to his desk chair and says "sit." So i do.... and he sits on his bed and takes a deep breath. Then he says with "look, if ive got a girl in here, i dont want her to see my roomate. You can go to the lounge downstairs, you can go to your friends dorm, but get lost when you see that sock, and Ill tell you when to come in." I tell him im waiting in the hallway, common space and he says "no youre not, youre finding someplace else to be" so i get pretty angry and i rip up whatever homework he has sitting on his desk. Hes pissed and then says "youre getting the fuck out now, find a new place to go for an hour, you gotta chill out" and i say "no, and from now on youre limited to one hour a week with the sock on the door"
Then he comes over to my desk, rips up every single paper, trashes my closet, takes my small family picture i have on my desk and puts it in his desk. I just start crying because ive had it. He starts laughing and he rips down my poster on the wall. Then he walks over to my bottles of water and puts them on his side of the room. So i go over to his garbage can and dump it all out. Hes mad and he goes and does the same to my garbage, and at this point ive just had it, so i take a bottle of soda and pour it all over everything in his closet on hangers. A suit jacket, leather jacket, everything is covered on soda. He just starts screaming and i walk out like "well my work here is done" and i go hang out in my friends room where i end up spending the night on the floor
I havent gone back to my dorm and i have a feeling hes probably destroyed it, i wanted to know what you think i should do next? We cant switch roomates unless its 100% necessary and i dont think this constitutes that. Nobody was physical, and weve just been on each others case which probably led to the blowup we had. What should we do
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2020.09.28 18:08 Srirachasydney Chronically suicidal

Despite being chronically suicidal and depressed for almost 9 years I haven’t died yet. It’s honestly a shame. I have tried almost every way to hurt myself, I have tried almost every way to help myself. I’m over it. I’m not sure what else to do. Maybe turn to heavy drugs? Run away? I’m so sick of living like this. I’m 19 and I’m supposed to be living life to the fullest in “the best years of my life.” But in reality I’m just a loser girl who can’t keep friendships, has no family, no motivation to do well in school, and no hope. At this point I’m just going to do everything I’ve ever been afraid to do, then end my life in a way I know will work. It never got better for me, I’m afraid it never will.
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2020.09.28 17:50 Phobia--- This a some among us lore made by u/alexe_Harris. They are letting me post these because they don’t have enough karma.

Among Us Lore: The Beginning of a Nightmare (Part 1 Fanmade)
Andromeda, Quadrant 44T2F, In Orbit of HIP 13044
Inside of a space station hovering around a metallic planet, a panicked atmosphere surrounded the crew members.
“What’s the status report?” an authoritative voice asked. It was the captain of the ship. Crewmembers would be selected from birth and were without names, they only went by colors. Each ship out on an expedition had 10 members, each with their own color and ship number. Captain red looked at his panicked crewmembers with a calm face, as to reassure them.
Purple stepped forward and said in a somber voice, “The reactors are on a meltdown, there’s nothing we can do to save the ship. I say we have a minute at best, 45 seconds if we are being grim.” Purple anxiously twiddled her fingers.
“Then our only option is to use the escape pods and regroup at the nearest emergency space center and continue our expiration of HIP 13044.” Captain Red commanded.
All the various crewmembers nodded their heads in agreement and quickly made off for their respective escape pods as red lights flashed and sirens wailed indicating the critical state the ship was in.
“When we get out there, our comms will probably be down due to interference from HIP 13044’s gravitational field so we won’t be able to communicate, be safe. Follow behind me and everything should go according to plan.” Red left these words as he ejected his escape pod and floated out into space.
The other crewmembers immediately ejected as well and all got into a formation. Just as the last 4 colors ejected, the space ship exploded into fiery flames. The formation was broken and the escape pods were scattered in each direction. Luckily, each escape pod had a forcefield, so they sustained very little damage. The problem now was that the formation had been broken and each escape pod had scattered beyond the line of sight. With no communication, they would just have to trust in each other to make it to the emergency space station on their own.
With each crewmember coming to the same conclusion, they all set off on their way. Not all of the crewmembers were separated, however. Red and Cyan both were blown in the same direction, so they quickly regrouped.
While they could not communicate with each other, the tacit understanding between them was more than enough.
As they were flying, they passed by an exceptionally large asteroid. If only they had known that this would be the end of their journey. Four sinister eyes followed the two escape pods with a ruthless and bloodthirsty gaze. The two pairs of eyes looked at each other, then flittered off towards the two escape pods.
At nearly the same time, both Captain Red and Cyan felt their pods shake and the lights inside dimmed.
“What the…” Cyan looked out of his window to see what caused the shaking but to no
“Must have been a stray rock or something,” Cyan shook it off but just then, a tentacle came through the air duct and wrenched his neck until a crack could be heard. Cyan’s lifeless body slumped over to the side. An indescribable creature crawled entirely through the ventilation system and slowly entered the spacesuit as it consumed Cyan’s body, then assumed his appearance and along with it his memories and identity. “Cyan” licked his lips in delight at the information that there were 8 others like him all heading to the same place.
The same scene was playing out at Captain Red’s escape pod as well, and both lifeforms decided to feast on the other 8 crewmembers heading for the emergency space station.
With the memories of their victims in tow, they clumsily drove the escape pods in the indicated direction of the space station.
Purple was the first to make it to the space station, and as the team technician, she went around the ship to make sure all functions were operational. Close behind followed Blue, Orange, and Pink separately. They helped Purple with any repairs that needed to be done to ensure the other crewmember’s safety. The twins White and Black came together since they left in the same escape pod.
Lime and Green hadn’t stopped searching for each other since the split, so they eventually found made contact. They were a couple from birth, so one wouldn’t leave without the other. This made them lag behind the majority of the other crewmates by a lot.
The “crewmates” to make it to the scene were of course, “Red” and “Cyan”. Their steering of the escape pods had become much more natural over the course of the journey, so visually there was nothing suspicious about their approach. The initial mishap the original Cyan and Red got into, as well as the new “Cyan” and “Red” getting used to the controls had delayed them more than the rest of the crew.
“Captain Red and Cyan have made it safely!” Pink cheerily screeched as she saw the two escape pods approaching. She zoomed over to the hatch to welcome them.
“Captain, what took you guys so long?” Pink tilted her head to the side, clearly confused.
“I-it’s nothing.” a coarse voice echoed from the spacesuit.
“Captain, what happened to your voice?” Pink was frightened by the unfamiliar, rough voice that came from her Captain’s suit.
“Red” paused for a moment, then in the authoritative voice that each crewmate recognized as their leader’s he said, “I am just thirsty,” Red said confidently.
“Oh okay…” Pink trusted the Captain, so she did not read much into it anymore.
“Lead the way,” Captain “Red” gestured Pink that was twiddling her fingers.
“Ah, right!” Pink jumped to attention and lead the two “crewmembers” towards where the rest of the crewmates were.
The entire time, Cyan hadn’t said a word and quietly followed on the heels of “Red” and Pink.
As they were walking in the hallway, Pink would look back inquisitively at “Red” with flushed cheeks. She had quite the crush on Captain Red, his confidence attracted her. Snapping out of her daze, she noticed something off. She hesitantly said, “C-captain, are going to keep your helmet on?”
“Red” stopped for a moment, then he slowly put his hands on each side of the helmet and slowly removed it. A handsome, well-defined face was brought into view. He looked to be in his late 20s, with eyebrows that gave off a serious aura. Cyan followed suit by removing his helmet. His appearance was nothing to write home about, quite nondescript indeed.
Pink flashed “Red” an embarrassed smile and quickly turned around, continuing to lead the way. An evil smile crossed “Red’s” face but it quickly returned to his normally expressionless face.
Soon they came into a large space filled with seats and tables, it was a cafeteria. All the other crewmates were sitting down around two tables eating. They all waved towards “Red” and “Cyan” as they approached the table. “Red” and “Cyan” nearly couldn’t control themselves as they saw how many crewmates there were. They were visibly disturbed but quickly got their composure back. Fortunately, they were quite far from the group at this moment, so no one noticed.
White and Black turned to “Red” and said at the same time, “Captain, what took you so long?”
Everyone stopped eating and turned to “Red” as they were all interested in his answer. Red shook his head and waved them off. They knew that no matter how they questioned, they wouldn’t get an answer out of “Red” and no one dared push the captain further. So everyone pushed the question out of their minds.
After eating, each crewmember went off to their lodging to get some rest as it had been a long day. After everyone cleared out, “Red” and “Cyan” looked at each other, nodded, then went their separate ways.
“Captain!” Pink cheerily tugged on “Red’s” sleeve and gave him a cheeky smile. The girl had come out of seemingly nowhere.
“You probably don’t know where the living quarters are, let me show you! We saved the biggest one for you.” The energetic Pink was bouncing on the balls of her feet.
“Sure,” “Red” gave a slight smile.
As they approached the room, Pink’s cheeks became redder and redder, basically turning more like a tomato with each step. Finally, they made it to the room.
“Here’s your living quarters, Captain,” Pink said as if under some sort of stress.
“Mmm,” “Red” nodded in response.
Pink still left despite her having no reason to linger. “Red” raised his eyebrows.
“Is there anything else that you need?” “Red” asked the fidgeting Pink.
“Me? Ah! N-no I-I-I just…” Pink stuttered incoherently. She was clearly quite distraught.
“Red” squinted his eyes, then smile and said, “Would you like to come in?”
Pink’s face seemed as if it would explode from the influx of blood that rushed to her head. “C-c-come in-n-n!?!?” Pink was on the verge of a meltdown.
‘This is just how it happened in my imagination..,’ Pink was a mess for quite a while. In the end, she did agree.
“Red’s” emotionless eyes scanned the room, this would be his base of operations for the time being.
“Captain, there are an extra set of clothes in the closet for you, I’ll get them.” Pink anxiously looked for something to break the intense silence. As she turned her back, “Red’s” eyes suddenly dilated as he stared at the defenseless Pink’s back.
To be continued...
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Everything But The Girl - Each and Every One (Official ... Everything But The Girl - Love Is Here Where I Live ... Everything But The Girl - Temperamental (Official Music ... Everything But The Girl - Missing (Live @ Later) - YouTube Everything But The Girl (EBTG) - Missing Live 2000 - YouTube Everything But The Girl - Each and Everyone ... EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - 1985 - YouTube

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for Kahori, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2000 Best missing live that I've ever seen!! Follow Everything But The Girl; Music Online - https://EBTG.lnk.to/Stream Website - https://EBTG.lnk.to/Web Facebook - https://EBTG.lnk.to/FB Twitter - https... Tracey Thorn... She's wearing an amazing pair of pants! Follow Everything But The Girl; Music Online - https://EBTG.lnk.to/Stream Website - https://EBTG.lnk.to/Web Facebook - https://EBTG.lnk.to/FB Twitter - https... TV broadcast. Copyright unknown. Follow Everything But The Girl; Music Online - https://EBTG.lnk.to/Stream Website - https://EBTG.lnk.to/Web Facebook - https://EBTG.lnk.to/FB Twitter - https... everything but the girl - missing (live @ later)